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Maximize Your Bedroom Space With Under Bed Storage Bins

Tiny bedrooms are a nuisance, regardless of whether you live alone or share your bedroom with someone else. That’s why taking advantage of every bit of free space is a must if you want to organize stuff efficiently and have some room to move around. And it all starts with the space you have available underneath the bed. In an attempt to help you make the best out of your bedroom space, we’re going to give you some tips on how to make good use of your under-the-bed storage, as well as give you a list of products that will help you in your organizing endeavors.

What to Store Under the Bed

Buying the right storage bins, baskets, and boxes first requires an idea of what you’re going to store underneath the bed. Some storage units are better than others for specific types of items that are usually placed underneath the bed. So, what exactly can you use this space for?

  • When you’re not travelling, you luggage can double as under the bed storage containers. Simply fill your bags with things you want to get out of the way and place them under the bed when not in use.
  • Shoes are one of the most common item categories that people like to store underneath the bed. If you keep them in their original boxes, then you can organize them more efficiently.
  • Clothing that’s out of season takes up unnecessary space inside the closet, so why not store it underneath the bed? It’s best if you avoid putting large items of clothing these (like winter jackets, for example), as they are bulky and will occupy a lot of space.
  • Clean bedding items can also be kept under the bed, as long as they are properly stored in sealed containers that will avoid them getting dusty and dirty.
  • Make sure that you take advantage of under the bed storage space in your child’s room as well. You can use bins to store away toys, books, out-of-season clothing, games, puzzles, and the likes.
  • If you have a guest room and some clearance under the bed, that space should also be put to good use. Here, you can store items that you don’t use that often, like hobby and craft supplies, clean bedding items that you use for your guests, boxes of shoes that you only wear on occasions, etc.

Tips for Under the Bed Storage

There are plenty of tips and tricks that you can turn to when you want to maximize the storage space that lies underneath the bed, so here are some ideas that might help you free up some space and allow you to move around the bedroom without the fear of knowing anything over every step of the way:

  • Baskets and boxes are something that you want to invest in (unless you have a bed that comes with built-in storage). There are many different options to choose from, with a lot of products being very visually appealing in case they should be seen sticking out from under the bed.
  • If you decide to opt for boxes or drawers, either look for models that come with wheels or install wheels on them by yourself. This way, you will find it very easy to simply pull them from underneath the bed. You can benefit from sliding storage, something not be underestimated especially if the boxes start being too heavy to lift.
  • Vacuum storage bags are a wonderful way to maximize storage space underneath the bed. These are a great solution for storing away bulky items, such as comforters or winter jackets. The air is removed from the bags to make them smaller, occupying less space and getting large items out of the way. Even more, these special bags are resistant to mold and mildew, they will keep dust away from your items, and keeps everything clean until you’re ready to use said items once again.
  • If you want to take advantage of under the bed clearance but the bed isn’t high enough to allow you to store stuff underneath it, you can always create some more vertical space using a wonderful item called a bed riser. The best part is the fact that bed risers have come a long way from being those bulky and nasty-looking blocks that would stand out in a negative way. Today, they are available in a lot of different colors and finishes, so they can blend right in with the legs of the bed and people will barely notice them.
  • In the end, you can cover up everything that’s under the bed using a bed skirt. These stylish bedding items are usually made from linen or other durable and good-looking fabrics, and they go all the way down the floor, making so that everything that’s under the bed won’t be visible anymore.

A Word on Lofted Beds

It’s important to address a concern that people with lofted beds have: how can I take advantage of under the bed storage if I have this very unique-looking piece of furniture? Lofted beds are designed to have more room under the bed, kind of like of livable space. This space isn’t usually used to store boxes or baskets, but it can be used for something larger, maybe like a desk.

Lofted beds are very popular in teenager’s bedrooms because they maximize floor space and allow them to have something like a desk or some additional storage furniture pieces. For one-bedroom apartments and studios, lofted beds are life-savers. It is important, however, to establish a clear line that separates the sleeping space from the working area and avoid having papers sitting on top of the bed. Since lofted beds have a lot of space exposed under the bead, keeping this place tidy is really important.

The Best Under Bed Storage Ideas

Wood Rolling Under Bed Storage Drawer

Burroughs Rolling Metal Underbed Storage

These cool under the bed drawers come in a set and are a wonderful idea for when you want to take advantage of some extra bedroom space. They are made with unfinished poplar wood and come in a set of two to cover more space underneath the bed. They are equipped with wheels so they may easily glide and grant you access to their contents. Each of the box measures 36 x 20 x 10 inches and is backed by no less than a 5-year warranty.

Zober Underbed Storage Bag Organizer

Burroughs Rolling Metal Underbed Storage

Next up, we have a suggestion for a pack of two organizers that are fitting for your clothing storage needs. Each one of them measures 42 x 18 x 6 inches and is made from polyester blend which is resistant and keeps your items clean. The see-through cover allows you to take a peek at whatever is inside without having to turn the whole thing inside out to find what you’re looking for.

Lifewit Under Bed Clothes Organizer

Burroughs Rolling Metal Underbed Storage

Having a clothes organizer is a great idea, whether it’s for your closet, wardrobe, sliding drawers, or under the bed clearance. This particular one most likely won’t fit into a drawer, since it measures 37.8 x 15.75 x 5.91 inches, but it can easily find your way under the bed because it’s short and wide. It’s made from a combination of non-woven fabric and PVC, which a clear lid that grants visual access to the contents. It comes with adjustable dividers and the set contains two such organizers.

Undercover Cubes 3 Under Bed Storage Bins

Burroughs Rolling Metal Underbed Storage

Here is another idea for storing stuff under the bed. It’s a set of three organizers (two of them measuring 37.4 x 17.7 x 5.9 inches and the third one measuring 18.7 x 17.7 x 5.9 inches) that can fit a bunch of different things inside, but are particularly useful for clothing or linens. All three organizers come with clear lids, double-way zippers, and sturdy handles for easier manipulation. After ordering, you will receive a set of instructions and you can redeem a gift by e-mailing the seller (gift consists of some cool storage shoe bags).

storageLAB Under Bed Shoe Storage Organizer

Burroughs Rolling Metal Underbed Storage

Storing away shoes is the new type of flex, especially when you need all the extra storage space you can get in your house/apartment. This is a set with two shoe dividers that comes with dividers for 12 pairs, meaning that you have room to store 24 different pairs of shoes and keep them safe from mold or dust. The dividers are adjustable so you can fit various shoes sizes, with each organizer measuring 17 x 10 x 5.5 inches. These organizers are made with firm sides and come with a transparent top and zippers for easy access.

iwill CREATE PRO Under Bed Storage Bins with Lids

Burroughs Rolling Metal Underbed Storage

Looking for under bed storage bins? Let us show you this beautiful and affordable product that’s available in shades of light gray, dark gray, or beige. Made from quality linen, this is a storage bin that comes with double sided zippers that grant you easy access to the contents inside. The entire design is collapsible so that you can get these bins out of the way if you don’t need them. One storage box measures 27.5x 15.6 x 7 inches and three handles located on different sides for easier manipulation.

Quart Clear Storage Box

Burroughs Rolling Metal Underbed Storage

Storage boxes are a very efficient way of organizing the space underneath the bed, so here is a convenient pack with six of them. There are multiple size options to choose from, and you can even purchase a pack with 20 of these. The 41-quart version of these boxes comes with 35.63 x 16.25 x 6 inches measurements per box. They are transparent so that you can easily check out the contents of each box. They are sealed tight with lids and can be stocked in order to save up as much space as possible.

Whitmor Rolling White Wire Underbed Cart

Burroughs Rolling Metal Underbed Storage

As we mentioned in the first part of this guide, having wheels on your under-the-bed storage solutions can really make your life easier, since you won’t be lifting heavy boxes all the time, nor will you be dragging them across the floor. This particular cart is made from 98 percent steel and two percent plastic, and it comes with caster wheels so that you can easily manipulate it. It measures 24.8 x 25.25 x 6.5 inches but since it doesn’t have a cover, you can use it to store items that aren’t sensitive to dust, like toys or boxes.

Burroughs 12 Pair Metal Underbed Storage

Burroughs Rolling Metal Underbed Storage

Here is a rather different approach to what you’d expect to see when you hear about shoes storage solutions. It’s basically a rack that holds your shoes in a vertical position so that you won’t have to compress them to make them fit inside a box. It’s made from high-quality carbon steel and it can hold up to 12 pairs of shoes at the same time. It measures 10.63” H x 29.92” W x 23.62” D and has a total weight capacity of 25 pounds. You can choose between a white, a black, and a gray finish.

Galvanized Metal/Wire Underbed Storage

Burroughs Rolling Metal Underbed Storage

Here is another cart that you can use to store various items under the bed. It’s made from galvanized metal and measures 8.75” H x 31.25” W x 19.5” D. It comes with four caster wheels for easier manipulation, so that you can push and pull this storage cart without having to lift it off the ground. The uncovered nature of the design makes this storage cart less suitable for items that need to stay clean (like clothes or fresh linens) and more suitable for less sensitive items (like books, toys, show boxes, etc.).

>Fabric Underbed Storage

Burroughs Rolling Metal Underbed Storage

This particular under the bed storage solution is both classy and practical. It comes with many features that stand by the quality of the product: two carrying handles that make it easy to pick up the storage bin whenever needed, a transparent front window that grants visual access to whatever is stored inside, a fold away/collapsible design that makes it easy to get this storage box out of the way when not in use, and a sturdy double-way zipper closure.  It measures 8” H x 14” W x 19” D and it’s made from non-woven polypropylene.

Burroughs Rolling Metal Underbed Storage

Burroughs Rolling Metal Underbed Storage

If you’re looking for a simple, efficient, and easy way to store things under the bed, then you have to take a look into this rolling metal platform. Available in a black and white version, this is a metal platform that’s equipped with four wheels to smoothly glide across the floor, making storage access almost effortless. It measures 4.49” H x 47.24” W x 20.87” D and can support a total weight of 25 pounds. Because it doesn’t have a lid or side walls, you can store stuff that’s larger than the platform itself, as long as it doesn’t exceed the recommended weight capacity.

Bottom Line

As you can see, there’s a world of possibilities that opens up when you decided to put that free space under the bed to good use. They are a lot of design options when it comes to under the bed storage solutions, from wicker baskets to linen bins, wooden boxes, and metal platforms on wheels. Just determine what you want to store under the bed and then start planning your storage solutions accordingly, because the market isn’t shy when it comes to these kinds of products.