The freshly renovated Nistler House

This beautiful house is located in Harvey Park. Like all the other structures in that area, it was originally designed and built in the 1950’s by Iconic Cliff May, the Architect of the California Ranch Style Home. Now, more than half a century later, this architectural beauty has just been renovated and turned into a more modern home, but still preserving some of the original elements.

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Among the changes that had to be made, some of the major changes were the addition of new walls and windows that helped opening up the whole place. The whole house is not filled with natural sunlight. The kitchen has also been opened up. Moreover, probably the most dramatic make-over can be seen in what once was the garage. Now that area has been turned into a very stylish bonus room.

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The house also features four patios, one of which is linked directly to the master bedroom. The whole house has hardwood flooring and floor-to-ceiling glass walls and windows. In addition to all that, there’s also a separate 150 Square Foot Studio/Theater Room/Office/Lounge that’s part of the structure.

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Overall, this is an elegant and stylish house and would make a very cozy and inviting home, especially considering the fireplace included into the interior décor. So if you like this place and think it might make a good home for you and your family, feel free to take a look at it. Be prepared to have $215,000.