Makeovers That Bring Out The Best In Entryway Spaces

An entryway that’s lacking functionality isn’t really useful, reducing the overall beauty of the home. There’s no defined list of features an entryway should include. The most common elements include hangers for coats and accessories, shoe racks and open shelves or bench seats. All these elements are meant to make the entryway a functional space. But what about looks? That’s a personal matter and we’ll include this aspect in the following makeover examples.

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Achieving the right balance between looks and functionality is not always easy, especially when you’re decorating an entryway. This one used to be the only area in the house lacking those characteristics, at least until the makeover. After the transformation, you can see how a little bit of paint and a few details such as a comfortable seat and some wall-mounted hooks can make a huge different.{found on itallstartedwithpaint}.

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Not every entryway has the same size or layout. One that’s open and spacious, for example, offers a variety of possibilities in terms of design. It can easily accommodate a storage cabinet or console table. The entryway makeover featured on diyonthecheap shows how new paint on the walls, a mirror, a bench and a coat rack can transform a space to the point that it becomes unrecognizable.

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The general direction when giving a space a makeover is to add things, whether it’s color, texture, storage or something else. In some cases, however, simplifying the design is a much better option. One such example can be found on askannamoseley where the entryway went from being a bold space with striped walls and diverse accessories to being a simple and white environment.

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A simplification in terms of colors also defines the entryway transformation featured on viewfromthefridge. The bright red present on the walls was replaced by white and gray. The black and white combo was used in a very chic way. The diversity of patterns that share the same combination of neutral colors in nothing but stylish.

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Sometimes all an entryway needs to look and feel complete is that one accessory which offers you the extra storage you need or that decoration which ties it all together. One such element can be a wood plank wall with attached shelves. Building such a feature is very easy. You can paint the wood any color you want and even alternate different colors for a fun and playful look. {found on dandelionpatina}.

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The missing accessory can also be a much-needed coat hanger. Building one shouldn’t be very difficult. The design idea offered on engineeryourspace seems to work out great there. In addition, the wall mirror has pretty much the same shape and size as the coat hanger and this way an interesting symmetry is created.

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There are cases when an entryway makeover doesn’t really need to focus on functionality but rather on the little things that give it character. Let’s say that you want your entryway to be inspired by fall. Consider displaying a wreath made of fallen leaves, some cute little pumpkins and a few other accent pieces which use fall colors such as yellow, brown and red. Find more inspiration on homeremediessrx.