Sparrow Lilac Storage Bin Set from Dwell Studio

When you have kids your life suddenly gets complicated in ways you had never dreamed of. For example one of my biggest problems as a mother of two small active children is storage. They have so many toys and so many books and clothes that I find it hard to store them properly in their room. Especially the toys are the most annoying ones because they need immediate access to them any time, so I can’t place them in a box and place them somewhere safe for a longer time. Fortunately there are some very nice looking storage bins like this Sparrow Lilac Storage Bin Set from Dwell Studio.

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This bin is rectangular in shape and it is large enough to store all the toys a kid needs to play with during the day and also it has a very funny floral design which is pleasant and can fit the room perfectly. There are also some sparrows present in the floral design as kids love all animals and the birds are very special for them. These bins are also coated with cotton canvas, so they can be used for storing dirty laundry, too. You can purchase the item directly on the manufacturer’s web site for about $115 or from some other online shops for $80.