Small Thrifting Finds: What To Look For

Some people are too scared to thrift. The most prominent excuses include, I can’t ever find anything good or I don’t want someone else’s leftovers. It’s eco-friendly and it’s frugal … who doesn’t love that? If you’re a newbie thrifter than you may want to learn a little and get your feet wet before plunging into the treasure hunts. So, we’ve compiled a list of small thrifting finds to have your eyes peeled for while you’re out and about on your first secondhand shop adventures.

1. Dishes.

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Dishes are a great way to learn the thrifter’s way. Collect good pieces, collect fun pieces and collect pieces that you love. You could get lucky and find entire China sets or find a single dish here or there that you love putting together in funky ways with other mismatched plates. Look for reliable brands or reliable stamps like, “Made in Italy” or “Pyrex.”

2. Art.

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There are so many fun, unique pieces you’ll be able find if you keep your eyes on the look out. And you don’t even have to look for anything specific, instead you grab pieces that you love and inspired. Whether they’re handmade or just hand-me-downs, if one speaks to you then buy it and find a spot for it in the house.

3. Bottles or Vases.

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You’ll find so many bottles and vases during your search. It’s one of the most prominent home decor pieces out in the flea market and garage sale world. But that’s okay! Because when you find one that’s a bit outside-the-box, you’ll have a versatile piece to use anywhere and everywhere around the house. In centerpieces, on mantles,  on side tables – the possibilities are absolutely endless.

4. Frames.

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Frames are another popular thrifty item. They’ll be a lot to sift through but when you find one with character and pizazz, spend the buck or two and take it home. When a frame has a lot of oomph without a picture inside, you can use it for more than outlining a pretty photo. Instead add it to a wall collage, the mantle or to show off old love letters.


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Clocks are cool. They’re another unsuspecting way to add spice and personality to every corner of the house from the mantle or the breakfast table, these little cuties can really add a lot of style. Of course, if you just want to add a beautiful, vintage clock to your bedroom side table – that’s perfectly alright too!

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