Small Flat Gets A Custom Furniture System That Maximizes Its Space

Small apartments are quite common, especially in big cities. A 35 square meter apartment is not as small as you’d think if the design is well thought through. To support this idea, we’ll have a look at a space situated in Moscow, Russia. In 2015 the space was reconfigured and the interior was designed by Studio Bazi.

Small Moscow flat curtain divider
The designers gave up the idea of walls between spaces in favor of curtains
Small Moscow flat wooden stairs
Another solution meant to save space was to contain the sleeping area within a raised wooden box

The clients requested from the designers to turn the small apartment into a comfortable home with an open space interior and enough storage and natural light. To honor these requests, the designers had to be creative. Instead of separating the spaces with solid walls they chose curtains for a more flexible and space-efficient configuration.

Small Moscow flat stairs and curtain
The sleeping area can be accessed via a set of stairs which double as storage drawers
Small Moscow flat hidden storage
A set of storage racks and compartments is also built into the wooden box that contains the sleeping zone

The custom furniture system plays a crucial role in the layout and interior design of the apartment. The system is designed to make the most of the existing space and includes a dresser, drawer storage, the wardrobe and several other small features. The sleeping area is a particularly interesting space which takes the form of a wooden box raised off the floor and accessible via a set of wooden stairs with built-in storage drawers.

Small Moscow flat storage shelves
Additional storage also comes in the form of open shelves tucked into wall nooks
Small Moscow flat sleeping box
The sleeping box is a very cozy and relaxing space thanks to the wood that surrounds it

There’s a good view of the whole flat from the sleeping nook corner. The box is built out of stained pine sheets and it offers a very cozy, warm and comfortable ambiance inside. A brown curtain separates it and the kitchen and living area from the entrance space. The living and dining area is a flexible space. The dining table is extendable and can seat up to 10 people and the sofa is lightweight enough to be moved around.

Small Moscow flat kitchen patterned backsplash
The kitchen is L-shaped and white. The only source of color is the backsplash

For the kitchen, the designers chose to use Iranian handmade tiles to add a little bit of color and flavor to the white decor. The bathroom also has interesting tiles which feature complex patterns and a textured surface that makes the space look bigger and feel more welcoming.

Small Moscow flat bathroom textured tiles
The bathroom tiles are patterned and textured and they make the space seem larger and more inviting