How to Style a Festive Green Table for Holiday

The Christmas dinner table deserves a special touch, no matter what your plans are. Whether you are throwing a big dinner for your family and friends, or setting a romantic table for two, it’s fun to add festive greens and some sparkle to make it shine!

Green Festive Table Styling
Green Festive Table Styling Decor

Some people prefer to keep the same style of table decor for a number of years, others (like me) feel an urge to change things up every year, try out current trends, and simply play with table arrangements to have a bit of styling fun. Getting creative with your Christmas table doesn’t mean you have to buy new tableware and throw away old decorations. The key to success is to combining traditional colors and items you already have with a few statement pieces and a creative twist.

Green Festive Table Styling Napkin

I know some of you can’t wait to get started, so let’s move on and create a green centerpiece. Evergreen branches, twigs, ferns, pine greens  — they are all suitable because they fit the traditional greenery concept. Before starting to build your centerpiece, rinse them with water and allow them to dry.  Can you smell the Christmas spirit in the air already?

Green Festive Table Styling Centerpiece

For your centerpiece you will need:

  • All sorts of evergreen twigs, branches, and leaves
  • Scissors
  • Gold spray paint


Place your greens in a vase and top them with little twigs spray painted in gold. Decorate your table with golden accents, such as candle holders and food bowls to give it an elegant Christmas look.

For the table settings you will need:

  • Simple, white napkins
  • Brown string
  • Pine twigs


Wrap the string around the napkin and tuck a pine twig inside.

Green Festive Table Styling Accents
Green Festive Table Styling String Lights

If you wish, you can hang Christmas lights in the background  — little twinkling lights are always a good idea!

What are your decorating plans this year? Are you going green too? Happy styling!