Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze: How to Use This Color in Your Home

Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze is a dark, warm gray paint color. It looks best when paired with nature-inspired hues and elements.

It was Sherwin Williams Color of the Year 2021 and has remained a popular paint choice for interior and exteriors. It’s rare to find a color that’s so dark yet so warm and inviting, which is one reason you’ll see this shade everywhere.

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If you want to use Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze in your home, here are some ideas.

What Color is Urbane Bronze?

SW Urbane Bronze is a warm dark gray. However, even though it’s a dark color, it’s very neutral and works well with warmer shades of paint.

It’s the perfect earthy color of charcoal gray. Unlike regular gray tones, it can ground your room, giving it a serene feel. It works well on accent walls, home exteriors, trim, and doors.

What Undertone is SW Urbane Bronze?

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Despite being dark, Urbane Bronze is a neutral paint color. It’s a charcoal gray with bronze and warm brown undertones. Depending on the lighting in your home, it can look warm with more brown showing through or appear off-black.

What are Coordinating Paint Colors for Urbane Bronze?

There are a lot of paint colors that coordinate with Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze. If you want a crisp look, you can pair it with a bright white. However, since this is a warm earthy color, it looks fantastic paired with other warm neutrals.

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These are the top coordinating paint colors for Urbane Bronze:

  • Extra White (SW 7006)
  • Shoji White (SW 7042)
  • Modern Gray (SW 7632)
  • Worldly Gray (SW 7043)
  • Messenger Bag (SW 7740)
  • Ivoire (SW 71627)

Since Urbane Bronze is a nature-inspired color, natural materials work well with it. For accents, go with light to medium-toned wood, stone, and mixed metals.

Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze Ideas

If you’re ready to use Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze in your home but need some inspiration, check out how these homeowners use this beautiful color.

Use it On an Accent Wall

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Fartun I Casa Guri Interiors

While you can use Urbane Bronze on all walls in a space, it also works beautifully as an accent. Painting your walls a light gray or cream and adding Urbane Bronze to one wall will make your room feel moody and cozy without being too dark.

You can create a board and batten wall like this homeowner, or simply leave your wall bare and add a coat of paint.

Spruce Up Your Exterior with Urbane Bronze

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Greenbank Development

Urbane Bronze is the perfect dark, warm, neutral paint color for exteriors. It looks very modern and ties into wood and stone accents perfectly.

If you’re thinking of repainting your exterior and want a modern color without being cold, it’s a top contender.

Breathe New Life Into Old Furniture

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If you have an old piece of furniture like a dresser or credenza you don’t love anymore, breathe new life into it with a coat of paint.

As you can see, Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze gives furniture a modern and bold look. It pairs well with most metallics, including these brushed brass cup pulls.

Paint Your Built-Ins

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Do you have built-ins that have seen better days? If yes, they’re a prime candidate for a coat of Urbane Bronze.

In this room, that’s otherwise light and natural, the Urbane Bronze built-ins coordinate perfectly and add a pop of color that’s modern rather than shocking.

Try Urbane Bronze as a Modern Farmhouse Accent

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Marissa Stahlman

Urbane Bronze is one of the most versatile paint colors. While it pops in modern, minimal, and nature-inspired rooms, it also works as a modern farmhouse accent.

This dark warm gray ties in beautifully with all of the wood tones throughout this room.

Add Style to Your Front Door

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Valona Painting Company

Since Urbane Bronze is neutral, it coordinates with most colors and works exceptionally well as a door color if your home is gray, cream, white, brick, or stone-sided.

This color will add moodiness to your home without being in-your-face bold. Painting your door with Scherwin Williams Urbane Bronze is an easy way to boost your home’s curb appeal.

Pair it With Warm Wood Tones or Brick

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If you have a lot of wood pieces in your home or a brick wall, Urbane Bronze is the perfect complementary color. 

Since it’s dark, it contrasts lighter wood shades beautifully, making them stand out. It also looks fantastic next to red brick.

Use Urbane Bronze on Your Kitchen Cabinets

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Tee Tree

Are you looking for the perfect kitchen cabinet color? Urbane Bronze is a top pick. It will make a statement without being bold. And since it’s neutral, you won’t grow sick of it as quickly as many other colors.

Consider using it on your island, lower cabinets, or to create a moody kitchen, use it on all of them.

Accent with Plants

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Juniper Loom | Vintage Rugs

Sine Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze is a nature-inspired color it works well for neutral boho rooms. The mix of materials, the addition of plants, and light complementing paint colors give this room an easy, relaxing feel.

Try this color if you’re looking for a nice backdrop to a wall full of plants.

Go for a Modern Aesthetic

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Simply Design Miami LLC

If you have a large room with a lot of natural light, paint the entire room in Urbane Bronze. Doing this will give your room a very modern, high-end feel.

Consider using light furniture, black fixtures, and light flooring material.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What is the LRV of Urban Bronze?

The LRV or light reflectance value measures how light or dark a color is. On this scale, a 100 is true white while 0 is black. Urbane Bronze measures 8, so it’s pretty dark.

What’s the difference between Black Fox and Urbane Bronze?

Black Fox and Urbane Bronze are similar, with Black Fox being slightly darker. Black Fox is a black color with warm brown undertones. Urbane Bronze is charcoal gray with warm brown undertones.

Does Agreeable Gray go with Urbane Bronze?

Agreeable Gray pairs beautifully with Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze. Agreeable Gray is a light greige color while Urbane Bronze is a dark warm gray. Since both of these colors have warm undertones, they go together. However, in certain lighting, agreeable gray appears to have slightly pink undertones next to Urbane Bronze.

Does Urbane Bronze go with Revere Pewter?

Revere Pewter is a Benjamin Moore paint color. It’s a shade of light gray with neutral undertones. Revere Pewter coordinates beautifully with Urbane Bronze.

Does Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze go with Colonnade Gray?

Since Colonnade gray is a warm hue, it pairs nicely with Urbane Bronze. You can use these two colors next to each other without worrying about clashing.

Final Thoughts

SW Urbane Bronze is a dark greige color. It can look slightly more brown or more gray, depending on the light. It works best with colors you’d find in nature but also looks great with stark white trim.

You can use Urbane Bronze for your home’s interior or exterior. It’s a rich, beautiful color that won’t fall out of favor anytime soon.