Serene Beach House Taken Over By Coastal Beauty

This gorgeous beach house is the place that turquoise accents.


Found on HouseOfTurquoise, the house is not only very fresh, breezy and airy but also very inviting, as you can see right from the entrance. The basket placed casually on the floor, the console table, the shells, everything creates a super relaxed ambiance.


The living space features a very calming color palette with sandy neutrals, plenty of white and turquoise accent details spread around the room. A wall of windows opens the room to the mesmerizing views of the ocean.


The room also opens onto a terrace. The views are even more stunning from out there. But you can almost feel the breeze and the excitement from inside the house, just by looking out the window.


A wood-burning fireplace makes the room feel even more welcoming. Above it, a fish painting bought from a local gallery couldn’t be more suggestive regarding the whole laid back coastal look.


Step out onto the deck to find an outdoor dining area with beautiful views and a perfect positioning. The sun doesn’t completely invade it throughout the day and merely contributes to a more pleasant ambiance.


Enjoy breakfast on the terrace while admiring the ocean, the gorgeous clear sky and listening to the calming sound of the waves.


The kitchen has accent to the outdoors as well. It’s spacious and very bright. The walls and the ceiling are painted white, the cabinetry is white as well and there are a few wooden touches as well. The flooring has a lovely light stain and the vintage surfboard is the perfect accessory to hang above the windows.


A large kitchen island doubles as a bar with rustic Asian barstools. To the side, you can see a rustic sideboard and a dining table made from an antique Chinese temple door. The rustic finishes and the shell artwork gives this space an eclectic, coastal feel.


The French provincial cross back chairs arranged around the table are very charming too. Then there’s also that really interesting light fixture that captures the character and design of the house perfectly.


The kitchen has a pantry with open shelves that wrap around the corner and provide enough storage for everything. The whole organization of the pantry is very practical. Everything is at the user’s fingertips and beautifully laid out.


The master bedroom is sunny, with wall-to-wall windows and a color palette that lends white, turquoise and in-between shades beautifully by also mixing them with chic patterns.


The light neutrals emphasize the coastal feel and give the room a serene and tranquil look. The nightstands match the headboard, allowing a symmetrical design to be created.


A relaxing and comfortable seating nook was created in the corner. It’s the perfect spot for enjoying breakfast in the morning while looking out the window and enjoying the breeze.


The walk-in closet is wonderfully organized. Everything is exactly where it needs to be. The shirts are even matched according to color and organized into warm and cold color palettes, with the appropriate matching shoes displayed underneath.


The guest bedroom is really inviting and relaxing as well. The striped bedding combines neutral and blue nuances also found in the artwork displayed on the walls. The light fixture is similar to that in the dining room.


The third bedroom is decorated with pretty pink details and is the kids’ room. It has a single bed placed in a corner, a comfy corner seat and a sleek and narrow desk. It’s the only room of the house that wasn’t infused with turquoise elements.


The beach house also includes plenty of other quirky spaces such as a small study nook. Actually, there’s a separate hobby/ office room so this nook also doubles as a bar. It’s quite an interesting way to combine functions.

Beach house bathroom wall storage

The hobby room is where the owner keeps all her ribbons, fabric swatches, favorite clippings, etc. it has a chic, simple desk, a pinboard full of great ideas, a cupboard with a few open shelves and a plant in the corner.


The actual home office is a really spacious room with a sectional sofa in the corner, ideal for reading a book on a sunny afternoon, a wooden bookcase with cubbies, a desk for two with a desktop extension in between and a separate desk in the corner facing the sofa.


The laundry room is small and designed to be practical, with as much storage as possible and a bright and neutral color palette. It’s those storage baskets that give the room this textured and organic look.The master bathroom is designed with luxury in mind. The freestanding tub makes bubble baths extraordinary, especially since it’s placed in front of the windows.


There’s a shower in the corner with a glass door and built-in storage on the other side of the wall. A wall-to-wall mirror gives the room an even more spacious, bright and airy feel.


The vanity is really big, perfect for two. The fact it’s wall-mounted emphasizes the openness of the décor. Those storage compartments carved into the wall are really sleek and stylish, not to mention really functional.