How To Include Pantone’s Rose Quartz In Your Christmas Decor

With this year coming to a close, it’s time to start embracing all of the rose quartz we can before Pantone announces their new picks for 2017. That means using rose quartz in our Christmas decor. Maybe you’re skeptical of pink, but let me tell you that it does make a festive impact, just like the classic red and green. The trick is to blend it into the Christmas decor you already have and make it look as natural as possible so no one will be surprised at the pop of dusty pink among the green and gold. Here are 10 ways you can include Pantone’s rose quartz in your Christmas decor this year.

Rose quartz Christmas ornaments

Ornaments are possibly the easiest way to change up the color scheme of Christmas in your home. Pop some rose quartz ornaments on your tree. Place a bowl of them in the entryway. Hang them under your kitchen cabinets. Glue them to your wreaths. They’ll make a big impact on a little budget. (via Living After Midnight)

Rose quartz stair garland

Garlands up the stairs just speak of cozy winter and the Christmas season. Change up the ribbons in yours to include some rose quartz this year. Such a subtle change will give your stairway a whole new look. (via @monikahibbs)

Rose quartz ornament wreath

Ornament wreaths have been on trend for quite a while now. Especially since the advent of Pinterest and all the tutorials for them. Make yours in shades of pink that will give any wall or door a festive touch of rose quartz. (via Christmas Decorated)

Pastel Table For Christmas

Let’s not forget the dining room. So many wonderful holiday meals happen there that rose quartz dishes are the perfect way to bring pink to dinner. Your dishware will be all over Instagram this season. (via Southern Weddings)

Rose quartz Christmas village

Christmas villages are such a pretty tradition. Add some rose quartz to yours with some new houses made from paper and some pink bottlebrush trees. It will become a village fit for the Sugarplum Fairy. (via A Field Journal)

Rose quartz sequin pillow

Throw pillows are one of the subtlest ways to give a nod to your favorite color without going overboard. Whether you DIY this festive pillow or opt for a simple rose quartz pillow cover, putting a pop of pink on your couch will have her looking her best for Christmas. (via Proper)

Rose quarts tree ribbons

We talked about rose quartz ornaments but I love the idea of rose quartz bows. It’s so vintage looking while remaining chic and feminine. No sparkle required. (via Interior God)

Rose quartz pinecones

Would you just check out those rose quartz pinecones! It is such a simple project and they make a breezy way to scatter rose quartz around your home for the holidays. A pinecone in that pot, five in the tree, two on the bookshelf, one on the coffee table, see what I mean? (via Interior God)

Rose quartz poinsettias

Many people love to decorate with poinsettias for Christmas so it seems like divine providence that they come in a rose quartz hue alongside the white and red. Purchase a few for your front porch as well as your dining room. (via Hannas Sjarmerende jul)

Rose quartz tree

Of course, if you are really all for rose quartz, go all out with a gorgeous rose quartz tree. It will show off all your metallic ornaments and make your tree the most different yet gorgeous on the block. (via Emily Henderson)