Renovated Barn Turned Into A Cozy Modern Home

Old barns often hide lots of treasures and once you see their potential you can easily envision them as the cozy and lovely homes they can become. This is the story of an old barn found in southern Austria. Transforming it into a modern home wasn’t easy but it was definitely a wonderful process full of surprises.

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The transformation was a project by Gangoly & Kristiner architekten. The mountainous area where the building is located offers a wonderful backdrop for the barn with panoramic views and fresh surroundings. The architects wanted to explore and take advantage of all these elements.

Haus P barn renovation glazed facade on ground floorView in gallery

Haus P barn renovation glass and timber facadeView in gallery

After the renovation, the barn was named Haus P. Its now a space that beautifully combines traditional and contemporary features and elements. Some of the original details were preserved and integrated into the new design. They define the house and give it a lot of character.

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Haus P barn renovation kitchen areaView in gallery

The facades and the roof are covered with timber siding and brick and the ground floor was wonderfully exposed to the views and the surroundings with the help of full-height windows and glass doors. A timber shell partially covers the glazed facades, offering a little bit of privacy and maintaining a cohesive look throughout.

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Originally, there were several different buildings on the site. Now, they’ve all been combined to make a larger and harmonious composition. The main house separates into four annexes. What was once a barn is now a garage and storage area and the stable buildings were converted into a guest suite and pool house.

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All the social areas are gathered on the lower level. They benefit from panoramic views of the nearby mountains and they communicate with the outdoors in a natural and facile way. The interior décor is elegant and cozy, featuring wooden floors, breezy curtains and comfortable seating.

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The private spaces are placed on the upper level, under the pitched roof. They don’t have huge windows and high ceilings but that actually works in their favor. They look and feel really cozy and welcoming and they don’t really lack natural light.

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