Flexible DIY Projects You Can Make With Cork Boards

Cork as a material has proved to be a very versatile and resourceful. Cork boards are the most popular product and there tons of ways in which you can include one in your home décor. There’s plenty of room for creativity so feel free to come up with a custom project that perfectly suits your needs and your home. And just in case you need some inspiration, have a look at these quirky examples.

Home offices and craft rooms

Cork Wall

Covering an entire wall in cork can turn out to be a pretty practical idea. If you prefer a casual décor with a lot of personalization, then you’ll enjoy having a whole wall on which to display photos, artwork and other small things.{found on craftnectar}.

Home Story

Wall-sized cork boards are also a good organization tool, especially in home offices. In here, you can use the wall as a reminder board. Put up notes, calendar appointments and other things that can help you stay organized and on top of your tasks.

High ceiling room with cork wall

Actually, the size of the cork board depends on your needs as well as on the space that’s available in your office or craft room. You can only cover one portion of the wall in cork, allowing the rest to stay empty or to be used for something else.

Cork board tiles for office

Use cork board tiles to decorate the wall directly in front of your desk. You can then add string lights, photos, posters and all sorts of other things in an attempt to cheer up your work area and to make it feel relaxing and fun. You can use the adjacent wall as a drawing board.{found on apartmenttherapy}.

Large cork wall with mixed functions

A cork board wall isn’t just an organization tool. It can have a mixed function. It can be a surface on which to hang and display both decorations and notes, documents and a lot of other things. It’s actually a pretty great way to express oneself.

cork board with a wall-mounted desk

Combine a cork board with a wall-mounted desk. The two can be attached to a single wall and can complete each other. The result will be a clean and simple design with a lot of functionality.{found on insideds}.

Office cork for backsplash

Use the cork board similarly to a backsplash. This means it will cover the area between the desk and the top cabinetry in a home office. It’s plenty of room for you to use on a regular basis.{found on joshpartee}.

Cover the entire wall woth cork

If you decide to cover an entire wall in cork board tiles, take into consideration the overall color palette. This can become an accent wall and it can feature a color that will complement the rest of the room. For example, this brown shade contrasts with the white desk and shelf but matches the chair.

LED lighting under cupboads for working desk

Add some LED lighting under the wall-mounted cabinet. It will serve as task lighting for the desk area and it will also illuminate the cork board in a beautiful way.{found on farinelliconstruction}.

Cork Placement

You can use cork placemats to make a pin board for your home office. Spray one side of the map with adhesive and then attach it to plywood sheet. Start in a corner and continue until you’re happy with the dimensions. Cut the plywood and then add a trim around the outside. After that, cover the seams with wood veneer edges.{found on infarrantlycreative}.


If you’re looking for a more stylish way to display your buletin cork board, this design seems pretty good. First you draw a grid on the cork board and then draw diagonals through each rectangle. Cut out the tiles at an angle and place them in a herringbone pattern. You can spray paint half of them if you want.{found on sparkandchemistry}.

Kids’ areas

consider installing the cork board

If you’re doing this for the kids, consider installing the cork board in their room so they can customize it however they want. It can turn out to be an educational tool you can use in a variety of practical ways while making learning fun and easy.{found on younghouselove}.

plyaing area with cork board

The kids can’t actually reach the upper portion of a wall so there’s no point in adding a huge cork board. So limit its use to the lower portion and use the rest of the wall space for storage or something else.{found on architect}.


kitchen cork wall

The kitchen is another ideal place for a cork board. Use it to display recipes, grocery lists, notes and all sorts of other things. If your kitchen also has a breakfast nook, hang the cork board there and decorate it with personal artwork or drawings made by the kids.


Hallway cork wall

A cork board wall is a good addition to a hallway or any space that needs some redecorating. In a family home, this can be where you display the kids’ artwork or cute photos. In a home office, it can be used as a pinboard. To make this you need cork tiles, a foam board, screws and spray adhesive.{found on everydaycheer}.

storage cabinets cork board

The entrance usually features some sort of storage cabinet. In this case, you can cover the exterior of the doors with cork boards. This will maximize their functionality.{found on knottinghillinteriors}.

staircase wall cork board

Think of other areas that could use a wall covered in cork board tiles. The staircase wall seems like a pretty good option. There’s nothing you can use this surface for except as a display area for family photos and other things. The cork wall gives you more freedom in this sense.{found on murphycodesign}.

speech bubble noticeboard

A speech bubble noticeboard is a nice wall decoration you can display just about anywhere. To make one you need a cork board roll, a pencil, gold acrylic paint and a speech bubble printout. Draw the bubble on the cork and cut out the shape. Then write something on it with a pencil and trace over with gold paint.{found on thethingsshemakes}.

Framed gold corks

You can also use cork boards as wall décor. For this, you’d have to make a framed cork board. You need a frame which you can spray paint golden or any other color, a cork board and something to cut it with. Use the back piece or the glass of the frame as a template and trace around it on the cork board. Cut out the board and place it inside the frame.{found on cottonandcurls}.

Cork jewelry holder

Use a framed cork board as a jewelry organizer. You can basically just use a large existing frame, insert the cork board inside and then place it on your dresser or hang it on the wall. Display your necklaces with pins.{found on thehappyflammily}.

Cork Board Thread

We’ve already established that making a framed cork board is actually pretty simple. Now let’s see what else you can use it for. A nice example in this type of thread art. Make a template out of paper and place it on the board. Put pins around it and then attach the yarn somewhere and start threading. At the end, make a knot and a tail and that’s about it.{found on thehappyflammily}.

How about wine corks ?

Using cork wines in craft projects

This cork board is a bit different. It’s actually made of wine corks. Some have been painted and they’ve all been arranged inside a frame. It’s an interesting idea but for which you need a lot of corks.{found on abeautifulmess}.

wedding wine cork escort card

Similarly, you can use a bunch of wine corks to make a display for cards and other things. This one was designed for a wedding. The idea is definitely unusual and quirky.{found on minted}.