Practical storage station for your mail

We all get mail and we usually just put it somewhere on a table. However, this is not a very practical solution. It would be better to have a special storage area for the mail, somewhere where you will always know you’ll find it and where it easy to put when you enter your home.You can make one such piece yourself. You’ll need a shelf or a piece of wood cut to the right dimensions, screws, a drill and small wood bit and sandpaper and wood stain.

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After you have gathered all the materials, decide whether or not you want to stain the shelf. If the answer is yes, grab the sandpaper and prepare the wood. Then stain it ad wait for it to be dry. Next, decide where you want to shelf to go on the wall. First install the brackets and then the screws.

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After the shelf is ready, it’s time to install the magazine holders. Take one and drill 3 holes with the smallest wood bit you have. One should be on the top edge and the other two along the back. Decide where you want them to go and mark the spot. Then remove the shelf and hammer in the pilot holes.

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You can use two or three magazine holders. Just make sure they are positioned where you want them to be before adding the final touches. This project is very simple and it requires simple and easy to find materials. It would be best to place on a wall near the entrance. This way you can sort your mail immediately after you get it. The shelf will also be practical as you can use it to store your keys, maybe your phone or anything else you usually take with you when you leave your house.{found on instructables}.