Pops of Pink in Every Room? Yes!

Pink is an obvious decorating choice if you’re having a baby girl and are working on her nursery. But there are so many more uses for pink in your sophisticated, chic style throughout your entire house! If you love pink but are wary of incorporating it into your home, or even if you just need inspiration for freshening up any space, you’ve come to the right place.

Pops of pink in living room

Check out all the different ways you can add pink into without subtracting maturity and taste from your home décor.


Hallway pink shade paint

The entryway to your home sets the tone for what a visitor can expect to find throughout the space. A warm, neutral pink color painted on upper walls above wainscot in an entryway is fresh, friendly, and completely inviting. We like the combination here with dark floors, to keep things sophisticated.

Kitchen dining table with pink walls

For a space without a chair rail or wainscot, consider amping up the room’s overall energy by painting out an accent wall in your favorite invigorating pink hue. This might work best, depending on the shade of pink you choose, on a wall with a natural focal feature (e.g., doorway, fireplace, etc.), to give a visual pause amidst the pink. We love this idea for a dining room, a bedroom, or really any room with light, neutral colors that could use a boost.

Pink front door

If you love pink but are not sure if or how the color would work in your space, consider throwing a coat of paint on the exterior of your front and/or back doors. Every time you open the doors, your space is infused with a bit of the lovely shade, but it won’t last long (only until you close the door). This is a great temporary strategy for adding in a pop of pink.

Table legs in pink

A slim-legged table painted out in hot pink might be all the pink your busy space needs…but it’s enough. Consider tempering the neon hue with a bit of natural wood somewhere nearby (in this case, the tabletop itself) for a beautiful balancing act. This would work delightfully in a dining room, a home office, or even a kitchen island.

Pink Kitchen Cupboards

Paint out your kitchen cupboards in a beloved shade of pink. Or choose a few strategic cupboard doors, and paint only those for a color-blocked look that is both modern and geometric. This smaller dose of pink helps to draw attention to the kitchen without competing with the gorgeous window views.{found on malcorboy}.

Small nightstand in pink

Paint a smaller piece of furniture pink, like this bedside table, to provide major impact for minimal color real estate. Pink plus navy is always a good color pairing. We love the way this side table has been installed to the wall, too – it’s an actual built-in! Very clever.

Paint in pink the door edges

For a fun and unexpected pop of pink, consider painting the edges of a door or two (or all!) in your house. This does nothing to change the color scheme of your home, nor does it overwhelm the space with feminine intonations. It’s merely a fun visual surprise, lying in wait for every time you open the door.


Pink eames moulded chair

An Eames-style desk chair in a hot pink hue is a stylish twist on an old classic. The adjacent art mimics the “pop of pink” mindset, which makes the combination even more vibrant. This is a great use of pink in a neutral corner office space, or even at a dining table or bathroom vanity.

Mauve is a sort of dusty-purplish-pink

Mauve is a sort of dusty-purplish-pink that works particularly well as a “muted pop” of pink…if there is such a thing. On a large piece of furniture, such as a living room sofa, selecting a pink upholstery with greyer undertones can provide a big impact without being jarring. We like the few other smaller-scaled pink accents scattered throughout as well, to create cohesion in the palette. 

fuchsia furniture

Of course, for a space that really needs a pop of pizazz, fuchsia furniture just might be the ticket! Pairing a nailhead-trimmed, velvety pink wingback chair with a rather ornate gold-trimmed cream vanity desk is a feminine pairing that works perfectly against a navy sofa in this multi-functional living room.

Tufted pink sofa

It seems to go without saying, that if you’re going to incorporate an oversized, tufted chaise longue or sofa, you may as well make it pink. Because, really, let’s make that beautiful piece stand out. Notice how the hot pink corded wires in the central light fixture in this living room collaborate with the furniture’s pop of pink.


Pink metalic bar stools

Some of us are notorious for changing our minds about favorite colors, which is why adding a pop of pink into a space via accessories is an appealing choice. These industrial bar stools, for example, transform this neutral multi-use room into a creative space, and they can stick around forever or be swapped at any time to keep the homeowner happy!

Pink office accessories

Select a few desktop accessories in a soft pink shade, and let them do the style work in your home office. You could easily DIY some filing trays or supply jars in pink paper or washi tape for a fast and easy project. Don’t forget the pink-handled scissors!{found on simplyjessicamarie}.

Fresh pink flowers for entryway

Fresh flowers are always and forever a perfect way to brighten and lighten any space, whether it’s the entryway or the living room or the bedroom. Grab some fuchsia or magenta blooms and place them on a corner shelf in any room to immediately bring a cheerful, airy vibe to the space. So simple, yet so effective.

Small room with pops of pink

Even in the smallest of “rooms,” where bold colors could read as cluttered and additional colors could become overpowering, pink can add to the vibrancy without contributing to a cluttered feel. In these instances, such as a hallway “office” or entryway, keep the pink in small doses – a brush stroke here, a pattern there – and surround each with plenty of light/white space.

Hanging pendant lamps in pink

Hard-wired lighting may not be considered an accessory to all, but we’re going with it here. These fantastic pink lantern pendants, painted out in a bright but not shocking pink, add to the eclectic charm of this breakfast nook. Black would’ve been too overpowering, white would’ve disappeared. Pink joins in the space’s color-love but doesn’t distract. Pink lighting fixtures really could provide a lovely accent in any space.{found on bhg}.

Pink wall art work

Artwork is always a solid choice for infusing a space with color. A large abstract watercolor that focuses on pink ombre is energizing and engaging, but in a rather softened way. Of course, artwork works well in any room – the living room, home office, bedroom, and dining room, to name a few.

Pops of pink accessories

Pops of pink accessories via shelf décor could easily integrate into any room. A pink lidded box on the home office shelves, a pink statue on the living room shelves, a pink cookbook on the kitchen shelves…it all works!

Pair pink with white

Pair pink with black and white in your accessories for the ultimate color combination. You don’t have to coordinate the entire room in this way, of course – that might be a little much for your style. But even a single piece of artwork showcasing this pop of pink + classic color combo will do wonders for the bedroom, nursery, bathroom, even living or dining room!


Permanent pops of pink

Of course, tiles can be changed out in a home. (Really, come to think of it, there’s not really a thing that’s “permanent” in home décor.) But to change them is a commitment, so tiles are definitely going to stick around longer than, say, a vase or a rug. Throw in a few pink tiles on your kitchen walls, or even in the bathroom, to create a mosaic cottage feel that’s incredibly sweet yet lively.{found on sarahphippsdesign}.

Feminine bathroom with touch of pinks

It isn’t common, to be sure, but that’s part of what makes this hot pink radiator so appealing. This fun fixture looks like a bit of pop art…making its pairing with a Titian painting in a contemporary-feeling grey bathroom unexpected and spot-on.

Bedroom pink carpet

This photo shows a large pink rug, but one way to incorporate a pop of pink into your space permanently is to install pink carpeting. We like the contrast of a more feminine pink floor vs. the masculine, industrial elements everywhere else (such as the exposed ductwork on ceiling). We’d recommend keeping other pink in the space to a minimum if you go the pink carpet route.


Pops of pink through textile

Grey-blue walls and neutral accessories everywhere else create a visually interesting space, but adding in a large pink vintage rug just makes everything else vibrant. This pop of pink is perfect here because, although the color was probably once vibrant, it has faded over time (or has been distressed to look faded), so our eyes translate the energy of bright pink without the actual interference of bright pink.

White kitchen featuring pink stools

Not ready to commit to large-scale pink in your kitchen? That’s totally fine; even a small dose goes a long way. Hang a hot pink kitchen towel or cover your bar stool pads with pink fabric to bring in a touch of the color. We love the white contrast piping on these stools to tie the cushions in with the white kitchen and temper their inherent boldness.

Pink curtains

Ombre coloring is beautiful in general, and pink ombre coloring in particular is charming and delightful. Use this idea for curtains in a bedroom, home office, laundry room, or even living room. Keep the lightest shades at the top and the heaviest at the bottom of the window treatments to help the space feel grounded and to maximize the natural light.

Cover a stool with a pink pillow

Cover a stool cushion with a bright pink upholstery fabric for a fresh, modern look (even in a retro-feeling space). Plenty of diffused natural light through large windows in this living room helps to balance out the various colors, patterns, and textiles here. Any room where a stool or ottoman lives could use this idea! 

Pink pillow on a white sofa

It’s hard to get simpler than tossing a colorful pink throw pillow into a space and calling it a day…but simplicity is sometimes the It Factor that a space needs. Anyplace where black and white is paired and the setting is fairly neutral, a simple hot pink pillow will be welcome. This includes the living room, family room, and bedroom.

Hairpin legs table with colorful pillows

If you just adore pink and have a hard time choosing where to make it “pop,” consider incorporating multiple small-scale accessories into your neutral space so that the color resounds throughout. A pale pink armchair, soft pink pillow, multicolored (including pink) patterns in the woven rug, and even a slim pink flamingo to round things all – all of these together bring the fresh pink feeling into this living room without being totally obvious.{found on taylorandtaylor}.