Perforated Staircase Designs With Enchanting Features

A staircase is a lot more than just a functional design element. Most often than not it inevitably becomes a focal point for the spaces that they’re a part of. A beautiful design can definitely take advantage of that and one particularly great idea is to go with a perforated design. There are definitely tons of different variations and styles that can serve as a source of inspiration and we happen to have a few in mind. Check them out below.

White staricase with perforated patternView in gallery

This gorgeous staircase designed by studio Maxwan looks really elegant and stylish. That’s in part due to the perforated railing which has a lovely lace-like appearance. The white color suits it and the wooden surfaces are the perfect accents. Furthermore, spiral staircases in general are very graceful.

Spiral steel staircase with a perforated patternView in gallery

As mentioned before, spiral staircases look really stylish and graceful and these are characteristics which they keep regardless of the material that they’re made of or the colors used. As you can see here in this design by Charis Gkikas & Evaggelia Filtsou, a dark color scheme looks very elegant.

Modern industrial perforated steel staircaseView in gallery

A perforated staircase design can also look beautiful when straight lines and angles are involved. In this design created by NatureHumaine you can see how sleek the entire space looks. The stairs and the entire unit which they’re a part of are made of wood so the metal railings and perforated mesh panels contrast with everything else around them. The combination however is looking great.

Industrial perforated spiral staircase wallView in gallery

This amazing staircase is definitely the centerpiece of this entire living space. The best feature is definitely the perforated shell which at night projects a pattern onto the floor and the adjacent wall. This is part of a project completed by studio ALTUS Architecture + Design.

Space saving staircase with perforated wallView in gallery

A similar effect can also be noticed here. In this modern home designed by studio POST Architecture the staircase runs along one of the walls in a straight line. It has a white perforated screen which doubles as a guardrail and then continues upstairs. The light passes through the screen and a grid pattern is projected onto the wall. It’s a really cool and unusual way to add depth and character to an otherwise very simple design.

Retail perforated spiral staircaseView in gallery

A stylish spiral staircase is not exactly something you’d expect to see in a pharmacy and yet here it is. This is the interior of the Molecule Pharmacy from Taiwan created by studio Waterfrom Design. It has a curvy copper structure and there are tons of little triangular holes laser cut into the railing. This scatters the light and creates a gorgeous shadow effect. At the same time, the design of the staircase is reminiscent of DNA spirals which makes perfect sense in this case.

Retail gold perforated staircase with a motif patternView in gallery

This golden staircase inside the Saint-Nazaire Theatre from France looks absolutely majestic. The perforated screens that frame the entire structure are a true work of art, as it would be fitting for a space such as this one. To top it all off, the choice of colors is exquisite. This is a design by studio K-architectures.

Steel floating perforated stairsView in gallery

This staircase definitely has a strong industrial vibe to it. It’s entirely made out of metal and the weathered finish is a gorgeous little detail which adds a lot of character to the design. The perforated steel panels used for the stairs as well as the side sections feature lots of perforated circular holes which create a repetitive pattern. They let light pass through, creating cool shadow effects on the surrounding surfaces. This was part of a project completed by nabil gholam architects.

Large spiral perforated designView in gallery

This is part of a modern office space which Sanjay Puri Architects designed in Mumbai, India. They chose to add interest and character to the space by including a series of perforated surfaces into the design. This staircase is one of them. The perforations definitely help it stand out but to be fair the grand proportions and overall design are impressive on their own.

Perforated wall and ceilign for stairsView in gallery

We also absolutely love the wooden staircase which Solomon Cordwell Buenz (SCB) designed for a project completed in 2017 in Chicago. Their task was to redesign three floors inside an office building and what a wonderful job they did. They created this very open and welcoming interior and used a combination of different textures and finishes to create a sophisticated and at the same time inviting atmosphere. Lots perforated mesh panels were used here to cover up the walls and were also included into the design of the staircase.

Peters house black modern industrial staisView in gallery

Next we get to have a look at this beautiful corner inside the private residence which Studio David Thulstrup designed for renowned Danish photographer Peter Krasilnikoff. While the theatrical curtains definitely stand out, so does the staircase which is framed by perforated panels made of blackened steel. It’s one of the design details which were inspired by the look of old warehouses and factories, an unusual strategy which somehow makes sense here.

Corten steel industrial staircaseView in gallery

Weathered steel is quite popular at the moment, being very appreciated for its industrial flair and unique patina. That looks amazing here in combination with the perforated staircase design which tones down the ruggedness of the steel. This is found inside a university building that studio Gensler designed in Kansas.