12 Dressing Up For Dinner With A Pedestal Dining Table

One of the best things to experience at the end of the day is an enjoyable dinner. Be it alone, next to your spouse, or together with a larger family, the dinner table is a place that makes memories because it’s one of the places where you get not only to fuel up with nutritious energy but also to have a chit-chat of some quiet time.

Pedestal Dining Table

Today, we’re going to explore the world of pedestal dining tables, one of the many available styles for this particular type of furniture.

What It Is Pedestal dining table

A pedestal dining table is typically recognized due to its round shape which is supported by a single wooden leg that connects to the tabletop at the middle. However, it is not uncommon to find square, oval, or somewhat rectangular pedestal dining tables as well. These tables are mostly designed for families of maximum four people (more people could fit but four can actually fit comfortably around it).

Pedestal dining tables are chosen because of their stylish design, with some fancier models having two legs for support instead of the single-center beam that’s common to this type of table design (this type is often referred to as double pedestal dining table). Another thing that makes a pedestal dining table so desirable in terms of aesthetics is the fact that they have a symmetrical shape which makes them very stylish. They don’t occupy a lot of space which makes them very practical.

Benefits of Pedestal Dining Table

With a clearer overview of what a pedestal dining table is, let’s examine some of the reasons why someone would want to own one of these:

  • Because it’s designed to have a supporting middle leg and no legs in the corners, it is automatically more comfortable to use because of the added room underneath it. The design provides people with plenty of additional leg space. The fact that the corners are free can also allow you to place more people around the table, giving you more room for chairs around it.
  • Second, if the pedestal table has specific design characteristics, it’s available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Make no mistake, you can actually find large pedestal tables that can fit even six chairs around them and the design doesn’t compromise the balance of the table at all. It is often believed that four corner legs offer more support and stability for a dining table, but pedestal ones stand as a good example to show you that’s now always the case.
  • The design of a pedestal dining table also makes gathering around for the last meal of the day more personal. You can clearly see everyone who is around the table and have more personal conversations, taking bounding over a good meal to the next level.

12 Amazing Pedestal Dining Table Ideas

Oneill Solid Wood Dining Table

Seibel Dining Table

The Oneill is a fine example of what a good round pedestal dining table should look like. Made form solid wood and having a seating capacity of four people, this dining table is just the right furniture piece to get all the family together. It is available in a wide variety of finishes, with shades that vary from gray, brown, and black color pallets. It measures 42” L x 42” W x 30” H overall, with the height of the legs alone being 23”.

Felix Counter Height Dining Table

Seibel Dining Table

Another fine pedestal dining table is the Felix, a square-shaped table with a rather outstanding personality. It is made from a combination of solid and manufactured wood brought together to form a 40.25” L x 40.25” W x 36” H table. It is available in a beautiful brown cherry tone that matches plenty of existing types of furniture and other décor elements, as it is one of the most common furniture finishes out there. It has a seating capacity of four people and fixed table mechanism. Because there are nailhead accents on the side corners of the table, it can fit into plenty of industrial settings as well.

Sloane Solid Wood Dining Table

Seibel Dining Table


With a very vintage appeal to it, the Sloane round pedestal dining table is the kind of bistro furniture that brings a romantic vibe to your home. It is made from solid wood and designed to offer sufficient space for two people, so it’s not the best choice for those who have large families. The distresses wood grain gives it a very beautiful look but keep in mind that you will notice natural wood grain color variation (which is nice because it makes every piece look unique). Overall, the table measures 30” L x 30” W x 30” H and has a total weight of 42 pounds.

Pascarella Poplar Solid Wood Dining Table

Seibel Dining Table


The Pascarella pedestal dining table is a USA-made product which may appear to have a trivial design, but that doesn’t make it any less of a viable candidate to being one of the best products of its kind.  There are four different tones to choose from, such as walnut, gray, cognac, or cement, each of these four being just as beautiful as the others. According to the manufacturer, each tabletop is made using 1.75” planks cut with the help of CNC equipment. The rest of the process involves grooving and tonguing manually. The result is a beautiful table available in two sizes: 30″ H x 60″ L x 60″ W (which is designed for up to six people) and 30″ H x 72″ L x 72″ W (designed for up to eight people).

Brass pedestal

Seibel Dining Table


The Whisler dining table is the kind of furniture that you’d expect to see on the patio because of its rather different support. It very much resembles outdoor wicker furniture and has a retro flair to it. It has a metal base and it’s made with solid wire frame, which makes it a lot more resistant compared to the aforementioned wicker furniture. Thanks to its oval shape, it can fit more people around it compared to a simple round pedestal table (it has a capacity of six people). Available in a beautiful gold finish, this table measures 70” L x 38.25” W x 30” H overall.

Hermitage Solid Wood Dining Table

Seibel Dining Table

The Hermitage table stands as a perfect example of how rugged and stable this particular type of furniture piece can be. The pedestal base is a real eye-catcher here, as it has carved details and lines that make it almost look like a sculpture rather than a table leg. The interesting thing here is the difference of wood finishes, with a darker brown for the base and a lighter oak shade for the tabletop. This fixed table has a seating capacity of four people and measures 45” L x 45” W x 30” H overall.    

Baypoint Dining Table

Seibel Dining Table

The Baypoint dining table stands out amongst its peers because it blends a rugged design with the elegance that beautifully-sculpted pedestal tables have to offer. Right at the border between tradition and contemporary, this table stands out thanks to its pedestal birdcage-style base, with multiple arms that are spread out to meet the bottom of the oval tabletop. The espresso finish brings out the unique veneer pattern, making this a true queen amongst dining tables. It is a leaf-style dining table, which means it can be expanded to fit up to six people (when collapsed, its capacity is up to four people). It measures 60” W x 30” H overall and it’s made with solid and manufactured wood.

Doylan Rubberwood Solid Wood Dining Table

Seibel Dining Table

Sometimes, simplicity is the most elegant thing you can come across, just like the Doylan pedestal dining table. If you were asked to envision what a basic and beautiful wooden pedestal table would look like, most of you would think of something very similar to the Doylan, at least in terms of design. It is a table made from solid wood, with a round tabletop and a center wooden leg that splits in four legs as it reaches the ground. It is available in a wide variety of finishes (making it easier for you to find one that matches your existing furniture), such as cinnamon, white, pecan, or hickory. There are two table sizes to choose from: 30” L x 30” W (designed for two people) and 36” L x 36” W (designed for four people).


Seibel Dining Table


The Carolina is the king of pedestal dining table that manages to combine modern and traditional elements to create a very chic and unconventional piece of furniture. It has a transparent glass tabletop that reveals the unique design of the legs. The base is made from walnut-finish rubber wood and dispersed in an angular fashion to make it look like it offers a complex type of support. The mid-century design of the table makes it suitable for a wide variety of interior design elements, being a good addition to modern and rustic homes alike. Overall, this round pedestal dining table measures 54” L x 54” W x 28.5” H.

Laurist Solid Wood Dining Table

Seibel Dining Table

Remember how we said at the beginning of the article that pedestal tables are designed with a centered support leg instead of four corner ones but that there are also exceptions to this rule, especially in more modern designs? The Laurist is one of those exceptions, as the center leg is more of a conglomerate of four legs meeting in the middle of the tabletop, offering an exceptional design. Made from solid wood and veneer, this table is designed for up to four chairs and has a round tabletop. It measures 54” L x 54” W x 30” H and is available in a natural and a dark brown shade.

Westrick Dining Table

Seibel Dining Table

If you want an eye-catching dining table with a rather unique design and curves that are about as attractive as you can see on a table, then you have to take a look at the design of the Westrick. This rectangular dining table rests on top of a stainless steel base with a center support leg that’s curves and beautifully design, turning the table into a regular sculpture. In fact, this is the kind of pedestal you’d expect to see in a museum, which makes it more elegant compared to what we’re used to seeing in terms of pedestal dining tables. The entire table sports a combination of gray and white and has a seating capacity of six people. It measures 62.99” L x 35.43” W x 29.92” H and is designed with a marble tabletop and a faux marble base.

Seibel Dining Table

Seibel Dining Table

Not that we like to play favorites but this table is an absolute masterpiece in terms of aesthetics. It is the kind of luxurious table that shows attention to details and an outstanding design to catch the eyes of everyone stepping into the room. The metal base is surrounded by glass panels that form blocks around it, protecting it and offering one of the most stylish looks you’ll ever see in a round pedestal dining table. The glass tabletop is the piece of resistance, with a 10 mm thickness and offering a beautiful reflection of whatever china and silverware is placed on top. It’s made from tempered glass, so you don’t have to worry about sharp glass shards in case of an incident. Overall, the table measures 50” L x 50” W x 30.75” H.


Pedestal dining tables will always bring out certain uniqueness into the room. While they are reminiscent of traditional furniture, the modern design elements that manufacturers have successfully integrated into these tables over the past decades have brought these tables back into the spotlight. Regardless of your current room setup, it is not difficult to find a pedestal dining table that matches your need, where you are a lone eater or have a larger family that gathers around for the last meal of the day.