Peacock Storage Box from 3 Sprouts

Children are small human beings, but they have lots and lots of things, especially toys and clothes and their toys seem to invade the whole house. They play with the toys all the time and do not put them back, as they are small and you must do this for them. That is why, if you want to make a compromise and try to keep your house clean and keep the kids’ toys in a place where they can have easy access, the best thing to do is purchase some very large storage boxes. For example this Peacock Storage Box from 3 Sprouts is the perfect example of what a storage box should be.

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This storage box is made of polyester, so it can be easily cleaned, even in the washing machine. It has stiff edges because there are some cardboard squares on the sides. So it is able to stand and house all the toys and other things you want to store there. The square  shape of the sides make the box a perfect cube and this way easy to store in closets or on shelves. You can have it now for $27.99.