Odell Tufted Ottoman

When your family grows with your first child, you realize you have more and more celebrations in your family. This can only make me happy, as these celebrations are the perfect opportunity for all the family members to gather and enjoy some time, to joke and feel fine and update with the latest events. Well, this is when I realize I don’t have enough chairs in my house. But, even if I am a welcoming person, I still can’t have twenty chairs inside, so I improvise and the first thing I bring is the sofa and the ottomans. These ottomans are very useful, as they are perfect for both adults and children and can be easily moved.

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This Odell Tufted Ottoman is perfect, as it looks great, all upholstered in tangerine cotton and drawing your attention. It is very comfortable and is supported by four sturdy legs that are short and made of birch, with a dark finish. The cotton fabric used for the upholstery is very good for children , too, as it is less likely to cause irritations and is the most recommended in hot summer days, as it absorbs water and does not stick to your skin. The comfortable seating is completed by the richly stuffed cushion that also gives it a nice look. The item can be purchased for $149.