Fur Furniture Adds Glamour To Any Room

If there’s one material that conveys luxury in home accessories, it’s fur. Whether you prefer faux or real is up to you but either way, you can add a touch of luxury and extravagance with just one or two pieces of furry home accessories or furniture. Fur is quite popular right now just a for a touch of sumptuousness.

A living room setting from AB Home demonstrates how a fur-covered bench and pillow in the same white as the upholstered furniture add elegance to the setting. The plush surface is very inviting.

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Lucite and fur are a match made in heaven and these stools from Codarus are a perfect pairing. Both lucite, and the metal and glass used in the table, can sometimes have a cold vibe, but the fur tempers the sterile feel.

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Codarus’ lucite and fur bench, paired with a lucite coffee table, is another example of how fur can soften the feel of modern materials.

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On a metallic base, fur stools are plush still flashy. They are a very inviting piece of fur furniture.

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This fur-covered pouf has a completely different feel because the hair is short and treated with a metallic finish, giving it a more glitzy feel. Estetik Decor  is known for its special treatments of leather and furs, which it uses on a variety of pieces, including table tops and other fur furniture.

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Long-haired furs are perfect for pieces like ottomans, which don’t receive a lot of heavy use. They are comfortable and feel so good against your feet! This one is also from Esthetic Decor.

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To make a real statement, you can choose to have a whole set of fur furniture. This ensemble of directors chairs and stool have a shiny, gilded base and a fluffy white body. So very luxe and over the top!

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Similarly, a pair of very long-haired bar stools, framed by a modern silver structure, exude modernity and excess.

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For a more understated fur accent, a throw is always appropriate for any style of living space.

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Of course, a simple metal footstool with a persian lamb top is also a great, yet somewhat modest, fur accent piece.

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A more glamorous option is a fur-topped stool with gilded base like this one from Italy.

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This basic fur bench from HT&D is extremely versatile. It can be used as a footstool or as a bench at the dining table when needed…or to inject a bit of furry fun in your dining room.

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A longer bench is good choice when the fur has pattern. This splendid piece is from Luna Bella, which has an eclectic collection that mixes a touch of steampunk with glamour. The legs and understructure of this bench is lovely.

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The gorgeous legs on this fur stool, also from Luna Bella, are very special. From the silver ball feet, embellished metal legs, and alluring crystal sections, the entire stool speaks volumes of glamour.

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A taller, bar-stool-height version is less embellished but just as captivating.

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Nick Alain’s version of the furry stool has a similar vibe, with ornate, decorative legs. In fact, Alain used to be part of Luna Bella, which he launched back in 1995. It is a very elegant and posh piece of fur furniture.

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At the opposite end of the spectrum is this fur stool, which combines glitzy hairpin legs with a persian lamb-covered cushion.

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Roberta Schilling’s model of fur stool has a dark wood base. While it’s not glitzy, the wood adds a touch of understated sophistication. It may also be more versatile than some of the designs with metallic bases, particularly if your living space is casual.

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In a departure from most of the fur furniture pieces, which are generally done in white, this bench from Outpost Originals is done with a two-tone fur. Combined with the sheet metal sides, the piece is more casual than the majority of fur covered home furnishings.

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Poufs are a great item to have covered in fur. These designs from Peninsula Home are definitely the right choice for injecting a little luxury into casual space like a family room.

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While smaller pieces of fur furniture may be more common, you can also choose larger furry furnishings like chairs. This gold armchair from TOF Furniture is a real winner. The pouffy fur is like a siren call, luring you to plop down into its softness.

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If that’s too much fur for you, perhaps a seat cover would be just enough for your taste.

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Perhaps you want a more casual look overall. In that case, a  dining chair like this one from Urbia has a shorter, more tousled nap, that conveys a definitely laid-back vibe.

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That said, shorter fur doesn’t have to be completely casual. A short fur-topped bench from Uttermost sits on a base made of matte metallic rings. The understated metal keeps the piece from feeling too glitzy.

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Uttermost’s exotic fur bench is understated in design, allowing the exceptional qualities of the fur to shine.

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If you like the puffiness of fur, but are not fond of it — faux or real — there are modern approximations that might appeal to you. This bench, available at Finch in Hudson New York, is upholstered with a textile that has been cut into fringe to evoke fur.

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Of course, you can always go the route of many people who want to try some fur out in their homes: Choose some furry throw pillows that can add some glitz to your sofa, chair or bed.

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Whether you want to go all in and invest in a set of fur furniture, or if you just want to add some occasional pieces to your space, there are plenty of options. Fur furniture and accessories are an easy way to add a bit of luxury to any space.