Christmas Stocking Holder For Your Holiday Mantel

This Christmas stocking holder is sure to make your home merrier for the holidays! I’m a sucker for white and gold when it comes to holiday decor. I wanted to make a stocking holder that would go with my other white and gold decor and to make it a little more festive I decided to add a cute Christmasy phrase to it.

Christmas Stocking Holder

You, of course, can paint your Christmas stocking holder any colors you like. You can also easily customize the phrase with your own. I think it would be cute to have one for each family member with their name on it. Just a thought!

Merry Stocking Holder for your Holiday Mantel
Merry Stocking Holder for your Holiday Mantel

Materials you’ll need for Christmas Stocking Holder:

  • Plaster
  • Silicone letter mold
  • Plastic cup or bowl
  • Plastic spoon
  • Water
  • Plain stocking holder base
  • Paint
  • Elmer’s glue

How To make this Christmas stocking holder:

Step 1: Mixing

You will need to start by mixing up your plaster with water. To do this, scoop out about 1/2 a cup or so of plaster and put it into your plastic cup/bowl. Next, pour a little bit of water into the bowl and stir it in. Add more water as needed to make it the right consistency, you want it to be sort of like a thick batter: not too runny and not too solid.

Merry Stocking Holder for your Holiday Mantel

Step 2: Letter molds

Quickly pour your plaster mixture into your letter molds. Be sure to fill the mold to the top and wipe away any overflow/spills. Let set for an hour.

Merry Stocking Holder for your Holiday Mantel

Step 3: Repeating Process

Repeat steps 1-2 as needed for the amount of letters you have.

Step 4: Painting

While your letters are hardening you can go ahead and paint your base. I bought mine off of Amazon and it was black so I painted it solid gold, but feel free to paint it any color you want or leave it unpainted. Let dry and apply another coat if needed (mine required 2 coats).

Merry Stocking Holder for your Holiday Mantel

Step 5: Top painting

Once your letters are set you can go ahead and paint the tops of them. Again, I used gold for this. I painted a diagonal across the middle of the letter and then filled in from there to the top in gold. Let dry.

Merry Stocking Holder for your Holiday Mantel

Step 6: Glue process

Once your base and letters are both completely dry you can go ahead and glue down your letters. I dabbed a large amount of glue onto the bottom of of each of the letters and firmly pressed them onto the base. For the M and the Y I also put glue onto the sides touching the other letters to help secure those letters as they were partially coming off the base. Let dry completely before use.

Now it’s time to hang up your stockings!