A World Of Modern Lounge Chairs In Images

Everyone has an idea of what a lounge chair is and what it’s supposed to look like but few are familiar with the evolution of this piece of furniture and its history. But before we get into such details, we should first review the defining characteristics of the lounge chair. This furniture piece could accurately be described as an armchair or an armless recliner. It’s usually upholstered and it’s also designed to be comfortable and ideal for relaxing.

The first lounge chair is dated to 1928 and was designed in Hungary by Marcel Breuer. Later that year, Le Corbusier also started producing similar lounge chairs. In 1956 Charles and Ray Eames changed our perception of lounge chairs, introducing a series of high-end designs that combined luxury with comfort.

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The first lounge chairs featured frames made of metal and they had leather upholstery. Their chrome-plated tubular steel structures were a defining characteristic of this furniture piece and this image inspired some really chic variations such as this modern piece which has a rocking base.

Bnech lounge chair

Lots of variations of the original lounge chair were created over the years. They’re the adaptation of the original design after being exposed to new cultures and specific criteria and artistic influences.

Steel frame lounge chair

The chaise lounge is often considered to be a part of the lounge chair family and the differences between the terms are either overlooked or considered inexistent.

Wood Lounge Chair Design

Although lounge chairs are usually upholstered, that’s not always the case. However, you can always add a mattress or a fluffy blanket on the wooden seat to make it more comfortable.

Leolux lounge chair

Like we already mentioned, the initial design of the lounge chair suffered transformations and lots of different variations were created. For instance, some lounge chairs put a lot of emphasis on looks and features unusual and intriguing forms.

Round lounge chair setting

One such unusual variations is the lounge chair that’s pretty close in design to the loveseat. This one, for instance, is quite the controversial piece. Its role is a bit unclear given the shape, size and the other design characteristics.

Outdoor Lounge Chair Beds

Lounge chairs are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and some designs are actually very versatile this way. However, there are usually differences between the two types, mostly in terms of materials and finishes.

Indoor Leather straps Hammack

Considering that lounge chairs are first of all meant to be comfortable, it seems quite natural to associate it with things like a hammock. That’s exactly the concept behind this unusual design. The lounge chair has a curved frame which holds a hammock-like seat.

Countemporary Lounge Chair

Other designs are more focused on simplicity and elegance. Check out this sleek lounge chair. It has a flat and rectangular-shaped chromed base and an angled seat and the two parts are only connected in one point, thus making it seem as if the chair is floating.

Natural Materials Lounge Chair

Designs such as this one, on the other hand, are meant to look casual and to be easy to move around. This is the type of lounge chair that would look just as beautiful indoors as it would out on a deck or on a modern poolside terrace.

Lounge chair with a metallic base

This is a lounge chair that helps us better picture the design of the first such furniture pieces, those that has metal frames and upholstered surfaces and that were robust and yet sleek and elegant.

Uhuru lounge

There’s no unique set of characteristics for a modern lounge chair. It can either look futuristic or it can have a very simple and basic designs that makes use of reclaimed wood and other similar materials.

Carpenters Workshop sofa

The sinuous lines and delicate forms of this lounge chair make it stand out from other products from the same family. This is the type of accent piece that you can use in a spacious living space or out on a terrace. It can be coordinated with the ceiling, the artwork or the landscape.

tufted Lounge Chair design

We tend to think of lounge chairs as versatile and even modular furniture pieces which can be easily moved around and customized to suit each user’s preferences. However, that’s only the definition for a portion of all the available options.

Large white lounge chair

It looks a little bit like an inflatable mattress but that’s not the case with this very comfortable lounge chair. Although the upholstered seat has a robust look, the frame that supports is quite sleek and almost completely hidden. As a result, the lounge chair has this lightweight look that complements its design.

Brown leather lounge chair

The first lounge chairs were almost always covered with natural leather and they always had this elegant and sober look, a little bit like this one, although the design is obviously modern.

Large round chair

The idea of comfort is taken to a new level here. The elongated seat we’ve gotten so used to is replaced here by a round and comfy base complemented by a semi-circular backrest.

Brown velvet lounge chairs

The cushions are just as important as the frame in the case of a lounge chair, especially one that’s similar to these two. Remove those cozy cushions and you no longer have a usable piece of furniture.

Lounge chair with back

You can use a lounge chair in combination with other accent pieces such as an ottoman or footstool. The combo works when the chair has a short seat. Alternatively, a side table is always a nice match for it.

Brown leather lounge chairs design

The initial metal frame and leather upholstery combo has been modernised and is displayed here in a more simplified version. Moreover, in a lot of cases wood is preferred instead of metal.