Think Outside The Box With An Armless Sofa or Loveseat

We’ve gotten so used to the classical sofa and armchair designs that it seems odd now to look at one that lacks something like the armrests for example. But such designs exist and they can actually be pretty comfortable and quite eye-catching. An armless loveseat or sofa can be a cool focal point for a modern living room or an interesting accent piece for a bedroom. We found some intriguing examples that we’d like to share with you.

Armless Loveseat from Mambounlimitedideas

It definitely seems like this loveseat is missing something. It has an elegant wingback design and a comfortable seat but no armrests. By getting rid of this feature, the designers made the loveseat look more lightweight and less bulky without compromising on comfort or actually giving it a sleek structure. It’s a pretty clever design choice which is also featured by other furniture pieces. {found on mambounlimitedideas}.

Bocca Armless Loveseat

In the case of the Bocca sofa, a pair of armrests would actually ruin the design. This armless sofa is shaped like a pair of sensual lips and because of that there was no room for armrests. It’s the type of sofa that you expect to see displayed in a public space such as a mall or in the waiting room of a hotel. Of course, this doesn’t make it unsuitable for residential spaces. It comes it two versions and several glamorous colors.

Chair and sofa Armless

Samuel Chan is one of the designers who enjoy thinking outside the box and revisiting basic principles and ideas. It’s how this series of armless chairs and loveseats came to be. They’re a sort of hybrids between armchairs and rocking chairs but without the armrests. In a way, this simplifies the design even though the structural composition is a complex one.

Soft and welcome office armless sofa and chair

Perfect for modern offices, the Aperi collection includes a series of minimalist and armless sofas and upholstered chairs with casual, simple and at the same time sophisticated designs. They come in vibrant colors and they look very friendly and very cute and comfortable. They were paired here with a set of wire stools which double as side tables.


originals love seat

Designed by Lucian R. Ercolani,this love seat has the contemporary edge that some homes need to look and feel complete. Its design is defined by simple and smooth lines and an interesting symmetry between the structure of the backrest and the tapered legs that support the seat. This could more accurately be described as a bench since it has no armrests and its seat and backrest aren’t upholstered. The design is simple enough to let the focus fall on a different design element but also quirky enough to stand out.

Borghese Armless Loveseat

The Borghese sofa was designed in 2012 and the inspiration for its unusual structure came from nature, more exactly the stones and their beautiful organic forms. The design was also inspired by trees and the sofa features a branched frame with three cushions that serve as backrests. The design as a whole has a certain organic beauty and understated glamour that gives the sofa an edge over classical designs even though it has no armrests.

Ginger and jagger Armless Sofa

Specialized in creating handcrafted high-end contemporary products inspired by nature, Ginger and Jagger offers a range of exquisite designs including this simplistic and very comfortably-looking sofa. The fact that it has no armrests doesn’t take away its cozy character. The accent cushions provide all the extra comfort needed making the sofa a really great piece for casual living rooms.

Carol Sofa Armless Design

It’s called Carol and it’s a very chic armless sofa that fits wonderfully in small living rooms or as an accent piece in a large bedroom or home office. Its armless design allows it to be space-efficient and to compensate for this missing feature you can place it next to a side table or a cabinet. The grey and green combo is fresh and elegant, giving the sofa a casual and modern appearance.

Humpback Sofa - Armless

Technically, the Humpback sofa is not totally lacking the armrests. It features a versatile, cylindrical bolster sofa which can be used as an armrests or as a divider between the seats. The  geometric design of the sofa is simple and well-structured and the fabric and color gives out a warm and inviting feeling. The bolster cushion is optional and if you want you can have two and use them as armrests. The sofa was designed by Steuart Padwick.

Brass Legs Armless Sofa

One of the characteristics of armless sofas and chairs is the fact that they look more lightweight and sleek simply they’re lacking these elements. This design is a perfect example. Notice the slender metallic structure and the overall lines that are simple and well-structured.

Mid century style armless couch

Designs such as this one tend to be really versatile. You could call this an armless loveseat although it can also be considered a bench given its design and structure and in particular the lack of armrests. A well-placed combination of materials and textures can result in a well-balanced look and a charming design.

Wood Armless Loveseat

It’s easy to imagine this furniture piece in a variety of different settings and spaces. The design is casual and simple enough to be used on porches and decks but also sophisticated enough to look great in modern and contemporary living rooms or offices.

Grey Dark Armless Loveseat

A lot of modern sofas are meant to be as simple as possible so the lack of armrests doesn’t really look unusual. It’s just another way to simplify the design and to make it suitable for more types of spaces including family rooms, offices, waiting rooms and lots of others.

Large Sofa Armless

It may seem a bit odd to see a sectional with no armrests on either of its modules but that’s actually more common than you think. In some cases the armrests are replaced by a platform which serves as a sort of built-in side table and which can be used as a display platform for planters, decorative sculptures and other items. Peta seem to love these surfaces too as they make it their cozy seating spots when everyone gathers in the room.