Wire Furniture Accents Shape Spaces In Unexpected Ways

Lightweight, sleek and versatile, wire furniture is not for everyone and this makes it that much more interesting and special. We find it intriguing from an aesthetic point of view, enjoying its graphical charm and versatility. There are a lot of variations when it comes to wire furniture and they have to do with the function and intended purpose of the furniture piece, the materials used as well as the style.


The Afroditi Krassa series is based on the idea of lightness and includes a set of geometric pieces with clean lines and smooth angles which are meant to be functional in a modern environment. They come in a variety of colors and finishes and can be used as side tables or accent pieces for living rooms, offices and pretty much any other type of space.


Meet Leyva, a bookcase designed out of tubular iron and with a minimal and graphical structure meant to give it a lightweight and yet solid look. The bookcase can either be treated as a freestanding piece or it can be wall-mounted at any desired height. Its design is versatile and eye-catching, able to stand out in a variety of settings such as modern or industrial interiors.


Similar to the geometric side tables described at the beginning of the article, these multifunctional furniture pieces have a variety of different applications. They’re minimalistic and they resemble wire sculptures. They can be stacked or they can be nested together to save space and to create new and interesting forms. The Dexter stools or side tables come in a variety of elegant colors.


These wire chairs and several others are part of the Nolita series, a collection that includes designs which go back to the basics and revive simple forms. The inspiration for the series comes from a beautiful collection of metal garden chairs.


The chairs in this series feature low backrests and they’re all made entirely of steel, with simple and geometric patterns and designs. They’re specifically created to be used outdoors such as in gardens and on decks and they come in a wide range of colors. They can easily stacked to save space when stored.


Named the Bird Cage table, this beautiful piece of furniture manages to be really practical and functional while also looking exquisite. It’s a pretty small table, measuring 65 cm W x 65 cm D x 47 cm H. However, the dimensions allow it to be used as a coffee table as well as a side table, depending on the type of space, its function and size.


Wire furniture is mostly used outdoors, in gardens. It’s appreciated for its lightness, simplicity, low-maintenance requirements and versatility. All of these designs are offered by Bend along with several others including bar stools, chairs, tables, planters and even decorations.


This is the classical wire garden chair with a modern upgrade. The colors are vivid and the design is a combination of geometric patterns and simple lines. A design such as this one offers comfort without overpowering the surroundings or the decor.


Named simply #Sidetable, this beautiful accent piece definitely has what it needs to look quirky and elegant in a variety of different settings, from modern to vintage and industrial. It’s really inspiring to see how such a small detail like the abstract silhouette of a bird can totally change a design, making this table look like a bird cage.


Atipico offers a wide range of beautiful products, including a series of gorgeous geometric tables. They feature sleek tops with all sorts of forms and wire bases that offer them lightweight and sculptural looks. The set of nesting tables is particularly interesting, especially in the way the wire bases complement each other creating random geometric patterns.


The lightness we keep mentioning is an important characteristic of all wire furniture pieces. It’s a detail that allows them to be excellent accent pieces for small spaces. Not only do these side tables take up little floor space but they’re also visually light, impacting the decor in a subtle and beautiful way. Moreover, they can mixed and matched and combined in sets of nesting tables for a more space-efficient configuration. The designs are created by Studio EJ.


Although less common and popular than wire stools or tables, bookcases such as these ones can definitely offer an interesting focal point for spaces like living rooms or home offices. They’re stylish enough to look beautiful in modern homes and rugged enough to be used in industrial interiors.


On the other hand, few things can be more versatile than these chic things. They could be used as stools although they’d make much better side tables. We love the geometry of their designs and the fact that the colors are kept simple and neutral in order to emphasize form and pattern. A perfect combination of looks and function.