How To Melt Crayons And Make Unique And Beautiful Decorations

A while ago we came across the idea of melting crayons to decorate Halloween pumpkins and we immediately fell in love with it. There’s something very satisfying and mesmerizing about seeing the crayons melt and drip all over so we thought we’d now show you how to use this technique to create cool decorations you can display all year round. As it turns out, there are a lot of great ideas out there. You just have to know what to look for.

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Melting crayons can be super fun and you can create some pretty pieces of artwork in the process. Take a canvas or a piece of cardboard. Glue some crayons at the top and then start melting them with a blow dryer. They’ll start to drip, creating a unique and pretty pattern. You can then display the canvas on a wall in your home or office. This is such an easy project that even kids can do it. If you need more tips or details, check out stressure for the full description of the project.

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Plain white candles can look classy in certain contexts but more often than not they’re just boring. No worries though because you can jazz them up with a little bit of color and you can actually use crayons to make than happen. Combine a few crayons with some plain wax. Melt them and stir to get a uniform color. You can use a small pot or an empty can placed in simmering water. When the colored wax is ready, dip the bottom of your white candle into the wax and then let it dry. So there you have it, a simple and safe way to jazz up white candles using crayons.

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You can also make your own colored candles from scratch if you want to. Once again, the secret to getting these beautiful, bright colors featured on brit is to melt crayons. Wondering how this beautiful color block design was achieved? It’s actually easy once you understand the process. Here’s what you need for the whole project: wax, crayons, wicks, votives, popsicle sticks for stirring and a microwave oven.

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You can use crayons to color pretty much anything, even rocks. In fact, we found this really idea on notimeforflashcards that we really want to share with you. The project is simple: you select a few pretty rocks and you put them in the oven until they’re nice and hot. Then you take them out and you start painting them. The crayons will melt, creating these really cool patterns.

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You can also use crayons to decorate plain Christmas ornaments. The technique is this case is a bit different than what we showed you so far and you can learn all about it from theheatherednest. First you remove the labels from the crayons, then you use a peeler to make lots and lots of slivers, you pour some into the ornament, you can shake and mix them up and then you start melting the crayons slivers using a blow dryer.

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While browsing kimspireddiy we found out that you can put crayons in a hot glue gun and then drip them to decorate candles. It’s a very practical way of doing this which creates minimal mess. You can use this technique to decorate plain white candles and to create all sorts of colorful and eye-catching designs.

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Sea shells can look pretty but they’re generally quite boring. However, they might be meaningful in other ways so you want to display them but at the same time make them look interesting and special. You can do that by melting a few crayons and using them to color the interiors of the shells. It’s an idea which we found on artfulparent.

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Now let’s also check out the idea that inspired this article: the melted crayon pumpkin. You can find a detailed tutorial for this project on theheatherednest although not much explanation is needed. You take a pumpkin and you spray paint it white (or not, if you like its natural color), then you glue crayons onto the pumpkin, at the top. When the glue is dry, you melt the crayons with a hairdryer.

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Another cute thing you can make out of melted crayons is a pretty pencil topper. Actually you can make several in different colors. There’s a tutorial describing the whole process in detail which you can find on skiptomylou. You need crayons, molds (the ones you use when making hard candy) plastic pencil pops and an oven. Depending on what shape you choose for the toppers, you can then pick the colors you want to use.

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Instead of repurposing crayons, you can choose to reincarnate into…crayons. Well, they’d be more fun crayons with interesting shapes and mixed colors. The idea comes from sheknows and the project is very simple. You take bits of crayons and you put them in an ice cube mold. Then you put the mold in the oven for a few minutes, just until the crayons are melted. You take them out, you let them harden and then you taken the new crayons out.

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Here’s a cute project idea for the winter holidays: Christmas tree-shaped decorations made out of melted crayons. They’re really easy to make. You need a silicone mold, a bunch of crayons in different colors, an oven and a freezer. You chop the crayons into pieces and combine them to fill each mold, then you put them in the oven so the crayons melt (250 degrees for about 10 minutes), you let them cool for 20 minutes and then you put them in the freezer for another 20 minutes. You can then remove the little trees from the molds and use them. Check out this tutorial from simplynotable if you want more details.

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Someone who enjoys wrapping presents and making each one look special is always on the lookout for new and cool ideas that they can use and adapt. HEre’s a great one: use melted crayons to make unique wrapping paper. It’s quite easy. Take some brown packaging paper and place it on a flat surface, then take some bits of crayons an put them in a pile on the paper. Then use your blow dryer to melt them and let the wax run and make streams and all sorts of shapes on the paper. This cool idea comes from sisterswhat.

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Here’s another version of the melted crayon pumpkin idea we mentioned earlier. What you need for this project is a foam pumpkin, a bunch of crayons and a hot glue gun. Remove the paper wrapper from the crayons, then load then into the back of the glue fun. Rip the melted crayons onto the pumpkin. You’ll get a design similar to the one featured on practicallyfunctional.

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Decorating rocks with melted crayons is easy and pretty fun too. It’s something cool and interesting to do with those cute-looking pebbles you’ve been gathering at the beach and it can even be a project that you do with the kids. Put the rocks in the oven and then draw on them with the crayons and the tip will start to melt, allowing you to make all sorts of beautiful designs. For more inspiration head over to artfulparent.

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It can also be a cool idea to recycle crayons not just to make something beautiful out of them but also so you can continue to use them even when they’ve been broken into little bits and pieces. What we mean is you can take a bunch of crayon bits and put them into molds, melt them and then reshape them into…well…still crayons but in a different form. It’s an idea that we found on kitchentableclassroom and we think it’s fantastic.


Expanding on the previous idea, here’s another cool and inspiring project that uses crayons. We found this one on messylittlemonster and the idea here is to make your own crayon shapes. For that you can use any molds you want. These for instance are shaped like lego bricks. You just put crayons bits in each one, melt them, let them cool off and them pop them out. It’s a really fun idea for a custom gift.

Salt Dough Recipe Made with CrayonsView in gallery

The crayons in this particular case represent one of several ingredients needed in order to make play dough at home. Start with a saucepan. Pour a teaspoon of vegetable in it and then add 2 or 3 chopped crayons and let them melt. Stir and add a cup of water, then continue stirring while you’re adding a mixture made of a cup of salt and 2 cups of flour. When the dough starts to lump together take it out and let it cool, then knead it until smooth. You can find more details about this project on theottoolbox.


If you happen to have a bunch of broken crayons in all sorts of different colors, you can take all the bits, put them in a silicone tray that looks like the one featured on pre-kpages (it’s for making ice cubes for water bottles) and mix all the colors together. Then melt the bits in the microwave, let them cool then move them into the refrigerator until they’re solid. Now you have rainbow crayons!