How to Decorate Large Bathroom Spaces

You can always find tips and ideas for decorating small bathrooms and making them seem bigger but, when it comes to large bathrooms, the inspiration is a little scarce. There are, of course, many ways in which you can make a large bathroom feel welcoming and beautiful.

Feature rich bathroom remodel
Make a large bathroom feel even larger with mirrors and bright colors

Start with the basics. Take care of all the things any bathroom should include. Install the sink, the tub, the toilet and, once that’s done, take care of the little items and the accessories. Your bathroom will also need a mirror and lots of other things like the toilet paper holder, towel racks, soap dish, etc. these are accent pieces and should be chosen at the end and in concordance with the rest of the décor.

Feature rich bathroom remodel
Indulge yourself with accent features like a fireplace or a big chandelier

When you pick the color scheme, there’s more than one option. You could go with a simple and basic palette like white or gray or with something a little more vibrant like yellow, green or purple. If you want to make a large bathroom feel open and airy, pick light shades. If you want to make it feel cozy and intimate, go with darker tones.

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Get everything in pairs and make a bathroom for two

Since you have the space, you can also play with shapes, patterns and textures. A freestanding tub can be a beautiful focal point and its shape can match the washbasin. The floor can feature an interesting design like a geometric pattern and you can also mix and match these details when designing the furniture.

Feature rich bathroom remodel
Many storage options for large bathrooms

Storage shouldn’t be a problem but, even if you have a large bathroom, don’t go crazy with large closets. Try to save as much space as possible to let the room feel airy and inviting.