Box-Like Home With Narrow Windows And A Climbing Wall

With over 20 years of experience, the architects at Carney Logan Burke always manage to make each project recognizable and innovative. Over the years their design approach has evolved but has also essentially remained the same, this being the mark of a well-defined style. Each project is meant to respond to a particular set of conditions and requirements and although there are always unexpected challenges the architects manage to overcome them by adopting an open and collaborative approach and by finding inspiration in the location and the surroundings.

modern-black-cube-like-house-designView in gallery

black-cube-house-designView in gallery

The studio was founded in 1992 and has recently completely a very interesting project in Jackson, Wyoming. The client, a local, wanted the house to have a modern design and to also be a low cost project. Another desire was to achieve as little impact on the environment as possible while also making the house stand out and contrast with the existing homes in the neighborhood.

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cache-creek-residence-architecture-designView in gallery

The architects had to deal with a small footprint given by the site’s limited buildable area. But even so they managed to create a beautiful 2,300 square foot house with a really interesting design and stylish architecture. The project was named Cache Creek Residence. It has an exterior clad in corrugated metal. The material was chosen for its beautiful and unique texture, its durability but also its low cost that helped the architects stay within budget without giving up the unique style they had in mind for this project.

cache-creek-residence-architecture-climbing-wallView in gallery

cache-creek-residence-climbing-wallView in gallery

The house’s black exterior and the fact that it’s clad in metal are elements that make it stand out by contrasting with the neighboring homes. However, there are a few other unusual and unconventional features that help with that. One of the defining characteristics of this house is the climbing wall that was added to one of the side facades. It’s a fun and playful feature that also offers access to the roof. From up there the views are amazing.

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The building was designed to look like a box so it has a compact structure. The facades are pierced by long and narrow windows and a few decks and balconies. The lower level houses functions such as a big garage, the entryway, a guest bedroom and the storage and utility spaces.

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A staircase with metal railings leads upstairs where the kitchen, dining space, living area and master bedroom are situated. Numerous windows link the two floors and also offer lots of natural light, making the interior bright and fresh.

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The interior design of this house is defined by the use of bold and vivid colors. The kitchen, for instance, features a bright green tiled backsplash that outlines the shelves and counter. An open kitchen layout and a dark brown island with a light-colored and side make the transition into the living and dining zone smooth and seamless.

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The rest of the social areas have bright orange walls while the bathroom was painted a beautiful shade of turquoise. For the bedroom, the designers chose a beautiful chocolate brown that creates a warm, elegant and comfortable ambiance.

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The bedroom has access to its own open balcony from where views of the distant mountains can be admired. This room also has wider and larger windows that bring more light into the space.