Hive White Storage Unit

When I was younger I was very interested in bees and bee hives and one of the questions that haunted me for a while was why bees use a hexagon as their shape of choice for storing the honey. After I did some research in the school library I found out that this geometrical shape is the one that is able to store the most quantity of honey while covering the same area. I do not know the reason why bees chose this shape or whether they are simply brilliant or just lucky. But I do know that hexagones look great and they should be used more frequently in design. No wonder Craig Varterian used them as source of inspiration and instrument for his creation called Hive White Storage Unit.

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These beautiful shelves are shaped like bee hives and they look amazing. They are supposed to be used for storing books, magazines and other items you might want to display. The storage unit is made of composite wood and is painted in white, which gives them a nice look against any kind of wall colour. The unit is not that big, nor too small, but it is made of three inter-connected hexagons and thanks to their unique design they can also be stacked in case you want more. Each set of three shelves is available for $99.95 on CB2.