Hometown Gutters & Guards Services Review

Hometown Gutters & Guards is a home improvement company with various gutter services. Installing gutters and gutter guards protects your foundation from water damage.

Before hiring a gutter installation company, check if they’re proficient and reputable. Coverage, installation method, customer reviews, and pricing are a few top considerations before hiring a gutter company.

Hometown at a Glance

Hometown Gutters & Guards Services Review

Hometown has a team of factory-trained professionals who offer numerous guttering services. The professionals are insured and licensed. Each project meets the industry’s standards.

The team rectifies any flaws after installation at no extra cost. Hometown installs gutters, gutter guards, and downspouts. The gutters and gutter guards are ideal for areas with extreme thermal fluctuations.

Hometown Gutters & Guards Services

Hometown installs seamless gutters and micro-mesh gutter covers. All their products are good quality and backed by a warranty. You can request a free estimate for any gutter service here.

LeafBlaster Pro Installation

LeafBlaster Pro protects your gutters from leaves and dirt accumulation. The stainless steel micro mesh allows only water to pass through the gutters. Because of its trough-like front, you may use it on steep roofs without water runoffs.

With this gutter guard, you won’t have to worry about regular cleaning and unclogging your gutters. Hometown installs their gutter guards on existing gutters. The micro-mesh is compatible with shingles and metal roofs.

Its z-bend structure keeps dirt off the mesh to prevent clogging the pores. The gutter guard keeps small particles, roof grit, pine needles, and leaves off your gutters. LeafBlaster Pro has a low profile that fits most gutter types and designs.

The product prevents ice dams from building up in the winter. It also handles any amount of rainfall. During installation, Hometown’s professionals may inspect your existing gutters for signs of damage.

Gutter Installation

Hometown’s team of skilled professionals does the gutter installation and replacement. They install seamless gutters and downspouts. Their seamless aluminum and copper gutters have fewer seams and fasteners than sectional gutters.

Hometown also installs Valor gutter guards. The micro-mesh has a zinc strip to keep your gutters moss and algae-free. It comes in three sizes and handles 44 inches of rainfall per hour. Hometown’s team checks for any signs of damage on the soffit and fascia before installation.

Hometown Gutter Types

Hometown installs copper and aluminum gutters. They install custom designs for every roof. Both materials withstand harsh climates and last longer than vinyl.

You can choose between half-round and k-style gutter styles. Both have their perks and downsides. Half-round gutters require professional installation and more brackets.

K-style gutters are more common in homes with angular roofs but are challenging to clean. When choosing residential gutters, consider the roof area, pitch, and installation costs.

Seamless Aluminum Gutters

Seamless Aluminum gutters are extruded on-site to the roof’s linear feet. They last for 20+ years and can be repainted. Aluminum is sturdy and rust and corrosion resistant. Seamless aluminum gutters are more expensive than their sectional counterparts. Nonetheless, seamless designs last longer.

Copper Gutters & Downspouts

Copper gutters last longer than steel, aluminum, and vinyl gutters. Their average lifespan is 50- 100 years. Copper gutters and downspouts form a patina over time, giving them a retro look.

The patina adds a layer of protection to prevent mold and mildew growth. Installing copper gutters from Hometown helps minimize the overall maintenance. They’re not common in households since they attract high installation costs.

Hometown Review: Pricing

Homeowners get a free estimate after one of Hometown’s representatives conducts an in-home inspection. Hometown offers competitive pricing compared to other gutter installation companies.

The downside is homeowners can’t get a transparent quote before an in-home inspection. Nonetheless, the company involves the clients all through the project. After accepting the quotation, you schedule a day for installation.

Hometown Review: Customer Support

You can contact Hometown at (571) 320-1010. The company offers services around Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia. It’s worth noting that Hometown only installs new gutter and gutter guard systems. They don’t do repairs on existing systems.

Hometown’s Guarantee

Hometown guarantees that the LeafBlaster Pro gutter guard eliminates rot, mold, and mildew problems. There is a 40-year warranty on the LeafBlaster Pro gutter guard materials. The stainless steel gutters are rust-free and resist warping in hot climates.

Valor gutter guards are backed with a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty is transferable to a new homeowner should you sell your house.

Hometown Review: Our Take

With 30+ years in the industry, Hometown uses the best technology and installation technique for gutters and gutter guards. The company also does roof replacements using GAF and CertainTeed shingles. Its stainless steel gutter guard technology resists warping and rusting.

Despite not being the original manufacturer, the company offers a lifetime performance warranty on products. The installation team offers to service the gutters in case of malfunctions. Hometown offers competitive pricing. There’s legroom for negotiation after an in-home inspection.