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Raptor Gutter Guard Review

Installing Raptor gutter guards helps prevent clogging. Excess debris buildup leads to the malfunctioning of the gutter system. Using a gutter guard system eliminates leaves, decomposing twigs, seeds, and other debris.

Failing to clean your gutters may cause leaks and water damage to your home’s foundation. The Raptor Gutter Guard is a sturdy gutter system that reduces maintenance costs.

Raptor Gutter Guards at a Glance

Raptor Gutter Guard Review

Founded in 2000, the home improvement brand sells one of the most efficient gutter guards. The Raptor Gutter Guard is handy for DIY installation. It comes as a kit with self-tapping screws, a magnetic hex head, and a gutter guard.

Raptor gutter guards use a micro-mesh to protect your gutters from debris build-up. The tiny pores will only let water into the gutter system, keeping out leaves, pine needles, and pests.

Raptor Gutter Guard Pros & Cons


  • Lasting, reliable build: Raptor gutter guards consist of a 304 stainless steel micro-mesh with an aluminum frame. The materials are resistant to corrosion and rust, contributing to their longevity. Unlike PVC gutter covers, these materials do not warp or crack in hot climates.
  • DIY-friendly: Raptor micro-mesh is easy to install for homeowners. The kit has an instruction manual to guide you through the process. It also comes with fasteners and other tools for installation.
  • Fits any gutter-roof scenario: You can bend the Raptor micro-mesh to fit into a 5-inch or smaller gutter size. It screws onto the front gutter lip of traditional and k-style gutters. It’s suitable for flat and pitch roofs.
  • Does not void roof warranty: Installing the Raptor gutter guards on shingle or metal roofs does not void the warranty. Since the gutter guards slide under the roof, you don’t need to lift shingles for installation. They attach to the gutters and are non-invasive to your roof.


  • Raptor gutter guards align with the gutter lip. When dirt falls over the gutter guard, it stains the gutter face. The gutters eventually develop a tiger striping. Adding a drip edge to the lip of your gutters helps keep debris off the gutter face.

Raptor Gutter Guard™: How It Works

  • V-Bend Technology: The V-Bend technology boosts the filtration of the Raptor gutter guards. It also adds rigidity to the mesh to withstand the weight of leaves and debris.
  • Extruded Design: Extruded aluminum rails surround the micro-mesh. They hold the mesh in place. Extruded aluminum is lightweight and easy to work with during installation. You can remove the gutter guard for easy access during gutter cleaning.
  • Advanced Trough Technology: The trough technology in Raptor gutter guards helps prevent water runoffs. The design comes in handy during heavy rains. It ensures that water gets into the gutters without overflowing.

Ease of Installation

Raptor gutter guards come in manageable 4-foot lengths. The package includes a set of self-tapping screws and a driver bit for drilling. Using the instruction manual, you can gather the tools you’ll need for the installation. You will need a ladder, a drill, a pair of tin snips, and a hacksaw for cutting the gutter guards.

Since the mesh is rigid for durability, cutting through the material will take time and effort. You can choose between two installation methods. One method involves sliding the gutter guards under the shingles. Alternatively, you can bend the mesh and mount it to the drip edge or fascia board.

The self-tapping screws attach Raptor gutter guards to the gutters. You can bend the mesh to create end caps and corners. Before installation, clean out your gutters and make repairs, if any.

Pricing & Warranty

Raptor Gutter Guard Kit costs between $125 and $150 on Amazon. A standard kit contains 12 pieces of 4-foot length. The gutter guards have a 25-year warranty against any manufacturing defects. In coastal regions, the warranty applies for five years. The warranty does not cover installation or defects resulting from natural calamities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What gutter guard size will fit my gutter?

Raptor gutter guards are available in standard and super sizes. The standard size fits gutters between 2 and 5 inches. The supersize is suitable for 6 or 7-inch gutters. Measure the diameter of your gutters to determine the size of gutter guards you need.

Do Raptor gutter guards need maintenance?

Yes. Using a gutter brush and extension pole, you can brush off the dirt from the gutter guards. The company sells a gutter guard brush for cleaning the micro-mesh. Inspect your gutter guards often to ensure they are in good shape.

Will mold grow on the micro-mesh screen?

Moss grows on all surfaces except copper and zinc. Annual cleaning and maintenance are necessary to prevent mold and mildew growth. Use a mold control spray or cleaner to eliminate mold in your gutters.

How can I know if my gutter guard setup is too flat or steep?

Measure the pitch or slope of your roof. Install the gutter guards at a positive slope between 5 and 25 degrees. For steep roofs, install the gutter guards at a pitch of 5-10 degrees.

Raptor Gutter Guard: Our Take

Raptor gutter guards are ideal for DIY installations. The instructions manual includes all the installation details. They also give several installation options to suit different roof and gutter styles.

Although the trough technology helps with runoffs, it holds debris. You need to brush the dirt off the gutter guards. Like all other gutter guards, Raptor gutter guards need cleaning and maintenance.