HomeCraft Gutter Protection Review

HomeCraft is a gutter and gutter guard installation company. Gutter guards protect your gutter system from clogging. Leaves, weak tree twigs, and debris build up in the gutters over time.

When choosing a gutter installation company, there are a few things to check. Homeowners want to know the right gutter guards to install. They also compare prices to tell whether the pricing is competitive. Finding more about a brand’s reputation also guarantees an up-to-par customer experience.

HomeCraft Gutter Protection: An Overview

HomeCraft Gutter Protection Review

HomeCraft installs micro-mesh gutter guards on k-style and half-round gutters. The gutter guards filter small and big particles, forming an anti-clog system. The company installs the micro-mesh on existing gutters. It also replaces gutters that are beyond repair.

HomeCraft sells gutter covers of various sizes. Gutter covers protect your gutters from sagging. They save you money on gutter cleaning and repairs. The debris falls off the screen, making it easy to clean the gutters. The gutter guards also prevent insects and pests from entering your gutter system.

HomeCraft Gutter Guard Pros & Cons


  • Free Estimates: HomeCraft avails price estimates after an in-home inspection. The company’s representatives give estimates for all services they render to customers.

They include gutter cleaning and installation of gutters and gutter guards. Homeowners can get the estimate by filling out their details on the website.

  • Compatible with most roofs: HomeCraft’s gutter screens are easy to install. They fit on metal roofs and asphalt shingles. Homeowners can install them on an existing gutter system.

The micro-mesh does not have any substructures underneath. It makes the work easier when bending it to fit any roof-gutter scenario.

  • Lifetime Transferable Warranty: HomeCraft guarantees their products with a lifetime warranty. The warranty is transferable to a new homeowner if you sell your house. It protects homeowners against problems resulting from a manufacturer’s defect.

You could increase your home’s resale value by installing HomeCraft’s products. The warranty covers both the gutter guards and installation. In case of a malfunction, a technician from HomeCraft will fix it at no extra cost.


  • Limited Coverage: HomeCraft has locations in 10 states only. You can access the services in Alabama, Florida, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, Carolina, Texas, and Wisconsin.

HomeCraft Gutter Guard

HomeCraft gutter protection is a micro-mesh screen that filters dirt from your roof. The micro-mesh consists of 304 marine-grade steel. It keeps leaves, twigs, pine needles, and shingle grit from penetrating your gutters. The screen is lightweight to keep the gutters from sagging.

Powder Coated Aluminum Frame

A powder-coated aluminum frame surrounds the micro-mesh. Its single structure bends to fit in all gutters. The powder coating makes the gutter guard resistant to corrosion and damage. With proper maintenance, its longevity spans up to 20 years.

Raised Screen Technology

HomeCraft’s gutter guard uses a raised screen technology. The diamond-raised technology enhances water flow while filtering dirt from the pores.

The pores handle up to 150 inches of water per hour. Their capacity exceeds the highest recorded rainfall of 12 inches an hour. Raised-screen technology is handy for homes that need high-capacity gutters.

Reinforced Hidden Hangers

The gutter guard attaches to the fascia board using hidden metal hangers. Since they don’t add any excess weight to your gutters, they do not pull away from the roof. The installers also use screws to attach the gutter guards. Using screws to reinforce the hangers helps withstand strong winds and storms.


HomeCraft’s Installation Criteria

HomeCraft gutter guards need professional installation. Most professionals use a non-invasive method to attach the micro-mesh to the roof. It keeps your roof warranty valid. Here’s how HomeCraft installs your gutters:

  • Home inspection and quote: A HomeCraft representative checks the size and condition of your gutters. If your gutters are in bad shape, you can request a gutter installation estimate. The representative provides a free estimate after the inspection.
  • Installation process: The installation team cleans out the gutters and takes out existing gutter guards, if any. They also do minor repairs on the gutter system. If the gutters are too damaged, you will have to replace them. The installation takes one day or less depending on the length of your gutters.
  • Protection warranty: HomeCraft provides customer support after installing their gutter guards. With the one year labor warranty, clients can have any gutter guard problems fixed at no extra fee.

HomeCraft Review: Pricing

HomeCraft does not include pricing information for their services. Homeowners have to schedule an inspection to get a price estimate. Getting a free estimate helps you compare prices from different installation companies.

The prices may vary depending on the type of gutter guards. Micro-mesh screens are one of the best gutter protection systems available. You also need to consider the linear footage of your gutters, the height of your house, labor costs, and whether you need a new gutter installation.

Customer Support

The customer support section lets clients submit inquiries concerning the gutter guards. You can also talk to an agent via 855-275-1170. The company has a B rating on BBB. The business has a quick response rate for any complaints online.

HomeCraft Review: Our Take

HomeCraft gutter protection is a well-designed system. It incorporates the Raised Screen Technology, which helps maintain a clog-free gutter system.

Unlike standard screens, pine needles and shingle grit don’t stick on HomeCraft gutter guards. Professional installation guarantees an error free system. You can request a free price estimate valid for one year.