How Black Marble Can Make Your Home More Glamorous

Marble is a glamorous and pretty sophisticated material in general and these characteristics are only enhanced by a color such as black. Those natural and unique veins stand out more on a dark background and the marble surface becomes an important décor element thanks to this particular color. So where and how would you use black marble in your home décor?

kitchenette with a black marble backsplash

One of the most obvious places to start with is the kitchenette. In here, a black marble backsplash would definitely look elegant and would add a dramatic and glamorous feel throughout. It works well in both modern and traditional kitchens.{found on rikkisnyder}.

Bertoia stools and black marble for a contemporary kitchen

Put some white open shelves on the black marble backsplash wall to emphasize the crisp contrast. The delicate veins on the marble will make the transition smooth and chic. You can also play with this color combination in a variety of other ways.

Black marble kitchen island decorated with fresh fruits

Another option can be a black marble kitchen island. It can be the centerpiece of the whole kitchen but it can also coordinate with other elements such as the countertops or the backsplash. Try not to exaggerate when using black. Add some light touches as well.{found on turncollaborative}.

Modern open space kitchen featuring black marble and wood

Marble can be used in combination with other materials such as wood for example. They can complement each other to create a modern and chic kitchen island that will stand out regardless of the style and the surrounding décor.{found on dmaxphotography}.

Kitchen black splash accent with black marble

The marble backsplash is a lovely backdrop for the dining table. Although the space is small, this element makes the whole composition look like a stylish and well-balanced whole.{found on alexmaguirephotography}.

Traditional white kitchen with marble black countertop

There’s really no style restriction when it comes to marble. It’s a timeless and always beautiful material. It integrates well in traditional kitchens where it’s most often used as a countertop but it has an equally great impact on more modern settings.{found on weaverco}.

Gold accents on a black featured kitchen

Speaking of which, it’s impossible not to appreciate the elegance of this midcentury-modern kitchen. It has a little bit of everything: the right amount of color, texture, pattern and glamorous materials.{found on caitlinandcaitlin}.

Kitchen island that floating and marble backsplash

In contemporary kitchens, black marble looks best when used on backsplashes. Most often, this becomes a focal point for the kitchen by contrasting with the cabinetry and the flooring.

Matching the backsplash and kitchen island counter top with black marble

Matching the backsplash to the island counter is an interesting idea, although it doesn’t always look as best as imagined. It can help to create an interior design based on patterns. This way each element will blend in.{found on in-2}.

Residential Church bathroom with black marble wall

The next choice would be the bathroom. There are plenty of ways in which a black marble wall, for example, can enhance the décor and overall ambiance. Complement the wall with a black and white freestanding tub and keep the rest of the décor neutral.{found on bagnatoarchitecture}.

Bathroom accent wall with black marble

Turn one of the walls in the bathroom into a statement piece. Just look how exquisite the natural pattern on the marble is in this case. It’s like an abstract painting that’s impossible to copy or replicate.{found on thedesignpractice}.

Black marble floating bathroom vanity

A different option is to have white walls in the bathroom and a black wall-mounted vanity or cabinet. The contrast would be beautiful. The black marble used here add elegance to this utilitarian space.{found on cidinterior}.

Beautiful and masculine black decor

Black is a very beautiful color if used correctly. Sure, too much black can make a space look dark and gloomy but just the right amount will make it feel welcoming and cozy instead, especially if complemented by wooden flooring and other stylish elements.

Another small bathroom that feature a black marble wall

There are many different configurations and designs that can include black marble. This element is particularly stylish in modern and contemporary bathrooms. This black and white design is simply beautiful and the wooden counter is a perfect accent detail.

Contemporary bathroom with black marble floor tiles

This contemporary bathroom has a black marble tub that matches the flooring and the transition between them is seamless. The skylight is definitely an exquisite feature and the whole room has a lot of glamor thanks to the ornate light fixtures.

Black marble design for bathroom

The rich materials offer the bathroom a particularly eccentric look, although in a subtle way. The overall design is eclectic and there are a lot of features that match each other such as the marble shower, the flooring or the globe chandelier.

Black marble for two sided fireplace

Of course, marble can also be used in spaces other than the kitchen or the bathroom. For example, consider a black marble fireplace surround. It would definitely make the living room stand out, whether it’s rustic, traditional or modern.{found on birdseyebuilding}.