Make Holiday Gifts Extra Special with DIY Wrapping Paper

What’s better than unwrapping Christmas gifts? Wrapping them up! This is especially true if you are a creative freak like me, obsessed with ideas for handmade projects. Wrapping gifts has always been a very important pre-Christmas task for me. I love planning the look, searching for the right rolls of paper and then styling the packages with festive ribbons and decorations. This year, however, I took my gift obsession to the next level and created my own DIY wrapping paper, so it’s 100% handmade.

Scandinavian DIY Wrapping Paper
DIY Wrapping Paper Materials

To make your gift wrap you will need:

  • sheets of white and black paper
  • sheets of baking paper for a transparent look
  • marble effect spray paint (silver/grey)
  • dried ferns
  • string
  • wrapping accessories: tape, scissors, glue.
DIY Wrapping Paper Step 1

The key to success in creating this gorgeus pattern is the marble effect spray paint. It’s still not clear to me what causes this effect, but when you press the top, this pattern appears on the sprayed surface. I’ve had it in my studio for ages, wondering what I could do with it, until few days ago when I was brainstorming possibilities for Christmas wraps. I wasn’t sure if the final effect would be satisfactory but I can say now that it turned out beautifully! I have spray painted three different papers – standard black and white matte paper and baking paper for a transparent effect.

I really like the combination of all three.

DIY Wrapping Paper Rope

To make the wrapped packages a bit more interesting, I have topped them with dried ferns. Dried ferns are much sturdier than leaves, so you don’t have to worry that they will break.

DIY Wrapping Paper Share
DIY Wrapping Paper for Christmas

So that’s my gift wrapping idea for Christmas. I hope you like it. We would love to know how you are wrapping your gifts this year, so let us know or leave a link to photos in the comments section below. Happy wrapping!