Top 12 Table Settings for Your Father’s Day

Father’s Day is right around the corner which means it’s time to put away the florals and pink of Mother’s Day and exchange it for anything and everything masculine. While at first that may seem like the impossible task, there are actually several clever ideas that make decorating for the holiday easier than you think. So get your DIY brain clicking and take a look at these 12 terrific table settings for Father’s Day!

rustic table

While your father may not want a tableful of flowers, I doubt he’ll mind a rustic styled table. Bust out your wood patterns, leafy greens and antlers for a table that’s fit for a forest feast. He’ll be wowed even more if you have venison on the menu. (via Celebrations at Home)

paper airplane centerpiece

Is your dad quite the adventurer? Collect some scrapbook paper in map patterns or just use real maps to fold some paper airplanes and use them for your centerpiece. You can attach the planes to wires like the centerpiece above or you could hang them from your chandelier. It might give him some serious wanderlust though. (via Becca Clason Blog)

tie fold napkin

Holiday feasts deserve fancy napkins and even better if you can fold them to match. Learn this simple napkin fold to make all your linens look like Dad’s tie. Don’t forget to snap a picture of your dad holding up a napkin tie to his neck! (via Something Borrowed)

golfing theme

Lots of dads are golfing extraordinaires. If your dad falls into this category, cover your table in a faux turf runner and golf balls and tees. You get bonus points of you set up your own put course in the backyard for everyone to enjoy after dessert. (via Hostess with the Mostess)

denim pocket placemats

June is a beautiful month to spend outdoors so having a picnic style Father’s Day feast is a great idea. Use denim for placemats and stuff napkins and utensils in the pockets for easy service, since the other hand will be full of a plateful of ribs, obviously. (via Today’s Nest)

belt napkin holder

Here’s an easy one. Head to your local thrift store and buy up as many belts as you have guests. Then cut them to size and use them as napkin holders! All you have to do now is choose a color scheme for your table linens and candles. (via A Subtle Revelry)

bow tie bottles

Whether you’re serving up beer for the dads or root beer for everyone, they will love these bow tied bottles. You can even have the kids help you paint the bow tie pasta and glue them to the glass. I wouldn’t be surprised if you have sons asking for these for birthdays. (via This Heart of Mine)

camping theme

This one caters to the camping enthusiasts. Break out all your best camping recipes and create a smokey spread on a fleece blanket. To increase the fun ratings, have everyone eat their meal in homemade tents in your living room. (via Vixen Made)

printable party

Don’t sneer at the printable. If you really don’t have the time or energy to put together a big bash for Father’s Day (I’m looking at you, new mamas), find yourself a printable that you can cut out and paste all over your cups, plates and serving dishes. No one will belittle you for it. (via Catch My Party)

bow tie silverware

One more for the bow ties because how can you not? This is a great idea if you’re hosting a large crowd on Father’s Day. Don’t be afraid to go one step farther and put mustaches on all your cups and the cake for a really dapper bash. (via Be Different Act Normal)

natural fibers

Feathers, wood, linens, all these natural fibers just go together. Have your kids take dad on a nature hunt through the woods and then use their finds to decorate your table for dinner. You might even be tempted to leave things there for your summer table decor. (via At Home In Love)

suit setting

Looking for a table setting that’s the complete opposite of the shabby chic Mother’s Day? This simple modern set up should do the trick. All you need is some white paper to create the collar and then just move the pieces into place. It will be all over Instagram. (via Daily Cool)