Glass Console Tables – Why We Love Them And How To Use Them

Glass furniture in general is tricky. On one hand, the glass (the transparent kind) allows a piece such as a console table to blend in and to maintain the décor simple and uncluttered. On the other hand, a glass console table is not necessarily versatile so it doesn’t look good in combination with every single style. This is also a matter of personal preferences. The console tables we’ve selected have modern designs and they stand out with their shapes, simplicity and versatility.

The Ôsmos table

Glass console table in dining room

It was designed by Erwan Peron and it has a robust central drawer made of plywood and additional oak veneered blockboard panels. Both the supporting legs and the top and colorless and made of extra clear tempered glass.

The Diapason table


The Diapason table was designed by Studio Diapason and it has a base available in travertine or white Carrara marble with an irregular shape. The top is made of clear glass. The size and shape of the table allows it to be used in hallways but also in living rooms or dining spaces.

The Hip Hop table


The Hip Hop table has a rectangular glass top and two additional lower shelves which makes it very versatile and suitable for a variety of spaces. Both the shelves and the top can be used as display surfaces for collections and other objects. It was designed by Studio 28.

The Valentino console


Featuring a combination of materials such as walnut, marble and glass, the Valentino console table by Emanuele Zenere has an asymmetrical design and a sculptural look which makes it easy for it to stand out in any setting.

The Mistral table


The simple, clean lines of the Mistral console table are enhanced by the soft and beautiful curves and the overall elegant look. The base is made of multilayered wood with black walnut veneer and a glossy chrome-plated central element. The top is made of glass which allows the base to be the central element and the focal point.

The Bonheur du jour console desk


When the “Bonjeur du jour” table was first designed in 19th century France, it served solely as a writing desk and was created for home offices, living rooms or foyers. The modern version designed by Adentro Studio has a drawer and a shelf and is made using extra-clear tempered glass.

The Zen 13 table


The Zen 13 table has a design similar to the classic French console described just now. It’s supported by clear glass elements and features a wooden gray wenge drawer. It can be used as an accessory piece for hallways or living rooms but also for home offices.

The Penrose console table

Glass console table in dining room

The Penrose console table has a very interesting design. It’s composed of three sheets of glass, each featuring a different shape. The oblique cuts and the way the elements are combined to form a piece of furniture which resembles modern sculptural art offer the table a balanced and really interesting look, perfect for minimalist decors. The table was designed by Isao Hosoe, Lucia Fontana and Masaya Hashimoto.

The Saphiria table


Similarly, the Saphiria console table is also made only of glass. The difference is that it features smooth curves instead of the sharp, geometric angles and lines of the Penrose table. The design is simple and transparent, allowing the table to look elegant and chic in a variety of different settings.

The Gotham table

Glass console table in dining room

The Gotham console table is part of a larger collection with the same name which also includes a coffee table and a side table. The console is made using smoke glass and has a simple yet dramatic look thanks to its clean, sharp lines and minimalistic structure. It also includes internal wooden drawers with smoked mirror fronts. The table was designed by Niko Leonardi and Fabio Marinelli.

The Cricket table

Glass console table in dining room

The design of the Cricket table by Gianluigi Landoni is a bit similar to that of the Gotham table although there are a few differences. First of all, this one is made of clear glass. The internal wooden drawer thus appear to be floating, supported by the slightly curved side panels.

The Tour console table


Tour is a highly interesting and eye-catching console table. It was designed by Giorgio Cattelan and it appears to defy the laws of physics. It has a flat base made of graphite embossed lacquered steel and a circular walnut middle section placed at an angle. The top is made of clear glass.

The 60° table


This console table is part of the Grado° collection designed by Ron Gilad. It has a complex and transparent design which reflects the designer’s inclination towards simple, geometric lines and shapes. The table has a graphic and sketchy look which lets the imagination run free interpreting the whole composition.

Console tables in context


As we’ve already mentioned, console tables are versatile by nature and can be integrated in various configurations and types of designs and decors. Here is a minimalist model made entirely of clear glass. It’s used as an accent piece for the entrance hallway. {found on pwcr}.

Glass console table in dining room

Another configuration features a console table complemented by two chairs and two large pieces of artwork. The design is eclectic because of the diversity of materials, finishes, colors and influences. {found on meredithheron}.


But hallways and entrance foyers aren’t the only possible location for a glass console table. The geometric design of this particular model makes it an interesting addition to the dining room. It has minimal impact on the décor because of the material choice and yet it stands out. (found on globalinteriordesign)