Fatboy First Avenue Ottoman

Children like to play with everything around them and they can turn anything into a toy that fits or starts their play. A simple piece of furniture for example is the perfect huge brick in a construction that will allow them to reach higher places like the top shelf. This Fatboy First Avenue Ottoman is perfect for children’s room and not only. I actually think it is perfect for the living room, too, as you can attach it to any sofa or put it in different places and it will look great.

Fatboy First Avenue Ottoman with Parc StitchingThis ottoman is an interactive piece of furniture that can be a piece in the big puzzle of your furniture. You can decide to buy more such beautifully designed ottomans and play with them, build different puzzles with them, have fun and comfort at the same time. The materials it is made of make it perfect for both indoors and outdoors. It is a cube of polystyrene foam inside, with a coating of polyester that is available in different colours. It has a Parc floral stitch motif and the cover can be easily cleaned and washed with a moist cloth. It is also stain resistant, which is God’s send for the kids’ room. The item can now be bought from All Modern for $95.36.