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Choose A Dramatic Entryway Chandelier Lighting To Give Your Guest A Warm Welcome

When guests enter your home, initial impressions can matter quite a lot. Poor illumination in your foyer can make a bad first impression. But it’s not simply the impact that entryway lighting makes on visitors.

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Even those who live in that house will always associate entrance lighting with the feeling of being home. As a result, an entryway provides long-term ambiance and can make a home feel more or less welcoming. Today, we’re going to help you find the best entryway lighting fixture, but not before we give some general info on the topic.

How to Choose the Right Entryway Lighting for Your Home

The entryway is one of the first things that you or your guest come in contact with when entering the house. It is basically your opportunity to make a good first impression and it’s something that greets you every day when you come back from work. With importance that’s often underestimated, entryway lighting can set the tone for the rest of your home, so here is what you should know before you choose one:

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Placement and chandelier height

When it comes to the height of the chandelier above the floor, the rule of thumb states that there should be at least 7 feet between the bottom of the chandelier and the floor. This design requirement also applies to foyers with conventional 8-foot-high ceilings, which implies that a hanging light, if used at all, must be rather modest to remain at the required height. If the entryway is taller than this, the chandelier fixture should be raised proportionately. The optimum height of the chandelier fixture is also affected by the height of the room. Designers generally recommend that the hanging lighting fixture be 2 to 3 inches tall for every foot of ceiling height.

Illumination power

You can use the number of bulbs that form the fixture to determine the degree of lighting provided by a light fixture. Lighting professionals use a simple technique to adapt the illumination to the square footage of the entryway space. The formula is relatively simple: just multiply the length of the room by its width and divide the result by 1.5. The resulting number represents the wattage needed from the power of the bulbs combined.

Style and appearance

The appearance and design of your entryway are important considerations as well. If your entryway is elaborately adorned, you might choose a piece that draws attention. You might use a crystal chandelier with dazzling lights for this. An extravagant crystal chandelier could appear out of place in a small and modest foyer or doorway.

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How to Measure Foyer Chandelier Height

A foyer chandelier is one of the most important pieces that you can add to your home’s entrance because it can set the tone for your entire home. The foyer chandelier height is one of the aspects to take into consideration when looking for such a fixture, so here are the things you ought to know:

  • Measure the width and length of your foyer or doorway so you know how much room you have. Once you know the specs, you can start looking for the perfect entryway chandelier for your home. When looking for chandeliers, keep in mind that you should avoid choosing a low chandelier that may collide with your guests if you have a low ceiling. Instead, select a modest chandelier. If you have a two-story doorway, you may opt for a big foyer chandelier that hangs lower.
  • You can calculate the proper chandelier size if you know the measurements of your foyer or doorway. All you have to do is double the foyer’s width by its length in feet. Its total will give you the approximate diameter of the appropriate-sized chandelier (this measurement is given in inches).
  • Take the measurement between the ceiling and the floor. This is crucial in choosing the height of your chandelier. For 10 foot ceilings, a foyer chandelier should be around 7 feet from the ground. With a ceiling height of fewer than 10 feet, you’ll need a smaller chandelier that’s no taller than 27 inches.

Best Entryway Lighting

Light Shaded Wagon Wheel Chandelier

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A chandelier elevates a space and this wagon wheel-shaped one adds a bit of style to any room. It is a shaded fixture that can support up to five light bulbs which are not included with the purchase (note that candle-style bulbs work best with this fixture). It is made primarily out of metal and features glass shades that appear to be very elegant. The lights are dimmable, the fixture can be adapted to sloped ceilings and the height of the fixture can be adjusted.

Light Unique Statement Geometric Chandelier

Forrest 9 - Light Unique Statement Geometric ChandelierView in gallery

When it comes to a glam chandelier, we can only imagine how lights sparkle through glass bits of multiple shapes and sizes. With the Forrest chandelier, we don’t have to stick to imagination alone, as this is pretty much the visual effect this product can deliver. It is a chandelier that can support up to nine bulbs distributed across a single tier. It has a chrome base and allows you to dim the lights to create a cozier ambiance.

Light Candle Style Wagon Wheel Chandelier

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The wagon wheel-shaped chandelier is a statement piece that can be used in any interior design. It’s a great choice for adding a little rustic charm to any room. It is constructed on an iron frame that supports the wooden rings with all the five slots needed for light bulbs. It is compatible with candle-style bulbs and the lights can be dimmed in the proper settings.

Light Unique Geometric Chandelier with Wrought Iron Accents

Light Unique Geometric Chandelier with Wrought Iron Accents

This elegant multi-angular chandelier is made from vintage-style light bulbs and has a unique design. It is built within an iron cage that gives the chandelier an industrial-style vibe. The black cage surrounds the golden bulb supports, allowing you to install up to five candle-style bulbs that will create an amazing vibe in your foyer.

Light Unique Empire Chandelier with Crystal Accents

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The Rozella is an elegant eight-light chandelier that is a great addition to any entryway. It comes with a polished metallic finish that literally sparkles and draws attention when you walk into the house. This chandelier features a variety of crystal styles, and it comes with sockets for up to 60W. It has a warm glow and shimmering glass accents that add a bit of class to any room.

Light Unique Statement Tiered Chandelier with Crystal Accents

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Contemporary chandeliers are a great addition to any room. They can make a bold statement without taking up much floor space. This 6-light fixture features a gold-colored frame and four tiers of crystal accents. The metal frame is there to support the antique bronze finish that creates a vintage-style product setup that would look great in a bunch of foyers.

Light Unique Globe Chandelier

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The six tiers of crystal accent this chandelier, while its metal frame boasts a bronze finish for contrast.  Every element about this chandelier transmits elegance and style, offering five lights and a chrome base with glass spheres that look absolutely glamorous. It doesn’t have adjustable height but you can dim the lights with the right setup.

Light Unique Statement Drum Chandelier

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A well-designed and well-placed chandelier can create a wonderful visual setup in your entryway. This drum-shaped fixture can be used for a variety of applications. It’s durable and comes with three medium-watt light bulbs. It’s the ideal addition to any modern-style home. The canopy and the downrod are included with the purchase, but the light bulbs need to be purchased separately.

Light Sputnik Sphere Chandelier

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This striking chandelier features a metal frame with a sputnik-style silhouette. It is certainly an eye-catching piece that would fit into multiple decor setup, offering the very best for those who want a gorgeous light fixture in their entryway. Supporting a total of 12 lights, the bulbs are distributed on all sides of the fixture to create stunning visuals and illuminate all around.

Light Unique Geometric LED Chandelier

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When it comes to elegant and glamorous light fixtures, this one takes the cake. With three rings of three different sizes, this is the type of entryway light that makes a statement. You can opt for the dimmable or non-dimmable version. The lights are distributed across three tiers and come with a chrome finish covered in a protective film that should be removed after installation to reveal this fixture’s beauty in its entirety. 

Entryway Lighting Ideas

Rustic Entryway

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Our first bit of inspiration for today comes from Upland Development, Inc. and features an entrance designed to offer that rustic vibe that a lot of homeowners crave these days, combining a drum-style chandelier with medium-tone wood floorings and rustic brown entrance doors.

Stairway Light Fixture

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Clifford M. Scholz Architects, LLC suggests pairing a large entryway chandelier with a tall staircase, offering an elegant vibe in the surrounding area. Not only does this area appear bright, but the wall-hanging tapestry really completes the scene.

Beige Floor Entryway

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Our next piece of inspo comes from Cornerstone Architects in the shape of a large Tuscan light wooden floor that comes with a hanging chandelier to complement the area really well.

Farmhouse Entry

2 Story Foyer ChandelierView in gallery

Every element in this picture is absolutely perfect. The large wooden doors pair incredibly well with the wooden staircase and the large entryway fixture just completes the scene with a rustic, castle-style vibe.

Cozy Entryway Setup

2 Story Foyer ChandelierView in gallery

We loved this entryway setup because it feels so cozy and welcoming, anyone could walk in here and call this place home. With French cottage-inspired vibes and a simple, but elegant entryway chandelier, everything in this picture seems to fall perfectly in place.

Large Entryway

2 Story Foyer ChandelierView in gallery

With plenty of wooden elements but also decor pieces that set the tone for a gorgeous entryway, Nutter Custom Construction, LLC really got us inspired with this setup. The large entryway chandelier blends in perfectly with the chromatic setup and overall vibe of the foyer.

Rustic Mudroom

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A mudroom is a space designed to house all your wet and muddy clothes and shoes before entering the main house. Here, we can see this amazing setup by Studio 80 Interior Design where you can see a large entryway chandelier blending in with the wood surroundings.

2 Story Foyer Chandelier

2 Story Foyer ChandelierView in gallery

LimeLight Lamps is here to show you how you can create an elegant entryway and take advantage of the staircase to install a gorgeous 2 story foyer chandelier that shines brightly to reveal this beautiful space.

Tips for Cleaning Stairway Light Fixtures

One of the most difficult aspects of cleaning light fixtures is that it usually necessitates the use of a ladder. Considering the fact that you’re generally unscrewing the light fixture while trying to maintain balance high up on a ladder, the risk of losing that balance and falling can’t be overlooked. Some light fixtures can be cleaned while they are still in place, but there is no replacement for pulling them down at least twice a year for a thorough cleaning.

Another risk is that light bulbs become heated when turned on. To decrease the danger of burning, you need to turn off the lights and allow the bulbs to cool down for at least one hour before proceeding to clean the fixture.

You should also see electricity as a threat. That means that in order to clean a fixture, you need to make sure there is no electricity running through it, and the best way to do that is to unmount it from its location.  When cleaning in place, use a dry dusting instrument. If you’re in a situation where you have to wipe the chandelier clean, make sure the towel is moist but not dripping. You want to avoid using any type of liquid that can seep into the electrical components of your lights, causing damage or posing an electrocution danger.

The exact cleaning process will depend on the type of fixture that you have in your entryway:

  • If you’re looking to clean glass ceiling fixtures, remove them from the base by unscrewing them. The first step will be to get rid of any bugs and dust or other debris that has accumulated in the light fixture. Then, using a microfiber cloth or similar duster, dust the interior and outside. In some cases, that’s all you need to do. However, you should still commit to cleaning the fixtures at least twice per year. A sink full of warm water combined with a little bit of mild dish soap is generally all that is required to clean glass light fixtures.
  • With certain types of chandeliers, you can perform dusting on the spot, but a biannual cleaning will most likely be required if the chandelier must be removed. You can take photos of how the chandelier is put together so that you will find it easier to mount it back in place when you’re done. In a spray bottle, you can make your own cleaning solution by combining 1/4 cup vinegar and 3 or 4 cups water. Alternatively, you may dilute a few drops of dish soap in a spray bottle of water. Apply this solution on each of the chandelier’s components going one at a time. Immediately dry with a microfiber towel, which will also help shine them. Reassemble the chandelier and examine its radiance.


Getting a foyer chandelier is an important step in the home improvement process. There are a few simple steps that homeowners can follow to ensure that they get the most out of their investment. The foyer should be the first impression that people make when they enter your home. It should also be treated with the same care and attention as other parts of the house. A foyer chandelier is a great way to add style and light to this room.