DIY Wooden Christmas Gift Tags

Craft these little Christmas rustic gift tags for next to nothing! Made from an old branch, these wood slices not only add a natural element to your gift wrap but also double as name tags for gift labeling! These are super simple and a great budget-friendly holiday project- because who can’t stand to save a few dollars during the holiday season? Dress them up with colorful yarn or ribbon and accent just about any gift wrapping. The best part? The receiver of the gift can keep this little tag even after the gift is unwrapped!

Diy wooden gift tags finished

Supplies you’ll need for these Christmas gift tags:

  • branch
  • drill with small drill bit
  • yarn, twine or ribbon
  • sandpaper
  • saw
Diy wooden gift tags finished

Instructions to build the Christmas gift tags:

Step 1: Cutting the tree branch

Start by finding a branch with an approximately 2 inch diameter (great size for gift tags). If you get the wood from your yard or park, give it a few days to dry out prior to using.

Step 2: Slicing process

Using a saw, cut thin slices of your branch, approximately 1/8 inch thick.

Diy wooden gift tags finished

Step 3: Sanding process

Sand the slices with a piece of fine-grit sandpaper on either side and edges to knock off any saw dust and smooth out the pieces.

Step 4: Drill

Using your drill and a small drill bit, place a hole towards the top of the circle. Use a thicker area if possible to avoid breaking the wood slices (they will also break if they are too thin).

Step 5: Add ribbon

Once the holes are in, use yarn, ribbon, or twine to thread through the top to complete your project! If you have trouble getting the yarn or twine through, use a small knitting needle or skewer to help thread the tag.

Diy wooden gift tags finished

Get wrapping and use these gift tags to just embellish your wrapped gifts, or turn them into name tags. Add names or designs on your wood with stickers, handwritten sharpie pen, or a wood burning tool to do double duty to mark your gifts. Great for both gift bags and wrapped gifts. If you have extras leftover, use them as mini ornaments on the tree or to mark bottles at your next holiday party! A simple project with so many options!