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DIY Firewood Rack Ideas With Ingenious Designs

Firewood racks are very rarely the subject of discussion these days but that doesn’t mean they’re not still needed. In fact, it’s very important to have a proper and practical way of storing all the firewood if you have a wood-burning fireplace, a stove or a fire pit out in the yard. There are many different ways to go around this. See some of our favorite ideas below.

Firewood Rack Ideas

How to Choose the Right Firewood Rack for Your Needs

Let’s assume that you have everything in place and you’re ready to bring home your new stack of firewood. That means that you need a proper way to store it and a firewood rack can help you with that. But if you’re never purchased one before, how do you know which specifications are most important to you? Consider the following:

  • As always, when you buy pretty much any product, you need to consider what materials it’s made from, because each material has its own set of properties that can determine whether or not said product is right for you. Firewood racks are usually made from wood, plastic, or metal. Some of the best firewood racks are made from wrought iron, which is super heavy, but also one of the most durable options out there. It’s weather-resistant and stays strong for years and years even when it stays constantly outdoors. Another common choice for material is steel tubing that usually comes with a powder coat finish. That makes the steel tubes more durable, but not as durable as those made from wrought iron.
  • Next, you’ll have to think about where you’re going to use the firewood rack. You will notice that a lot of racks are designed to be used both inside and outdoors, but you need to make sure that outdoor units are weather-resistant. Once again, the best choices for outdoors are racks made from powder-coated steel or wrought iron, because they are resistant and can also be decorative if you ever want to bring them indoors. Some models are made specifically for indoor use not just because they don’t use weather-resistant materials, but because they have features that are actually useful inside (such as hooks that help you hand your fireplace tools).
  • As you already know, wood that’s suitable for burning inside a stove or a fireplace has to be properly dried and seasoned, which means that it has to benefit from sufficient airflow. Consequently, that means that the best firewood racks are opened in the front of the back, to facilitate airflow for a better wood seasoning.
  • Then, you have to consider the size and capacity of the firewood rack you’re thinking of purchasing. If you only wood firewood on an occasional basis, you probably don’t want a large rack. Same goes for people that use a rack indoors: you don’t want it to occupy too much space. If you use a fireplace or a stove as your primary heating source, then you want the rack to be able to hold as much wood as possible.
  • Portability is also an important factor which you might not consider too much until it’s time to actually carry wood to the rack. Look for models that have removable slings because they will help you fill them faster. These slings should be made from nylon or heavy-duty canvas for more durability.

Best Firewood Rack Ideas

Firewood Log Rack

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Our first choice is this firewood log rack designed to hold different amounts of wooden logs, depending on what size you opt for. There are 7 different sizes to choose from, with the smallest rack measuring 36″ H x 36″ W x 10″ D and the largest one is 48″ H x 192″ W x 14″ D. This is basically a rack designed with a steel frame that has 16-gauge tubing, but also with a top material cover that’s designed to prevent rain from getting your firewood wet.

Log Rack Pleasant Hearth

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Next up, we have this fire log rack that has a rather basic design, making it suitable for indoors use, as well as outside. It’s made from steel and has a total weight of 9.24 pounds, making it more portable compared to some of the other metal racks we’ve seen. The hood located on the top side of the rack makes it pretty easy for you to pick up and move it around as you please.

5-Piece Firewood Log Rack

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Let’s move onto a more elegant firewood rack, with a design that’s worthy of being displayed indoors. Aside from the rack itself, you will also receive 4 handy fireplace tools: a shovel, a broom, a hook, and a pair of tongs. All of these can be stored on the hooks located on the sides of the rack, so you’ll always have them at hand without having to leave them on the floor or purchase another hanger for them separately. The rack is made from quality wrought iron and has a vintage design that should be able to find its way into just about any décor.

Beebe Firewood Log Rack

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This log rack is designed for outdoor use because it’s quite large and comes with the features needed for a rack that’s supposed to withstand weather elements. Made from enamel coated steel, this firewood rack is designed to offer enough storage space for about one face-cord of firewood, while the cover makes it easy to keep the wood protected since it goes all the way down, covering the entire pile.

Small Log Rack

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Here we have yet another Pleasant Hearth firewood rack designed for indoor use. It weighs a little over 8 pounds, so it’s definitely the kind of product that you can move around if need be. It is made from steel and has a black finish, with sleep and contemporary lines that could find their way into most indoor decors.

Rasen Firewood Log Rack

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If you want a more elegant indoor firewood rack, you have to check out this model. It’s made from quality metal and has a beautiful bronze finish, with elegant details that make it worthy of being placed next to the fireplace. The powder-coated surface promises extra durability, while the small size is ideal because it doesn’t take up too much room space. It weighs 12 pounds, so it’s not the most lightweight option we’ve seen, but it isn’t too difficult to pick up and move around either.

Ramiro Rustic Firewood Log Rack

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There is so much to love about the Millwood Pines firewood rack aside from its rather unique design. It has a powder-coated steel construction that’s rust and UV-resistant, so it’s suitable for outdoor use if that’s what you’re looking for. We love the fact that the bronze finish of the rack resembles wood quite a lot, giving it a more interesting visual appeal. It weighs almost 20 pounds, so it’s definitely not a product that you could move around with ease. It does have a rustic accent due to its antique look, and we could totally see this being used outdoors, placed next to a campfire.

Simple Log Rack

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Another portable steel firewood rack made by the nice folks over at Pleasant Hearth is this one right here. With 8.58 pounds in weight and thanks to the two loops located on the side walls of the rack, you’ll find it pretty easy to carry this around. It might not be the best product for outdoor use because the base is constructed with a piece of lumber that could easily get damaged when overexposed to moisture.

2×4 Basics Log Rack

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If it’s a wood firewood rack you fancy, you have to check this 2×4 Basics option out. Note that this isn’t a firewood rack per se, but it’s a hardware pack that offers 2 resin brackets and the hardware needed to create your own product. That means that you are going to need to purchase the lumber separately, as the product page guides you through the assembly process. It is advertised as being for outdoor use, but we’re a bit skeptical about how long the lumber pieces would last if they were sitting out in the rain for too long. However, it could work in a more protected space, like the patio or the garage/shed.

Jayton Log Rack

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If you love a practical and elegant steel log rack, you’re going to appreciate the one we’re about to show you. Made from quality steel and weather-resistant construction, this is the kind of rack that you could use indoors and outside, offering you the construction needed to make the best out of this product. One side of the rack comes with a couple of hooks that can be used to hang your fire tools.

Galvanized Steel Log Store

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If you’re serious about investing in a firewood storage solution for your outdoor space, then you have to check out this log store. With a storage capacity of 55 cubic feet, this is a unit made from galvanized steel that’s designed to protect your wood, while also allowing it to breathe for better seasoning. The raised metal base will keep wood off the moist ground, while the sloped roof is perfect for steering water away from your firewood.

13 Practical firewood storage rack ideas

Firewood rack on wheels

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This is a really nice and simple idea for a firewood storage rack. You can make something similar out of pallet wood to save some money or if you like the reclaimed wood look. Put casters on the base so you can easily move the rack around without much effort. You can find more details about this project on thewoodgraincottage.

Simple wood rack plan

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Similarly, this firewood rack has a very simple and basic design and is easy to build. Plan the dimensions based on how big the logs are. You can use some simple 2 x 4 wood boards and a few rigid connectors to build the frame. This one is raised off the ground a bit which helps keep the wood dry and more easily accessible. Check out ana-white for more details.

Cement cinder blocks and wood

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For this DIY firewood rack featured on instructables you don’t even need any tools. Just take some concrete blocks and place them on a stable surface with the holes up, then put timbers across so they go through the blocks on each side. Add some boards in the holes and you’ll get a very simple and surprisingly sturdy firewood rack.

Steel pipes firewood

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If you like the industrial look, consider building a firewood rack out of pipes and fittings. This one featured on instructables is pretty special. It’s made using 2 leg bases from a trampoline plus 8 straight leg sections in addition to some pipes and timber. It shows that you can find ways to repurpose pretty much anything.

Small pipes fire wood rack

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Here’s another metal rack idea, this time made only with pipes, joints and foot caps. Putting together this firewood rack is a lot like doing a puzzle. as you can see, it’s fairly small and that means it would fit pretty much anywhere. Check out imgur and find out all the details of this project along with some useful tips.


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Another cool idea is to make a firewood rack out of concrete. In order to successfully build something like this you need a mold to pour the concrete mix into. We love the concrete and wood combination featured on diypete and also the compact form of the rack. It could double as a side table if you choose to put it near the fireplace.

Cinder blocks

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This firewood storage rack was made using three cinder blocks, six 2×4 boards and three cedar fence pickets. The frame is held together with screws and nails. It’s a low-cost project which focuses mostly on functionality but even so it doesn’t look half bad. You can find more details about it on bbq-brethren.

Curved wood

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What if you’d build a firewood rack using firewood? That would be pretty cool. Obviously, the wood needs to be cut and sanded but that should be quite fun to do. We really like this design from instructables because it has two curved edges that give it a very elegant look.

Firepit bench and wood rack

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The firewood storage area for this fire pit is right under the bench. It’s a wonderful idea and a great way to save space and be practical at the same time. Also, the firewood looks kind of nice in there. It adds some texture and pattern to this whole setup. Find out more about this whole project on instructables.

Outdoor shed storage

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If you plan on storing a lot of firewood, maybe enough to last you the whole winter, then a small rack will definitely not be enough. Instead you could build a larger structure out of wood and maybe give it a roof so the wood stays dry. It would be a fairly complex project so be sure to check out littlehouseonthecorner to find out all the details.

Concrete storage

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This concrete firewood rack looks wonderful. It’s a very simple project and the design is not exactly complex but it has a pure and natural simplicity which really makes it stand out. Consider something like this for your outdoor fireplace or the fire pit if you have one. The idea comes from welke.

Minimalist A Frame

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Since you can basically give your firewood rack any shape you want, consider something a bit more quirky. Let’s say you build a small but tall rack and you give it a little roof, like a miniature house. That would look lovely. We got this idea after checking out a project on domestically-speaking.

Wall leaning firewood storage

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If you don’t want your firewood rack to take up space on the floor maybe you could find a way to have it wall-mounted. Also, you could opt for a compact design which doesn’t stick out too much, allowing the actual fireplace to be the center of attention. You might find this project from thisminimalhouse to be just right.