29 Biggest Design Problems Solved In An Easy Way To Understand

We all have small struggles in life and big questions we ask no one in particular. We’ve found some of the most daunting problems and answered them all right here! All of them relate to your home and what goes on inside of it.

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While they may not all relate to interior design, they do all relate to your home and how you can make the most of what you have. Because that’s what home design is all about, making the most out of it and making it yours.

Biggest Design Problems: Solved

Now it’s time to get to it. We will ask questions that you’ve probably been dying to ask someone but weren’t sure where to go. So let’s get to them right away so you can finally put the topic to rest and relax. 

How Do I Choose A Light Fixture Size?

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There isn’t a failproof way to choose the perfect light fixture size for a room. But in general, somewhere around 10-20% of the width of the room is ideal so long as the light fixture is centered in the room.

What Is The Best Way To Light A Bedroom?

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Many will argue that natural lighting is by far the best, and it is the most popular type of bedroom lighting. But there isn’t necessarily a “best” way to light a bedroom. If you can’t have natural lighting though, lamps will always suffice.

How Do You Spruce Up A Small Kitchen?

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There are many ways to spruce up a small kitchen. The best way to start is with organization as it can free up a lot of space. Check out some of our other tips that work wonderfully with small kitchens.

How Do I Measure Wallpaper?

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Measuring wallpaper is surprisingly easy. You first remove any molding or trim then you measure the surface of the wall. Use one piece at a time to figure how much wallpaper you need so that the pattern lines up.

What Is The Convection Setting On My Oven?

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The convection setting on the oven can be confusing if you’re not accustomed to baking or to convection ovens. The purpose of this setting is to evenly distribute heat through the oven and around food.

How Do I Figure Out How Much Tile I Need For My Floor?

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This all depends on how big the tiles are and how big the gaps will be. Find the square footage of your room first either way. Even though you may end up with an extra tile, don’t take away the gap space from the equation. 

Why Does One Shower Work Better Than The Other?

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There are a few reasons that one shower would work better than the other. But the main reason is that one of them isn’t getting water fast enough. If the shower is on an upper level and the water heater is on the lower level, this is likely. 

What Kills Mold?

Vinegar and hydrogen peroxide both do a good job of removing light mold, but if you want that mold to die, then bleach is your best bet. Otherwise, it is simply removing the stain instead of getting rid of the mold for good.

What Shouldn’t You Put In The Garbage Disposal?

We have a whole list of things you shouldn’t put down the garbage disposal. But the first rule is only food should go down the garbage disposal. Most of the time, only things you’d consume should. This means coffee grounds, eggshells, and banana peels are off-limits.

Why Does My House Smell Weird?

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There are many reasons your house would smell weird. But if you want to keep your family safe, look for these things first. Check your vents and under your furniture for dead animals. Then, ensure that there isn’t any mold hiding out.

Does Vinegar Kill Mold?

Vinegar doesn’t exactly kill mold but it can remove it and help with major mold problems. It will need to soak for an extended period if it is to work properly, and it always helps to add an agent like baking soda.

How Do I Kill Ants?

There are many ways to kill ants and we have a great guide on doing so. In general, you want to either use a good ant killer or dry the ants out with something like borax or baking soda. Because drying them out will kill them.

What Causes Power Outages?

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Power outages can be difficult to understand. The most important part of beginning to understand them is whether or not they are local power outages or widespread power outages. Local power outages could only affect your house.

Why Isn’t My AC Working?

There are many reasons that an air conditioner would stop working. If it has stopped working completely, then you need to replace it or call HVAC. But if it isn’t working as well, you may just need to replace or thaw the filter.

Why Is It So Humid Inside?

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The design of your home and the materials used often affect humidity. But so do the outdoor humidity levels. To reduce indoor humidity, get a dehumidifier which is affordable, effective, and easy to set up.

What is A Bidet?

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A bidet is an eco-friendly alternative to toilet paper. Instead of spending money and using resources that toilet paper uses, invest in a bidet which can do the job toilet paper can in a cleaner and more efficient way.

What Is A Duvet?

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We have a useful guide on exactly what a duvet is, but in short, it is very similar to a comforter but has different uses. Most duvets are a bit flatter and less filled than comforters which tend to be puffy. 

Who Pays Closing Costs?

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This varies as closing cost agreements are stated in the purchase contract made between the buyer and seller. Most of the time, the seller pays the closing costs but it is possible that buyers may pitch in if the contract states that they must. 

What Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover?

This depends on the insurance plan that you choose. Most of the time, this includes your home, possibly outbuildings, and liability for injuries. However, it doesn’t usually cover natural disasters as that is separate insurance. 

How Do I Measure For Window Treatments?

This all depends on the type of window treatment you want. Blinds are standard and are just thinner than the width of the window. But curtains come in many different shapes and sizes so decide on that first. 

Why Are There Cracks In My Wall?

Most of the time, minor cracks in the wall mean nothing. But there are certain cracks, particularly horizontal ones that can mean that the structural integrity of the home is being damaged. So watch out for those. 

How Do I Know What Mattress Is Best For My Back?

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It’s hard to find the best mattress for everyone’s needs but it can be easier to find a tailored mattress that will work best for your needs. For bad backs, stiffer mattresses tend to work better. Search for mattresses for better spinal alignment. 

How Do I Choose A Dining Room Rug?

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Choosing a rug for each room can be exciting. But when it comes to dining room rugs, you really want to get it right. We have a guide on this, but to narrow it down, focus on how it interacts with the table.

Why Is My Pool Green?

Pools can often turn green when an excess amount of algae builds up. This generally isn’t harmful but should be taken care of before it gets out of hand. Make sure you use the right amount of shock as often as needed. 

How To Get Rid Of Squirrels?

Squirrels outside are never a problem, even if they are in your yard. They are peaceful creatures, after all. But squirrels in the attic are another story. Take the measures to get rid of them, starting with sealing everything. 

What Is A Good Size For A Kitchen Island?

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We also have a decent guide on this. But know that not all kitchens should have the same size of island. Because it’s all about scaling. A large kitchen needs a large island and a small kitchen needs a small one. 

What Is The Standard Size Of A Bathroom?

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Most bathrooms are smaller than any other room in the house. The most common bathroom size is 5×8, which is enough to comfortably fit the four necessary items for a full bathroom. Any less and it is a half-bath or 3/4 bath

What Is The Average Bedroom Size?

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Bedroom sizes vary greatly. Because there are master bedrooms, teen bedrooms, and guest bedrooms. Kid bedrooms are even smaller than the other three, and master bedrooms are larger. Check out our guide on bedroom size for more. 

When Should I Replace My Fire Extinguisher? 

This is a question that you have probably never asked but definitely need to ask. Most fire extinguishers have expiration dates on them. But if yours doesn’t, toss it if you’ve had ot for more than ten years.