How To Make Cool-Looking Concrete Planters from Scratch

Concrete planters are something that we’ve talked about numerous times and we’re always coming back to them because there’s just so many cool designs and ideas that constantly pop up. Today we have some absolutely adorable projects to share with you as well as a few planter box ideas that we find really inspiring. Pick your favorite one and start crafting. Some of these concrete planters would also make really nice and thoughtful gifts.

Minimalist succulent planterView in gallery

This square-shaped flat planter has four little slots for four different plants. The mold for this can be a box with the right shape and size which you can craft from scratch using leftover wood or plywood pieces. Once you’ve poured in all the concrete and it’s still wet, place four cups (bottles, containers or anything else you can use for this. plastic is best because it’s easier to remove) to create the holes for the plants to grow in. Allow the concrete to set, then remove the mold and add the finishing touches, sanding down the edges and so on. You can find additional details about this project on instructables.

Funny concrete mini plantersView in gallery

These would have to be the most adorable concrete planters ever. Just look at those cute little faces and how awesome they look with the succulents acting as hair. Ever better, you can make these using plastic bottles as molds. It’s actually a very simple process and it’s all described in detail on instructables. You can make these in different sizes and different shapes, based on the types of bottles that you choose to use.

Succulent concrete plantersView in gallery

These concrete planters are not just good-looking and versatile. They’re also self-watering and that’s probably the best feature you can add to a project such as this one. It’s not as complicated as you may think. It does however mean that each planter has to be composed out of two pieces. There’s the bottom section which holds the water, with a little space for you to easily add more plus the top part which is the actual planter. Check out instructables to find out more about this cool little project.

More then a concrete tableView in gallery

How about a small table with a planter built right into it. It’s an interesting combo and building something like this isn’t actually that difficult. The tabletop would be made out of concrete and including a planter hole into it would be very simple. Once you have this section, adding the base or the legs shouldn’t be hard. You can make the bottom section out of metal to continue on the same industrial path but you can also opt for a different look and make the necessary adjustments to the design. Check out instructables for more details.

Simple tiny color block planter from concreteView in gallery

When making a concrete planter you can use any box or container as a mold. Look around for anything that has a nice shape and size and picture it as a planter. This one right here was made using a juice box. It looks really nice and stylish with the painted stripes on the outside. That’s easy to do using leftover paint and a paintbrush. Check out diys to find out how this was made from start to finish.Tall concrete planterView in gallery

Larger concrete planters are still easy to make but require more resources. This one is quite tall and uses several bags of quick setting concrete mix. The actual box that served as a mold was made using melamine sheets and those two ridges at the top were created using decorative molding. You can definitely create all sorts of interesting designs and patterns using a similar technique. If you want to find out more details about this project, check out remodelaholic.

Wood and concrete planterView in gallery

If you’re not exactly a fan of pouring concrete into a mold and making custom planters this way, an alternative could be to use concrete pavers instead. You can build a wooden frame around them and create geometric planters which you can put on display out on the porch, in your backyard or garden or even indoors. If you’re interested be sure to check out the complete tutorial on modpodgerocksblog.

Concrete hads planter with mossView in gallery

You’re probably thinking that these things look really fancy and are probably too difficult to make to even try. Well, not exactly. It’s definitely not as easy as making a simple geometric planter but this can actually be an opportunity for you to try something new and explore your artistic side. You’d be starting with a styrofoam head as a base which you then cover in concrete, sculpting the planter as you go. More details can be found on lilyardor.

Fake cement planterView in gallery

This is a really interesting variation of the whole concrete planter idea. These planters are made using the following items:old bath towels, concrete mix, water, water0based paint, a needle, some thread and a plastic bottle or some other sort of container. After you’ve planned how you want the planters to look like and cut the towels into pieces then sewed them together, you need to prepare the concrete mix, soak the fabric in water so it’s wet but not dripping and then soak the fabric into the concrete mix, placing it over the bottle and allowing it to dry and set. You can find out more about this project on gabiralea.

DIY Concrete Planter with Copper PipeView in gallery

If you find regular planters just a bit too flat and mainstream, perhaps you’d prefer a tiered one instead. This one has only two tiers so it’s fairly easy to make. The bottom section is the largest one and there’s also a smaller one at the top. The rugged unfinished edges on the bottom tier are a quirky detail that make this planter stand out even more. For more details about this project you can check out anikasdiylife.

Concrete and Felt Succulent PlanterView in gallery

If you want the look of a concrete planter without the concrete, a trick that you can use is to paint foam grey. You can thus make a faux concrete planter which you can fill with little faux succulents, decorative pebbles and other things. This is meant to serve as an ornament. You can keep it on your desk, on the coffee table or on a shelf. Find out the rest of the details on purelykatie.

DIY Cement Hanging PlantersView in gallery

You can make hanging planters that look like they’re made of concrete without actually using this material. You can replace the cement mixture with clay. It’s easy to work with and you can shape it in all sorts of interesting ways. A good example is this pair of geometric planters that look like inverted pyramids. They have some golden accents on them which make them stand out. If you want to craft something similar, check out the tutorial on prettylifegirls first.

Modular concrete geometric wall plantersView in gallery

If you have the time and energy it would definitely be cool to make something a bit more complex such as a modular concrete planter set. The idea here is to make several equilateral triangle-shaped planters which you can then arrange in numerous different patterns. Each one of these modules requires a mold to be made out of cardboard. You can then fill them with concrete, pushing the mixture in and when they’re all set you remove the cardboard, sand down the edges if you want to and add the finishing touches such as the golden rims. Check out apieceofrainbow if you want to find out more details.