DIY Christmas Ornament Ideas For A Truly Special Celebration

My favorite thing about Christmas is that I get to make all sorts of decorations to display around the house. Every year I like to try something different and special just so it doesn’t feel like a repetitive event. Finding the right ideas for the projects is just as difficult as actually crafting the Christmas decorations. Of course, it’s also fun and exciting. With that in mind, let’s dive right into it.

DIY Christmas Felt Ball WreathView in gallery

First things first – the Christmas wreath. It’s usually one of the very first decorations that people are adding to their homes. It gets everyone into the spirit of Christmas and it’s a pretty simple project with lots of different possibilities when it comes to style and design. We feel like a felt ball wreath would really sum up the cheerful and playful vibe of Christmas this year.

Snowflake Art Christmas DecorationView in gallery

We really like minimalism so we’d like to inspire you too to try a few simple projects this year. For example, you might enjoy making these snowflake Christmas ornaments out of square pieces of particle board. They’re easy to make and don’t really require a lot of materials or tools. Check out diys to find out all about them.

How to Dry Whole Oranges for Christmas Tree OrnamentsView in gallery

Don’t you think oranges smell like Christmas? Their scent brings back nice memories and creates a really cozy and pleasant vibe in the house. That’s why we love these dried orange Christmas ornaments so much. They’re actually really easy to make. All you need is some whole oranges, a sharp knife, some string and an oven. There’s really no reason you shouldn’t try this.

Snowflake Embroidered Heart Ornament for Christmas TreeView in gallery

These embroidered heart ornaments are fairly easy to make as well. You need red felt, red ribbon, white thread and some stuffing. You can also add some rhinestones if you want to 9just glue them on). Make these ornaments as big as you want to but try to keep them cute. You can find additional details and instructions about this project on diys.

DIY Natural Christmas Tree OrnamentsView in gallery

Natural Christmas tree ornaments made from things like citrus slices, cinnamon sticks or pine cones are really nice because they add an organic touch to the decor. They’re also easy to make and inexpensive but the thing we like most about them is the scent that they give off. Anyone can make these so why not go ahead and try it for yourself?

Concrete Outdoor Christmas Tree DecorationView in gallery

A lot of the projects that involve concrete can seem intimidating or difficult so not many people end up actually doing them. This one however is very simple and seems like the perfect project for a beginner. You don’t even need a special mold because you can make one out of styrofoam. Check out diys to find out the rest of the details.

DIY Orange Slice GarlandView in gallery

We mentioned oranges twice now and we’re about to do it again because this is a really great project. The idea is to make a Christmas garland out of orange slices. You’ll need to put the slices into the oven first to get them nice and dry before you make the garland. Doesn’t it look lovely? It’s the perfect Christmas decoration for the fireplace mantel.

DIY Twig Christmas TreeView in gallery

You can make beautiful Christmas ornaments out of pretty much anything. Even twigs can be a good resource. That’s exactly what this little Christmas tree is made of. Its base is a little slice of wood and its trunk and branches are twigs of different lengths and thicknesses. They’re help together by glue. If you like the idea, check out diys for more details.

DIY Christmas Gift IdeaView in gallery

Mini-wreaths are really cute and can be used as ornaments for the Christmas tree. You could make some out of Mason jar rings. You can wrap them in twine, yarn, string and whatever else you can find and you can even use different colors to create patterns and interesting designs. It’s a nice beginner-level project that costs little to make but delivers a lot.

DIY String Art Christmas Tree OrnamentsView in gallery

Another cute idea that you might like to try this year is to make string art Christmas ornaments. For that you would need some wood rounds, a bunch of small nails, a hammer, needle-nose pliers, some embroidery floss in any color you prefer, paper clips and a hot glue gun.

DIY Geometric Straw PrismsView in gallery

You can also make Christmas ornaments out of straws. It’s actually pretty simple. You basically just cut the straws into pieces, you run some thread or fishing line through them and then you create the geometric shape that you want. Of course, this takes a bit of planning too. You need to know in advance how long the pieces need to be, how many you need and in what order you need to connect them in order to get these straw prisms at the end.

Wreath christmas package diyView in gallery

You know all those scrap pieces of wrapping paper you kept saving all this time? Now would be a good time to use them. You can make something really cute out of them, like this package wreath for example. You can use styrofoam pieces as your little “gifts”. Wrap each one in colored paper and mix and match the patterns and prints to create a nice combo. You can find additional details on handmadecharlotte.

Corlorul bottle brush treesView in gallery

Bottle brush trees are really cute and can be used in lots of different ways to create a festive Christmas decor around the house. One option is to have several of them attached to a piece of wood and to create a custom sign which you can display wherever and however you want, either inside the house or outside. The idea is inspired by a project from deliciousanddiy.

Christmas Favour Bag DIY OrnamentsView in gallery

You can also make simple Christmas ornaments by filling some little favor bags with greenery clippings, mini pinecones and other such things. The idea is to create something simple and charming using items that you can find in your own backyard. You can find more details about this project on aprettyfix.

Map christmas ornamentsView in gallery

As you probably guessed by now, it’s possible to turn just about anything into beautiful Christmas ornaments if you’re creative enough. With that in mind, it might be a good idea to just look in all those drawers and boxes that you have around the house and look for items that you can incorporate in your future project. A very inspiring project in this sense is the one featured on pillarboxblue.

DIY Rustic and Modern Wood Christmas TreeView in gallery

How about a little Christmas tree made out of wood? well technically they’re all made of wood but we’re not talking about natural trees in this case. The one we have in mind is made of lumber. We like how simple it looks and how versatile it is. Of course, if you want to you can customize yours in all sorts of cool and interesting ways.

Adorable Christmas OrnamentsView in gallery

There are also lots of adorable Christmas tree ornaments that you could make. Our favorite is this snowman. It’s not exactly tiny so you might not be able to hang it in the tree but you can definitely display it somewhere else. To make it you need a styrofoam ball, eyes, a carrot nose, a black hat, glitter and Mod Podge. Yes, it’s a very specific list of supplies but there’s room for improvisation. The same goes for the Santa ornament.

Woodlands Themed DecorativeView in gallery

If you have enough time…and patience and the right supplies for this project…you can make a decorative Christmas shadowbox that’s absolutely charming. The actual tree-shaped shadowbox might be hard to find but if you really want to make this there’s also the option to craft it from scratch.

Terrarium Ornaments for Christmas TreeView in gallery

Make your Christmas tree really special this year by decorating it with mini terrarium ornaments. They’re basically just clear glass ornaments filled with soil, moss and tiny succulents. They look amazing and they’d also make a really nice gift for someone you’re close to. You can also hang these around the house in case you don’t want to hide them in the tree.