DIY Chalkboard Globe for Kids

Just 3 simple steps is all it takes to turn an old globe into this fun interactive accessory. Chalkboard paint allows you to write notes, draw pictures, or plan your next big adventure with this fun globe!

DIY chalkboard globe
DIY chalkboard globe

Supplies you’ll need for kids chalkboard globe:

  • globe
  • chalkboard pain
  • large paint brush
  • gold paint (brush paint or spray paint)
  • chalk

Instructions to made the chalkboard globe:

Step 1: Disassembling

Start by disassembling and cleaning your globe. The globe should come apart by pulling up the top pin out of the top of the globe. The sphere should come apart completely from the base. Clean the globe with a wet cloth to get off any dirt or dust to prep for paint (especially if you are using an old cast off globe). Dry off with a dry towel.

DIY chalkboard globe

Step 2: Paint the base

Next paint your stand. Here we used bright gold paint to really make the chalkboard paint pop. You can either brush on the paint or use spray-on using spray paint. Brushed on paint will likely need two coats, if you use spray paint you can just apply one coat. Apply evenly all over the base, including the under side of the pins and base.

DIY chalkboard globe

Step 3: Chalkboard paint

Lastly, apply chalkboard paint to the globe itself. the globe should have a opening at the bottom that should let it sit nicely on a table top. Use a large brush to apply the chalkboard paint evenly over the globe. You will likely need at least 2, possibly even 3 coats depending on the brand of chalkboard paint you use and how thick it is. Try to apply it thick enough to cover any brush marks. Let dry. Once all the paint is dry, reassemble the globe and your project is finished!

DIY chalkboard globe

You may see the texture of the continents under the paint which is okay. You can trace around them with chalk on the chalkboard once the paint is dry or just leave them be and scribble your words over them.

DIY chalkboard globe
DIY chalkboard globe

Display your globe in the guest room where guests can sign and mark where they are traveling from when they stop over. Or use on a shelf display to write words of adventure to inspire a travel themed vignette. Or simply just keep in the kids room as a canvas for them to map out their own future adventures!