DIY Wooden Plant Pot – Tree Trunk Style

Succulents are quite the trendy plant right now, but the best part about them is their versatility when it comes to planting.

Two toned tree trunk planter DIY 1024x683

There are tons of options for planting them in all sorts of places, including this rustic yet colorful log planter! Complete with a two-toned look this is a great little accessory that adds a little green to a table top or shelf vignette.

Tree Trunk Planter Supplies:

  • 4 or 5 inch wide tree trunk (by at least 5 inches high)
  • 2 inch forstner drill bit
  • drill (hand drill will go but drill press may be preferable for precision)
  • thick grit sand paper or sanding block
  • painter’s tape
  • spray paint
  • beeswax or varnish if desired for finishing
  • plant for finished product

How to build the wooden planter:

tree trunk planter DIY

Step 1: Drilling process

Start by drilling out the planter portion of log. Use the forstner bit and depress about 2 inches down to create a place for your plant.

Step 2: Sanding

Next sand down the inside where you drilled for a smooth surface. You may also want to sand down the outside depending on the bark finish- if you want it bare sand down the entire exterior.

tree trunk planter DIY instructions

Step 3: Seal

For a two-toned look, use painter’s tape to seal off the top of the planter. Ensure a nice seal from the tape so that no paint leaks in.

Step 4: Add color

Spray paint the bottom of the planter and let dry. You will likely need to apply 2 coats so ensure that the first one dries completely before adding the second.

Once the second coat is dry, remove the tape from the planter. You can apply an optional extra coat of varnish or beeswax to the top of the planter to finish it off if desired. You can also skip the painting step all together if you prefer an all natural look.

Step 5: Add the plant

Complete the project with a little 2 inch succulent plant in the center of the planter and find the perfect spot for it! Do note to make sure to keep the plant in the plastic planter to keep the planter from rotting out after long term use (it should slide right into the center of the planter).

DIY two toned tree trunk planter
two toned tree trunk planter DIY

Not only does this little piece work great for plants, you could also use it to hold a candle or extra pens or pencils for those that don’t have the greenest of thumbs!