Canvas Painting Projects: DIY Ideas

Are you looking for some easy and fun projects to get your hands dirty with? Or maybe you’re looking for something to spruce up the walls of your new home, or maybe you’re looking for both? Here is a quick list of some playful diy canvas art that anyone can dive into and create! Let’s take a peek, shall we?

1. Gold Ombre Chevron.

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All you need to make this beauty happen are some canvases, paint and tape! Iron out your designs and slap on a few coats of paint! We love this metallic look for a trendy, elegant look in the dining room … your guests won’t be able to guess they’re homemade pieces.{found on jesslively}.

2. Colorful Leftover Designs.

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Do you have a bunch of leftover paint in the craft room or even from painting the walls in your home? Put that extra bit to good use and create something magical and fun for your home! You’ll need a pencil and masking tape to create the design, but after that the fun can begin.{found on fengshuidana}.

3. White Puffy Designs.

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Not all painting has to be done with a brush. Grab the puffy paint for some real festive and playful fun. We love this in your daughter’s room or even in your own home office for inspiration. This canvas was made using some classic Mod Podge and then topped off with some puffy paint for the designs.

4. Watercolor Pixel Art.

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Turn your favorite photo into its pixeled counterpart and then hand paint the design on a canvas for your living room, hallway or bedroom wall collage. It’s fun, it’s super easy to do and you’ll get something unique and personal for your home.{found on witandwhistle}.

5. Kitchen Sponge Art.

Grab your paint and a kitchen sponge and start painting. We love this youthful and flirty “Hi” piece, but we also love the inspiration and ideas you can get just by glancing at this easy DIY.

6. Thrift Store Finds.

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You don’t have to start from scratch with these DIY ideas. You can start with a thrift store find and then create a fun update! This color block idea is fun but so would hand painted words or patterns!

7. Some Spoon Art.

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Take a could look at this striped painting. Can you tell it was made by using a large metal serving spoon as a paintbrush? You can even create a homemade, painted DIY piece without using a paintbrush! Maybe next time we’ll use q-tips or even some butter knives?{found on mrkate}.

8. Poppies Are Blooming.

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We love this painting. And we love that it can be redone at home. Some of your favorite colors, stencils and just a bit of puffy paint for texture can be used to recreate it at home. Then hang it up for all your guests to see!

9. Sideways Ombre Touches.

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Pick your favorite color and try your hand on your own ombre creation. It’s quite the free-hand style so there’s no way you can “mess up” as there are no rules in the world of DIY art!

10. Festive Holiday Surprises.

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You can always get your hands dirty and create something homemade for the holidays. Whether it’s Halloween or Christmas, pick something simple and embellish a little bit!