Canvas Painting Ideas For Your Next DIY Room Makeover

DIY wall decorating starts with canvas painting ideas. Painting a canvas is a creative journey. A painting can take control of a room and become the focal point for the entire space. However, wall art doesn’t have to be the focus of a room. You can use canvas paintings for thematic accents or backdrops.

Canvas Painting Ideas

Maybe you want art to energize your walls or blend with your room’s decor? Here we’ll show you ten  DIY canvas art ideas that are easy to create. 

Easy Canvas Painting Ideas For Your Living Spaces

Here are ten wall art and easy painting ideas for your DIY interior design project.

Gold Ombre Chevron

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DIY canvas art allows you to open up in ways that other art forms won’t allow. To create this three-canvas art piece, all you need is painters tape and paint. Iron the designs into the canvas and throw some acrylic paint on each one. You’ll notice with this example how the metallic color provides an elegant look for a dining room (jesslively).

Feel to use other colors, although neutral light brown tones are recommended. Either way, this multi-canvas DIY art project would make for a great addition to your dining room area.

DIY Canvas Painting Ideas

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Do you have leftover acrylic paint in a craft room or from painting the walls in your home? Use it to create a magical art design and add some positive energy to your home. You’ll need a pencil and masking tape to create the design, but afterward, the fun can begin (fengshuidana).

Puffy Art Piece

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This example was created with a Mod Podge and was so much fun from start to finish. It’s topped with puffy paint to augment the design. Not all canvas painting happens with a brush and acrylic paints.

Grab some puffy paint for festive and playful fun. Use this in your daughter’s room or your home office for inspiration. 

Watercolor Pixel Painting Ideas

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Convert your favorite photo into a pixeled counterpart and hand paint the design on a canvas for your living room, hallway, or bedroom wall collage. The example here is an easy canvas painting idea. You can create unique and personal wall art for your home. (witandwhistle).

Kitchen Sponge Art

Grab your paint and a kitchen sponge and start painting. This youthful and flirty “Hi” piece, but we also love the inspiration and ideas you can get just by glancing at this easy DIY.

Thrift Store DIY Canvas Painting

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With each super easy idea, you don’t have to start from scratch. Start your search at a thrift store. Take an old painting and then cover half of it with your favorite color of acrylic. This idea is a fun project and a favorite out of all the easy acrylic painting ideas.

DIY Beach Scene

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In this example, horizontal striped canvas painting can make a room look bigger. You wouldn’t know by looking at it that it was made with a large metal serving spoon instead of a paintbrush. Another great thing about DIY canvas art is how it makes for a great Mother’s Day gift.

You can make a homemade, painted DIY piece without a paintbrush. Maybe next time you could use cotton swabs? {Check out this step by step tutorial: mrkate}.

Poppies Are Blooming

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In this example that features oil paints, you can see how using different colors is an easy way to match your home decor. Feel free to use your favorite colors, stencils, and paint for texture.

This is a great way to make wall art for your home. Also, there are plenty of painting ideas for beginners. You can start small and go big whenever you want. With easy canvas paintings, remember, they’re called “easy” for a reason. Keep it simple, and you won’t get discouraged.

Sideways Ombre Touches

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Pick your favorite color and paint an ombre creation. It utilizes a free-hand style, so there’s no way you can “mess up” as there are no rules in the world of DIY art. 

Holiday Canvas Painting

Festive holiday surprise

Here’s another easy painting idea, but this one has a message. Acrylic paints and are versatile are used for most wall art painting ideas. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty with a DIY canvas project.

Holiday celebrations like Halloween or Christmas offer plenty of inspiration for canvas painting is a great way to celebrate special days.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What Makes A Good Canvas Painting?

The best canvases share the same qualities. They’re tightly wrapped, have a solid structure, and are made with high quality materials. Another way would be lightweight and tight, just as long as they don’t tear in the corners.

How Easy Are Painting Ideas For The Home?

Before you start painting, shake up the acrylic based gesso. Then, pour the gesso onto a sheet of palette paper. Use a paintbrush to paint the entire canvas. Apply one thick coat to make sure you cover the sides of the canvas

What Paints Are The Best For Canvas Painting?

Two of the most used paints for canvas art are oil and acrylic paint. Acrylic comes in as an all-time favorite as it’s easy to work with and dries quickly. Oil paint is another winner with its thick, gluey consistency it is the perfect paint recipe paired beautifully with canvas.

Can You Use Cardboard As A Paint Canvas?

Yes, you can. Create a PVA mixture with white gesso or acrylic gel. If you want white, use gesso if you want a white background, and use a gel medium if you want a brown cardboard color as a base for  the colors you use. One idea that would look good with a cardboard canvas is a palm tree painting. 

Should I Wet My Canvas Before Acrylic Painting?

A primer, or gesso, prepares a surface for painting by adding a slight texture to the surface and helping acrylic adhere to it. A canvas without gesso will soak up paint. A canvas must be gessoed before it is painted.

Canvas Painting Ideas Conclusion

Canvas painting is open and free. There are no limitations, except for the boundaries of your creative abilities and your canvas. With wall art, anything goes. 

The fun begins with a blank canvas. Floral painting or sunset paintings do not require professional painting skills. How hard would it be to paint a night sky or paint hydrangeas?

If you’re not comfortable with your painting skills then learn how to paint. And as any artist will tell you, the best way to learn how to paint is to paint.