Easy Abstract Painting: 20 Cool Ways To Hang Art On Your Walls

Easy abstract painting can elevate a living space. You don’t need to buy the real thing. Abstract art prints from your favorite artists can transform a room. With the right abstract art piece, you won’t grow tired of looking at it.

Easy Abstract Painting

If you’re not sure where to hang abstract paintings, we can help. We’ll show you some DIY abstract art examples that will take your interior decor skills to the next level.

What Is Abstract Art?

Before we get into the different ways you can decorate a room with abstract paintings, let’s learn more about the art form.

Abstract artwork emerged in the early 20th century. It was a movement that challenged traditional painting ideas. Today, abstract painting is ubiquitous. 

The artwork comes in many shapes and sizes and in two or three-dimensional pieces. At its core is the idea of freedom of expression.

DIY Canvas Styles

Types of Canvas

In staying true to its beautiful mess aesthetic, abstract painting utilizes different canvas materials.

Here are the most common canvas styles:

  • Cotton duck canvas is the most common. It’s one of the cheapest and available in weaves and weights. The canvas style is also popular due to its weight. 
  • Linen is a superior material to cotton. It doesn’t stretch and is made with stronger fibers. A linen canvas is less prone to mildew and mold. 
  • Stretched canvases are expensive but convenient as they’re ready to go straight out of the box. 
  • Canvas panels are a cheaper option. They’re usually made with wooden pressboard panels and heavy-duty cards.
  • Canvas rolls are the cheapest alternative but will take time and effort to prepare the surface for painting. 

Abstract Painting Materials

DIY Entryway Makeover Marble Abstract Wall Art

Abstract paintings feature different types of paint. Here, we’ll show you the most popular paints and why they’re used by artists worldwide.


Acrylic is the most popular canvas paint. It’s easy to work with and dries fast. As a thick paint, it’s durable and long lasting.  

Oil Based Paint

Oil paint is water soluble or traditional. Both styles have a viscous texture and work well with canvas painting. For example, the English artist Francis Bacon used oil based paints. 


Gouache paint is a combination of watercolor and acrylic. The paint is made with color pigments that have been combined with binding agents. The texture is heavier than watercolor paint but lighter than acrylic.   


Latex paint is popular due to Spanish artist Pablo Picasso. The paint works well on a canvas but it’s not long lasting.

DIY Abstract Painting Ideas

Here are 20 abstract painting ideas that will help you enliven your living space. 

1. DIY Painting Ideas

DIY Wall Art

Abstract painting isn’t easy, just as any art form isn’t easy. For inspiration, this cool painting tutorial on how to make art and then hang it will help get you started.  

2. DIY Abstract Art

DIY Abstract Art

This tutorial will show you how to create a wall painting with a few paintbrushes,  black, blue, yellow, red, and white acrylic paint, masking tape, and a canvas.

3. Easy Abstract Painting

Paint & Dye Abstract Art

This tutorial explains is clear how difficult it is to explain the process of creating an abstract painting. Even when trying to replicate it, no two results are the same when it comes to this type of art. 

4. Easy Abstract DIY B&W 

DIY Black and White Spotted Art

Spotted paintings are all the rage. So, if you find yourself with an empty wall and aren’t sure how to decorate it, a spotted painting made with your two hands can look cool and satisfying. 

This idea is awesome if you have other dotted or spotted décor elements in the room.

5. Acrylic Abstract Art

Acrylic Paint Abstract Painting

There is a reason why art is considered therapy and this is proof of that. This is an example of a project that involves using black ink abstract art in the form of a marker pen. How does this work? 

6. Gold Leaf Abstract Art

Gold Leaf Art

You just have to love the combination of colors in this DIY painting. It looks like art from a Parisian café.  

7. Watercolor Abstract Painting Tutorial

DIY Entryway Makeover Marble Abstract Wall Art

As we suggested above, you can combine golden elements with cold shades of blue and the result will be a beautiful painting just like the one in this tutorial

The project doesn’t require a big investment to get started. You’re going to need a blank canvas, some wrapping paper, gold foil flakes, glue, acrylic, and brushes. 

8. DIY Abstract Art For Beginners
DIY Entryway Makeover Marble Abstract Wall Art

Time to put those heavy-weight acrylic paint tubes to good use and experiment with different tones that you find appealing. This project uses brushes of different sizes to create even more uneven effects given by the different types of brush strokes.. 

9. Embroidered Abstract Canvas Art

DIY Entryway Makeover Marble Abstract Wall Art

This painting tutorial is an original idea and has a unique approach when compared to the others. This project requires a pre stretched canvas, embroidery floss or craft thread, pencil, eraser, ruler, scissors, and a needle.

10. Geometric DIY Abstract Art

DIY Entryway Makeover Marble Abstract Wall Art

This is one of our most favorite DIY abstract crafts of the day and it involves creating a metallic-like canvas but, once again, there are so many different colors and options for you to experiment with.

For instance, you can use gold spray paint or go crazy with some watercolors. You can use decorator’s tape to create the geometric design.

11. DIY Art

DIY Entryway Makeover Marble Abstract Wall Art

A project that started out as an idea for a nursery could easily be hung in just about any room in the house because the result is simply astonishing.

These constellation paintings were made using watercolor paper, frames, different shades of blue watercolors, glue dots, gold leaf, a gold marker, some cardboard, and a bunch of other stuff that you most likely have around the house already. 

12. DIY Ripple Wall Art

DIY Entryway Makeover Marble Abstract Wall Art

Geometrical abstract art with diamond patterns? It’s a simple project that requires painter’s tape and plywood, latex paint, a knife, measuring tape, a pencil, ruler, and paintbrushes.

The most complicated part of this tutorial will be placing the painter’s tape and trimming everything so that the pattern turns out perfect. 

13. Fired Alcohol Ink Art

DIY Entryway Makeover Marble Abstract Wall Art

Here is a bold painting project if I ever saw one. It requires using an open flame, so be careful with the materials that are around you as you embark on this mission.

Grab a picture frame, remove the glass, put a few drops of alcohol ink on the glass, pour some rubbing alcohol on top, swirl, and then set it on fire.

When the flames are out, put the glass back in place, making sure there is white paper backing so that the colors and patterns are easier to see. 

14. DIY Abstract Artwork

DIY Entryway Makeover Marble Abstract Wall Art

This painting suggestion involves creating different layers of colors on a blank canvas without having a specific design or goal in mind.

It’s about improvising on the go, which can be an excellent form of therapy. It’s based on the idea that if you encounter parts of your painting that you don’t like, change them.

15. Layered Abstract Painting

DIY Entryway Makeover Marble Abstract Wall Art

We like this particular project because the artist chose to create a painting that matches the style and colors of the rug. This is the kind of combination that you’re looking for when you want a uniform interior design layout. 

16. Abstract Wall Mural

DIY Entryway Makeover Marble Abstract Wall Art

The beautiful thing about painting is that almost anything can be your canvas, including your bathroom wall. To create your very own abstract wall mural, you will need at least two different paint colors to create a gradient-like effect. 

17. Watercolor Abstract Triangles Art

DIY Entryway Makeover Marble Abstract Wall Art

Here is yet another geometry-inspired abstract work of art that allows you to improvise as you go, without the need to sketch out the outlines of the triangles first. However, if you feel you’re not good with improvising, you can always use a pencil and a ruler to first draw the outlines and then you can combine the watercolors as you go. 

18. Epoxy Resin Painting for Beginners

DIY Entryway Makeover Marble Abstract Wall Art

This galaxy-themed abstract painting uses epoxy as the main ingredients. Sand plywood, and combine epoxy resin and acrylic paints to achieve the same effect.

19. DIY Watercolor Abstract Painting 

DIY Entryway Makeover Marble Abstract Wall Art

If you’re looking for a seasonal art to complete a display, you can make something yourself. You will need a canvas in the size of your choice, paint and foam brushes. 

20. Collage Abstract Wall Paintings

DIY Entryway Makeover Marble Abstract Wall Art

Maybe this can’t be called abstract considering it is a collage project that recreates fruit, but the final result was too beautiful not to share.

Easy Way To Hang Abstract Art 

How to Arrange Abstract Art in Your Home

Design elements are second nature in your home, like arranging throw pillows or determining which nooks would benefit from a certain plant, for example.

Know What You Want From Abstract Paintings

Begin your art search for pieces after you choose the room you want to decorate.

Experiment with layering

Abstract Painting Ideas With Layering

By overlaying pieces you add dimension. Suspend frames from pegs and stack smaller frames on top of bigger ones. 

Matching DIY Abstract Art

You want art pieces that work well with your living space. The final result should be something that complements the room. Many people see abstract art as a beautiful mess, and in some ways it is.

Final Result

Avoid the frustration associated with hanging and rehanging your paintings. With painters tape, you can play with the positioning and arrangement of abstract wall art without hurting your wall surfaces. 

More Cool Canvas Wall Painting Ideas

Agate-Inspired Artwork

Agate-Inspired Artwork

If you too are inspired by the beauty of agate and malachite, here is a tutorial that will show you how to recreate these patterns using a canvas, some paint tubes (in the colors that are suitable for the pattern you wish to recreate), and a cardboard piece that’s used to spread the paint across the surface of the canvas. 

Simple Daisy Painting

DIY Entryway Makeover Marble Abstract Wall Art

Let’s face it: who doesn’t love to see daisies? They are the perfect symbol for warm days and depict the beauty of nature, so if you want a simple daisy painting, this tutorial will show you the easy steps to follow. 

DIY Geometric Art

DIY Entryway Makeover Marble Abstract Wall Art

Making abstract geometric art is pretty easy, as you’re about to learn from this tutorial. The process itself is very simple and it requires a minimal investment. 

Thrift Canvas Art

DIY Entryway Makeover Marble Abstract Wall Art

Focused on creating cool artwork while saving as much money in the process as possible, this tutorial is all about teaching you how to do that. The project implies repainting over a canvas that you can purchase for next-to-nothing at a thrift store. 

Easy Abstract Art

DIY Entryway Makeover Marble Abstract Wall Art

Geometry is a feature of abstract painting. With DIY abstract painting, you can include any shape or style you want. 

Pinwheel Painting Tutorial

DIY Entryway Makeover Marble Abstract Wall Art

This pinwheel painting project can add color to your room. 

Large Abstract Paintings

DIY Entryway Makeover Marble Abstract Wall Art

Here is a very interesting project that helps you create a large white abstract painting that could fit on any wall color and in almost every room of the house. 

Minimalist Canvas

DIY Entryway Makeover Marble Abstract Wall Art

You’ll enjoy this little project, but requires more materials than the others. You’ll need plaster of Paris or join compound, paint, a plastic scraper or putty knife, container, gloves, a palette knife, and paintbrush.  

Easy Tapestry Wall Art

DIY Entryway Makeover Marble Abstract Wall Art

This project will show you how to turn an piece of fabric into abstract art. You can learn how to attach fabric to a wooden frame that you can make by yourself. 

Huge Canvas Wall Art

DIY Entryway Makeover Marble Abstract Wall Art

Here’s a video that will help if you want to cover a large wall. When you have a big wall that you want to cover, a large abstract art canvas will help you get it done.

Marble Abstract Wall Art

DIY Entryway Makeover Marble Abstract Wall Art

Marble art was made for hallways. Follow the full tutorial and the technique described in the video is simple. Give the video a spin and see how you feel. Regardless of what you create, you’ll have fun making art for you hallway.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What Is Mid Century Modern Abstract Art?

There are many characteristics that make up mid century modern art. The main traits to look for include clean lines, muted color tones, natural shapes, and wild colors.

What Would Be Some Good Black And White Framed Abstract Art To Hang In An Office?

You can’t go wrong with Jackson Pollock. When choosing art to hang in your office, you don’t want something that will be a distraction. For contemporary artists, you could go with Dana Gordon or Jean Feinberg.

Is Black Abstract Art Wallpaper A Good Idea?

Black abstract art wallpaper would be good for someone who’s an artist. Black wallpaper is strong and requires a certain personality. It’s not everyone nor is it for every room.  

Where Should I Hang Great Big Canvas Abstract Art?

When hanging a big canvas, location is everything. You wouldn’t want to hang a big canvas in your hallway, for example. The best spaces for big canvases are large, open rooms where the artwork can be enjoyed in full view.

Can I Find Abstract Art On Instagram?

Instagram has become more of a marketplace than a social media platform. Artists from all over the world sell art on Instagram. An easy way would be to search “abstract art” on Instagram. Within a few seconds, you would find thousands of art vendors selling DIY abstract art. 

Easy Abstract Art Conclusion

When choosing abstract art for your home, the final result should work well together with your overall decor. With examples provided here, almost all of them offer a full tutorial on an art style. Watch the videos first and see what you can learn.

Many people think that abstract art is meaningless. The art form uses non -traditional methods and styles. However, for some people, abstract painting is a form of therapy. If you wanted to try your hand at an abstract painting, you could jump in whenever you wanted. The nice thing about abstract art is it doesn’t adhere to a set of rules or guidelines.

Painting abstract art doesn’t require many supplies. You can use acrylic paints or oil-based paint. You could paint on a primed canvas or designate a space in your home as an abstract wall and paint it however you wanted.

The most important thing to remember about creating abstract art is that you’re free to do whatever you want. Do not let anyone tell you what you can or cannot do. It’s your time, do follow your instincts and have some fun.