6 Ways To Create Contemporary Wall Art

Are you feeling a bit creative? Are you feeling a bit crafty? There are so many easy, inexpensive ways to put that energy to use! We love DIYing and crafting and there are so many different projects you can tackle to help out with decor ideas and jazzing up your home!

Today we’re all about modern, contemporary style and how to create something wonderful for your wall while still staying with that classic theme. So we’ve scoured the internet and found great tutorials and ideas to capture a contemporary feel and are sure to be fun to do! Pick out one of these projects and make your chosen space hand-touched … by you!

Now sit back, relax and scroll through all these ways to make yourself and your home a piece of contemporary wall art!

1. Grab a load of paint swatches!

Wall art colorful

This project is incredibly easy to do and will barely cost you a dime. Choose a thrifted frame and color scheme …. and get to designing! If you’d like … follow this lovely tutorial from A Beautiful Mess blog. It’ll really spruce up a wall or space that doesn’t hold a lot of color. And it’s a great alternative from painting!

2. Tape it up!

Wall art colorful

Contemporary is sleek with clean lines .. and that’s just what this project is. That and well, it’s super easy too! All you have to do is grab a canvas, paint it whatever color you’d like and use tape to create an awesome design!

3. Wrap it up!

Wall art colorful

Grab newspaper or some excess scrapbook paper .. combine it … and wrap a piece of canvas. Again, it’s really sleek and easy to create those clean, modern lines.

4. Snag some tissue paper.

Wall art colorful

Tissue paper is good for more than just wrapping up gifts, the light quality and variety of colors can create something magical. Cut out shapes, circles in this instance and design something! Don’t go too crazy or layered and steer away from your contemporary theme but have fun with it.

5. Create a sprinkling of confetti.

Wall art colorful

I’m more than n love with this DIY. Grab some fun scrapbook paper, punch out some circles and sprinkle them onto a canvas. Don’t use too many bubbles but just enough to create something pretty and sleek for your modern space.

6. Wood, wood, wood!

Wall art colorful

Wood isn’t just for vintage, southern flavors but can also be used in a contemporary project.i Take those leftover wood scraps, paint them up and glue them together!