10 Tips to Add Paintings Into Your Home

In a world where our walls are filled with photographs and mass produced prints and inspiring quotes, somebody had the brilliant idea to be daring and return to the classics. Yes, the paintings. You’ll find them in your grandma’s house and stacked against the back wall of the thrift store in dusty forgotten frames. We are starting to breathe new life into these pieces and see them for the gems they really are. So clear your walls, dust off those strokes and check out these 10 tips to add paintings into your home. You’ll find a newfound freedom in decorating from here on out.

Living room paintings on shelf

I don’t know about you, but the first place I think of to put up wall art is above the couch. Such a focal point will set the tone for your whole living room. Whether you choose one piece or several, paintings will help you incorporate your home’s basic colors as well as new and different shades. (via Blissful Blog)

Above the sofa wall art frames

If you aren’t sold on making a painting the focal point above your couch, consider replacing one print with your favorite piece. Adding just one painting will give your room the feeling of depth and tradition that no inspiring quote ever will. (via House of Hipsters)

Dining room wall art

Are you always posting dining room still life photos on your Instagram? Add a still life painting to give you some inspiration for those photos as well as beautify your morning breakfast pictures. (via @zigouis)

Don’t shy away from portrait paintings! Sometimes, a face is exactly what your wall is looking for. It can be a family heirloom of someone in your family tree or just a piece you found and loved the far away look on their face. (via Lina Ostling)

Countertop kitchen wall art

Kitchens deserve the very best wall art, especially if that’s where you spend most of your time. Take your very favorite painting and place it on the wall above your fridge or leaning next to your cookbooks on your open shelves. You can even place it on an unused piece of counter if you don’t have wall space to spare. (via Elements of Style)

Paintings collage on wall

If you’re nervous about mixing paintings with all different colors and frames, just remember this one rule. As long as the scene matches, it’s the same. Pick the pieces that are all pictures of the ocean or a forest or a person. Even if the colors range all over the map, the fact that they’re the same kind of picture will make it work. (via The Design Files)

Perfect bedroom wall art

Looking for the perfect painting for your bedroom? I would suggest choosing something with muted tones that will enhance the relaxation factor you’ve got going on. It doesn’t matter what it is; person, place, tree, cat, just go for the pastel colors and it’s sure to be a hit. (via Design Sponge)

White living room with canvas on wall

Maybe your paintings have a frame, maybe they just show the raw edges of the canvas. Either way, it’s still beautiful. Part of the beauty of decorating with paintings is that they don’t require a frame to make them look finished. Consider it a bonus on your budget. (via Ebay)

Gold frame wall art above the bathtub

Let’s not forget the bathroom. If you’re thinking that you’d never put a portrait in your bathroom, think of an ocean scene or a bouquet of flowers in hard strokes. It’s a great option for a bare bathroom wall. (via Sabbe Interior Design)

Thrifted painting above the bed

You might be wondering right about now, where do we find all these lovely paintings? Obviously the thrift store! I promise you that with a little time and effort, you can find some gorgeous pieces in your budget to beautify the walls of your home. And you better snatch them up because once you start hanging them, your friends will want to get some too. (via Her New Tribe)