Fresh Ways To Decorate With Houseplants

Some people would fill their homes with plants if possible while others don’t really get along with houseplants. that’s understandable. Either way, you can’t really deny the fact that a well-placed plant can rejuvenate an entire room and can completely change the ambiance. In addition, some species of plants are also great at purifying the air, giving us one more reason to welcome them in our homes. So whether you have a green thumb or not, it’s worth having a look at the following examples showing the infinite ways in which plants can make a home look more beautiful than ever.

Living room media wall unit decorated with green plants

Some houseplants go really well in the shade and don’t need that much natural light to stay healthy. This means you can display them on your living room wall unit or on the corner shelves in your bedroom. A potted plant can also look nice on a coffee table.

Stratta outdoor foam sets

Of course, there are also more innovative and unusual ideas you can try. For example, some sofas and benches feature built-in compartments where you can plant small trees and other things. This way you’ll be surrounded by freshness all the time.

Plants on bathroom for a fresh air

Add one two potted plants to the bathroom to create a zen ambiance. Some houseplants like moisture and warmth so they’ll like it here. You can have them displayed by the sink or in the corner of the bathtub. Pick a species that’s appropriate for this area of the house.

Luminaire Miami with a corner poted plant

Corners are excellent spots for large potted plants. These spaces usually remain empty and filling them with a beautiful and fresh plant or even a small tree can definitely be a wonderful improvement. Consider this idea for the living room but also for other spaces.

Minimalist shower decor

Another nice option for the bathroom is to have a green wall. You can cover it with moss or small plants that like moisture. It can be an accent feature in the shower so you can easily water it and so that the water can drip on the floor and not make a mess.

Orange heating seating with a lush vegetation behind

Indoor courtyards are not exactly common features in most homes. However, you should definitely consider adding one to your home if possible. You could decorate it with all sorts of plants and greenery and it can occupy a central hallway. Put a bench or a small sofa there so you can enjoy the freshness and tranquility.

Big trees special for balconies

If you have large planters, you could put them in coffee sacks or cover them with burlap for a rustic and also chic look. You can do this for your indoor planters as well as for those sitting outside on the deck, terrace or at the entryway.

Wire shelves and decorated with plants above the sofa

Use hanging plants or vines and climbing species to transform a simple shelving unit or wall cabinet into an indoor garden. Let the plants cover the shelves and grow with the unit. They can turn your living room into an indoor garden.

Thuja occidentalis on Vondom pots

As always, look matters so if you want to make an impression you should get some interesting-looking planters. You can get a sculptural unit with built-in compartments for pots and planters. Some even light up at night, being perfect for gardens, terraces and porches.

Areca palm and white large pots

Don’t overlook the basic needs of your houseplants. Squeezing a large plant in a small pot doesn’t really say you love and appreciate that particular plant. So invest in large and beautiful pots and planters and keep your indoor plants happy and healthy.

calla lily - Bucket of fresh flowers can change the entire look

Decorate the pots and vases with tree branches, freshly cut leaves and other similar things to make them look organic and fresh. It’s a simple way of welcoming nature into your home and using it to add a stylish and sophisticated touch to the decor.

Media floor storage unit decorate with green plants

The pots and vases with which you decorate a certain space should be chosen in accordance with that room’s interior design and decor. For example, if you plan to use a pot as a decoration on a geometric wall unit, pick one with a simple, geometric design.

Rose tree plant that purify air

Having an actual flowering tree inside the house sounds dreamy and sometimes it’s possible. The tree would have to be pretty small and you’d need a large planter for it. Of course, you can merely create the desired impression by decorating a sculptural tree with faux flowers.

Add a touch of green to your kitchen counter

Every room could benefit from some beautiful fresh plants or flowers. The kitchen is no exception. In fact, you have a wonderful opportunity here to create your own indoor herb garden. This way you’ll always have fresh herbs for cooking, your kitchen will smell great and will also look beautiful.

Luxury marble countertop and flower bucket of roses

Flowers are the commonly used resource for table centerpieces. There are various options you can try in this case. One is to decorate with cut flowers in a vase or glass or bottle. Another option is to decorate with potted plants. The latter lets you spare the lives or some flowers and enjoy their beauty for a long time.

Corner plants that purify the air

Even non-flowering plants can look really charming and beautiful. Their large leaves, organic textures and unique forms makes them exquisite decorations for living rooms. Arrange them in clusters and put two or three pots together in a corner or spread them across the room.

sideboard decorated with a green plant

A bouquet of fresh flowers or a green plant can be the difference between a dull and gloomy interior and one that looks vibrant and feels fresh and airy. You should definitely consider adding a houseplant to a space decorate with grays and neutrals.

Large lady palm plant and leather wrap pot

There are lots of interesting and beautiful ways in which you can customize and decorate the pots of your indoor plants. For example, you can cover them with leather or fabric, you can paint them or you can decorate them with decals, stamps and other things.

Bonsai is a Japanese art form using miniature trees

Bonsai trees have always been fascinating. Some can be really tiny and can fit in tight spaces and on small shelves. Others are a little bit bigger and more imposing and they make exquisite centerpieces. You can use them as focal points for spaces such as the kitchen, living room or bedroom. Your home office could also use such an accent piece.

Large trees on pots

Make sure you care for your plants and you don’t let them get too big for their pots or for the space they’re in. you can control the way in which your plants grow as well as their size and shape with regular trimming. If you’re interested you should do a bit more research.

Green wall behind the wall unit

Let nature take out your living room’s interior design. You can have a bookcase decorated entirely with plants and this can become a vertical garden. Let the plants cover the shelves and blur the lines and the design of the furniture.

Large tree for big living rooms

Small trees and bushes can comfortably grow indoor given proper care. They need large pots and have to be trimmed and cleaned regularly. Of course, they can take up quite a bit of space so make your home can accommodate such a feature before you bring a tree inside.

diff floor plants that purify air

You can use potted trees and large plants to blur the boundaries between the indoor spaces and the outdoors. This works if you have a house with a deck or terrace or an apartment with a large balcony. When it’s nice outside you can take the plants outside so they can enjoy the sunshine.

Large natuzzi tree on salone del milano

There are cases where houses have been built around the trees present on the site. This was done in order to preserve nature and to show it respect. The result can thus be a house that has a tree growing through its living room or hallway. Now that’s definitely unusual.

Large bookshelf wall divider with green plants hanging

Room dividers such as this one are excellent for holding potted plants and vases. They can be admired and enjoyed from both sides of the unit and they have plenty of space to grow. Two or three pots should be enough. You can fill the rest of the shelves with books and other things.

Fresh green limes on counter

We can also welcome freshness into our homes using other methods. Sure, colors such as green or brown bring us closer to nature but to really get the right look and ambiance they need to be associated with things like wooden trunks or fresh limes in a tray.

tray of green grass

Here’s another fun idea: plant some grass in a shallow tray. You can also add some herbs here and there and this can become an accent feature for the kitchen. You can also adapt the idea and the design for other spaces, including the bathroom where you can have a moss or a grass rug.


Use vegetables and fruits as decorations. Don’t keep them hidden in the cabinet, in the pantry or in the refrigerator if they can sit beautifully on the counter. Learn how to take advantage of the things you already have in your home.

Pomegranate on a plate to add a touch of color

Use color to your advantage. Does your home look like it could use a touch of red or perhaps some cheerful yellow accents. Then display a bowl of pomegranates or lemons on the kitchen counter or on the bar or coffee table. This might also inspire you to eat healthier.