Creative DIYs using wine corks

Whenever you open a bottle of wine you take the cork out and you can’t resist playing with it or simply holding it in your hand. It has a friendly texture and it looks like it could be used to make so many interesting things yet no idea pops into your head. Well, we have some ideas and we’re going to share them with you.

Cork backsplashView in gallery

One of the many DIY projects you can make using corks is a unique and eye-catching backsplash for the kitchen. Of course, you would need lots of corks so you better start drinking some wine right away. Making the backsplash is quite simple. You just have to glue them one by one until the whole space is covered. Don’t glue them directly on the wall because you might want to change the backsplash at one point and you’ll have to clean the space first.

Cork matView in gallery

Another very interesting project featuring corks is a mat for the bathroom. Their soft but firms texture and structure makes them perfect for this project. First you’ll have to take each cork and cut in half lengthwise. After that, arrange them in a rectangle with the flat sides down. Make sure the lines are straight and then transfer the rows of corks onto the shelf liner. Glue them one by one.

Cork craftView in gallery

If you have a garden or if you enjoy taking care of plants, a few wine corks can be turned into herb markers. Just remember to save the corks whenever you drink a bottle of wine and write the names of your herbs on them. Push wooden skewers into the corks and you’re done.

Door CorkboardView in gallery

This project also requires lots of corks. It’s a cork board on which you can post all sorts of things. It’s a project that also requires an old door. Basically, what you have to do is cut the door to the desired size, remove the glass and fill the empty spaces with wine corks. It would take a while until you complete the whole thing but it will serve you for a long time after that.

Simple diy bathroom matView in gallery

If you enjoyed the previous bath mat made out of wine corks, we just found another design. This one is a little easier to make since you don’t have to cut each cork in half anymore. You just have to find a box or a tray of the dimensions you desire and then place the corks one by one inside it. It will probably take while to fill the whole box with corks but at least now you’ll have a nice surface to step on after you take a shower.

Diy cork trivetView in gallery

Our final DIY project involving wine corks is a trivet. Trivets are very useful in the kitchen as they protect you countertops against heat or scratches. For a medium-sized trivet you would need approximately 50 corks. Arrange them vertically and tight into a circle and then use a metal house clamp to keep them that way.

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