Awesome Cork Board Wall Projects That You Can Do At Home

Whether it’s for display, organization or just a bit of acoustic insulation, a cork board wall can be a very satisfying DIY project to do in your spare time.

cork board wall

You have a lot of freedom choosing the design and configuration of your cork board wall and all the little details around it so it definitely helps to check out a bunch of ideas before you get started. Here’s a few right now:

Large bulletin board wall for your desk

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If your desk is pushed against a wall or in a corner, having a big cork board right in front of you can look nice and be useful at the same time. Making one is not at all difficult. First of all, this requires a few supplies such as a MDF board, some paint for the MDF, cork foam boards, spray adhesive, some screws and possibly also some underlayment boards. You can find a full tutorial on heytherehome

Floor-to-ceiling cork board wall

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This doesn’t suit all types of spaces but it can definitely look nice in an area with a fairly low ceiling or with slanted walls. The idea is to cover a wall section with cork board sheets from top to bottom and to create this big display area for things like favorite decorations, kids’ artwork, notes and so on. This can fit nicely in a home office but also in a kitchen or a hallway. For a tutorial, head over to chrissymarieblog

Giant cork board for the office

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Cork has a unique texture which we often associate with warmth and comfort. That can mean adding a giant cork board wall to your office can help to make this space feel more inviting overall. At the same time, you’d be able to use the wall as an organizer and as a display surface. Check out how this big cork board transformed a small office and made it a lot more enjoyable. You can find the story on littlehouseonthecorner

A cork board wall for the children’s room

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Cork board walls are also nice for spaces like a playroom or a child’s bedroom. They can use it to put their artwork and creations on display and you can also accessorize it with small storage containers or hangers if you want to. Here’s a really cool design idea that makes use of a combination of elements. You can find out more about it on housemixblog.

Cork board wall with string lights

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Doesn’t this cork board look beautiful? It gives the room a casual and homely vibe and it’s super versatile. This particular design was created using a big cork sheet, rubber cement, thin plywood and paint. The frame is nice and small and blends in with the wall really well. Also, the cork board is decorated with string lights which look lovely at night. Check out the tutorial on undecoratedhome for more details. 

Removable cork board wall

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If you don’t mind your new cork board wall becoming a permanent feature in your home then you can just attach the cork directly to the wall. However, if you’re renting the place or you simply want to be able to replace it with something else in the future without it becoming a headache, make the cork board removable is a smart and sensible idea. Head over to joyfulderivatives to learn how it’s done.

Cute cork board wall for kids

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As mentioned before, having a place where you can display some of you kid’s artwork can be really nice. It gives them a boost of confidence and it makes for a personal decor as well. With that in mind, consider building a big cork board wall that you can put in their room or in your living area. You can make it out of small cork tiles to give it a nice pattern and to give yourself more flexibility as well. There’s a great tutorial on younghouselove which explains the entire process. 

Multifunctional cork wall organizer for the kitchen

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The kitchen nowadays is a central spot in the house, a space where family and friends get together and socialize and where various activities besides cooking take part. We’re learning to make our kitchens look and feel more welcoming while still keeping the main focus on functionality. With that in mind, a cork board wall would actually fit perfectly in here. You can use it as a hug to gather and pin your favorite recipes, notes and even some decorations too. Check out marthastewart for more details and inspiration. 

A small cork board with a lovely frame 

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Not sure a giant cork board wall would fit in your home? How about a small one instead? This can easily transform into a wonderful DIY project that you can try on a lazy afternoon. This tutorial can show you how to make your framed cork board stand out by giving it a really interesting frame design using tissue paper. That’s right, tissue paper is just what you need for this project. 

Framed map cork board

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You don’t really see the cork board in this case but it’s there, just beneath the map. This framed map cork board is a great decoration and the best part about it is that you can put pins in it. Perhaps you’d like to plan your next vacation or mark the spots that you’ve already been to. This is a great way to visualize it.